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  1. Vertical is for 2 4 R. Just had the horizontal pop out while i was shifting . so i lost 2 4 R. O had to tie a string the the shifter wight so i can get to 1 3 5.
  2. did anybody get the Sm i just need the chevy spark 2013 bolt torque settings clutch and transmission. so i can put my car back to gather. had to put a now clutch in.
  3. it would be fun to put train horns on my car.
  4. i put a 300w sub in my 2013 spark
  5. i put Air horns in my 2013 spark
  6. One thing is that if you install the way i did it you will not have turn signal sounds are gone and door chimes to.
  7. Yep dident have electrical tape at the time. But duck tape fixs everything.
  8. How do you pop the front off the install new horns
  9. Heres a video of it working.
  10. Didn't use the wiring kit didn't have the money for it at the time I cut all the wires.found the wiring diagram wired it up. radio works perfect the only thing I need is the antenna adapter so I can run the radio too.
  11. I didn't buy the radio harness kit I just cut wires found the diagram for it wired in my radio and it works perfect. Now I need to do is find the antenna adapter for the radio.
  12. What wire is the power and ground.
  13. Thanks
  14. Has any one tryed this GF Performance chip.