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  1. 2013 Spark. I stripped the phillips screws that hold on the rotors and had to drill them out. I hope this will be ok as I could not/did not replace them.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I hate going to the dealer. From undercoating to oil changes to anything else I always leave mad , depressed or swearing at them (under my breath haha) But I guess I gotta bite the bullet and go before my 3 year warranty is up this July. It prob is the BCM but I dont think I should have to leave it there for 3 days for them to remove all my seats and carpet like they suggested. Unrelated but here are a few pics of my other car with no power locks, BCM, fuel injection, computers, TPM systems, etc. 67 Ford Galaxie.
  3. All my doors do not lock anymore after starting the car, just drivers door. Using key remote or door controls only locks drivers door. Cant lock or unlock any other doors using drivers door control panel except for the drivers door.. I know there is supposed to be a rod in the drivers door that locks/unlocks all other doors and I have not checked that out yet. Reason being is the "twist" to my story. I can reach over to the passenger door and hit the lock button and it only locks/unlocks the driver door! So I dont think it is the disconnected rod issue. I have been into my infotainment touch screen settings as well and all is set up there right. 2013 spark and only had 5K miles on it when this first happened. Took it to 2 dealers and got the run around. Was told it could be a body control module (BCM) and all my interior would have to come out just to check it. Lastly my hatch never locks anymore either sense this first happened.
  4. Yes! That is what worked for me too, thanks
  5. I recieved an email from Onstar and it was for 3 years of basic service for model year 2013 Spark! Also I got the 300 minutes for the phone for just $9.99
  6. I think you just wasted my time
  7. I will go your route I guess even though I tried the fuse marked "lig" which is for the same thing. I just thought I would have to take off the center counsel to get easy access to that wire. I will have to double check though because I think I was using that or the USB to charge my phone when the car was off. Thanks for replying.
  8. I should add that I meant to say add a circuit not add a fuse. And I tried the radio fuse as well. I have the infotainment radio so maybe the fuses stay powered up for ten minutes or something.
  9. Hello. After installing my amp and getting the "add a fuse" little harness I tried to connect amp remote wire to several fuses inside the car. I tried the accessory fuse, instrument panel fuse, and others that should stop power when I turn off the car and when I turn off the key my amp light stays on. I have everything hooked up right as I have done this many many times over 30 years but this remote wire has me baffled as to where to tap it into in the interior fuse box. I want to use the add a fuse and not splice into a wire if possable. Sigh...
  10. What do you mean "12 volt charger?" Seems every fuze I tap into my amp stays on! Cant find a source that turns off with the key off. OHHH I get it. The 12 volt accessory charger. Did you tap into the fuse for it or splice the wire? When I tapped into that fuse my amp stays on. Very frustrating.