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  1. Hello there, more than 5 years later! I have had a fantastic time with my Spark since getting the replacement. I've taken it around the entire country a few times over, with my two full size dogs, and it has been a perfect road trip vehicle. Paul, I hope you ended up with a new car and it all worked out too.
  2. I was in a loaner for 9 weeks and 1 day. But I just picked up my new Spark, same year and model. The repurchase was a long and arduous process, but at least they held up their word that I wouldn't have to pay a dime to get a new car. I'll let you all know if this one works out! They told me my car was going to auction, by the way. Beware if you are looking buying at a 2014 Spark LS Manual, Denim with 650 miles!
  3. Thanks everyone for the comments. I have decided to go with another Spark. If this one turns out bad too, then I'll switch to a different car, but I hope that won't be the case. I bought the Spark for a reason initially, so lets hope it works out this time!
  4. Paul, GM just called to offer me a replacement vehicle. They are offering the full MSRP and my choice of vehicle. They recommend that I do not get another Spark. This is good news, but a little distressing because the nearest vehicle in price is the basic model Sonic, which is $1400 more than the cost they are offering. This extra cost can't be rolled into my financing and would have to be paid upfront. I am tempted to go with another Spark just so I don't get hit with a huge bill! I'm really not sure what to do here. I left a message with the dealership, and hopefully we can work something out. Best of luck.
  5. Paul, Here is the website for the BBB Auto Line. http://www.bbb.org/council/programs-services/dispute-handling-and-resolution/bbb-auto-line/learn-more-about-state-lemon-laws/ And their number: 800-955-5100 (M-F 9am to 5:30pm EST). The number I called initially at GM to file a formal complaint is: 1-800-222-1020. Note that nothing was done for 2 weeks after I made my complaint through this department. Only after I filed a complaint with the BBB did GM's legal department contact me regarding my claim. Best of luck!
  6. My case is as clear-cut as it gets. I purchased a brand new car, drove it very little for less than 2 months, and then brought it into the dealership because the malfunction indicator light repeatedly came on. They checked it out, determined that it needed a replacement part, replaced that part and realized that it still showed the same problem. They brought tech engineers from Detroit to see if they could resolve the problem, and they could not. During this process, my car was never returned to me. I have been in a rental for over 6 weeks now. The dealership service department has admitted that they do not know what the problem is, or if it can be fixed. GM has absolutely no reason to deny my claim or not hold up its end of an agreement. If this case has to be brought to court, there is no reason whatsoever for me to believe that I would not be awarded a replacement vehicle. Regardless of how long this process takes, I know that there is nothing for me to worry about in getting my claim resolved; I just have to be patient. Paul, For your sake, I hope you start this process now. Avoid the hassle of waiting for two more repairs on the same part to be considered for the Lemon Law. You can use my case as a precedent for how this will likely go for your car.
  7. yuwan63755, Thank you for the suggestion to contact the BBB. I started the process yesterday and GM's legal department has already contacted me to move forward with my claim. The general customer service department at GM is useless for this type of claim. I contacted them 2 weeks ago and formally filed a claim, and as of yesterday, not one action had been taken. Useless. Going legal has proven to be the only way to resolve this issue. Let's hope I can get a new car now...one that works as promised!
  8. Paul, I just realized that you are in O'Fallon and I'm in St. Louis! I wonder if this is an issue with Sparks received locally. Uh oh. My car is at Don Brown in the city on Kingshighway, just south of I-44. Is yours in O'Fallon? I wonder if we would have stronger cases if we collaborated in some way? Let me know...
  9. Paul, GM is paying for my rental, by the way, because they never even gave my car back after replacing the knock sensor. They realized that something else was causing the problem right away and have attempted to fix it since; they even brought engineers down from Detroit, to no avail. They will have had my car for 30 working days (6 weeks) on Wednesday, so at that time if I haven't heard back about my claim to get a new car, I will proceed with the Lemon Law. This is my first new car (really-- first new thing ever!) and I can hardly believe that this is happening. It is absurd! I hope you don't have the same issue, but it sounds like you might. Why don't you have them keep the car until they figure out a fix? They'll put you in a rental free of charge; it is in your warranty. Then at least you won't have to bring it back continuously. Best of luck.
  10. Paul, I am dealing with the same issue on my 2014 Spark LS. The light came on within a week of me buying my car, but I didn't take it in right away because I assumed it might have something to do with the extreme cold I was driving in, and the light would go off eventually. Soon after, we had a nice warm day and the light came on. I took the car into the dealership with just about 600 miles on it. They said the knock sensor was bad and ordered a new one, which took nearly two weeks to arrive, as it was on backorder. They replaced it, and found that there is still trouble with the car. They tried many different things, but still haven't figured out what is wrong. They've now had my car over a month, with no solution in mind. I put in a formal claim with GM asking for a new car. I have not heard back from anyone on where I am in this process, but have been in contact with the claims manager at the dealership who guarantees me that she will contact me as soon as she hears anything. So, I've been in a rental car for 5 weeks now, and am thinking that this purchase was a big mistake. I hope things turn out better for you.