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  1. This one here
  2. Hey man, got the same set up. When I installed it I got the same thing, after unplugging the battery for an hour and letting everything reset it went away for a long time. I then drove from Tennessee to California where I'm stationed at and as soon as I pulled into base it came back on. I think I'm going to get a new maf sensor should fix it. I'll let you know.
  3. Hey buddy, go to your closest auto parts store and pick up a fuse tap. Also get a 20a fuse. It should be by the fuses. It will look like a fuse with a wire coming out of it. Next, get all your lights mounted. Run all your wires through the center console. just stuff them in the sides. And run your front ones under the carpet etc. Next take all of the positive wires you can solder them together if you wish. Find the accessories fuse I can't remember the number but I know it's on top of the fuse box. Take that fuse out and put it in the fuse tap. And put the other fuse you bought in there too. Next crimp the wires into the fuse tap. Plug it back In to the fuse box. It will be a tight fit. You'll have to experiment with the orientation of the fuse tap to get it in. Next find a bolt near the fuse box that is on bare metal of the car. Put your negatives under the bolt. Start your car and presto! Let there be light!!
  4. I will also add that it's a 2013 spark.
  5. I'm asking this in advance, since I'm in Texas but my car is in Tennessee. I'm in the navy. But I'm going home soon and I want to wrap my roof in 4D carbon fiber. I've done wraps before on other cars but not ones with antenna on top. Thank you in advance.
  6. So I have a friend of mine who is going to install a turbo on my spark for a little under a grand. I also have a tuner near me who is going to tune it when said and done. It's going to be a minute since I ship out to go to navy boot camp may 21st but when it's all done I'll post some pics and vids. We are thinking about 6psi of boost just be safe. Should bring it up to 140 hp.
  7. the MAF sensor is plugged into the cold air. I'm gonna try cleaning the MAF tomorrow with electronic cleaner. I hate all the people telling people that stock is better. Hills that needed more gas before I can cruise right up. It definitely made a difference.
  8. I installed the dc sports Cai. Check engine light came on immediatEly. It says system too lean when I read the code anyway to fix this?
  9. How do you remove the stock snorkel?
  10. Anyone remove their backseats yet? I just did mine and drove it the gas station, it's not even a quarter mile from my house. Acceleration was incredible. I'll report any gains tomorrow.
  11. Added a few more next is the grille surrounds and 3rd brake light. Underglow coming tomorrow
  12. I'm getting mine tinted for $120. How much did it cost you?
  13. It's a spray we use at my business that I co-own. I'm not sure exactly what it is. I do lights and audio.
  14. What are you talking a bout?
  15. With my hids it shines right through!