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  1. Welcome to the forum! I have the cargo liner, to me it's worth the money because my son throws his backpack with wheels that he drags through mud, snow and everything else
  2. I've always thought their car reviews are very biased and subjective. They never surveyed my opinion, despite JD Powers sent me their survey to me three times already and I answered.
  3. Oops, I was off by one zero!! I used to live far away from my work and put in over 20k miles a year but still couldn't put on 95k in less than a year
  4. I was looking for a small car because I'm 5'1". I prefer hatchback over sedan. Test-drove Prius 2, Versa, Soul, and Spark. I couldn't decide and few months went by. Then I got a $4,000 GM Card rebate that I can use toward Spark in mail, then it was a no brainer. It's been 11 months but still loving my Sparkly. I've had no problem driving in snow last winter when I got it, but just got snow tires this year. Kind of looking forward to driving in snow next time
  5. I love my black 2014 1LT with CVT. 11 months and 95k miles and no problem.
  6. That's why I got this sticker
  7. Black Granite.
  8. Congrats on your new car, sparkee! I love my 2014
  9. I agree!! I also think Nissan Juke is pretty ugly from the front.
  10. I've used AC only a handful times but so fatso good. Will update as it gets warmer.
  11. I am planning on getting snow tires next winter. Better safe than sorry! Not Spark but with Elantra I had to turn off traction control to drive in snow.
  12. I live in the Midwest, got a Spark (automatic) in January. I have to drive my son to his school that is located on top of a steep hill every day. The city provides a barrel of sand by the hill to the school every winter. Had several snow days since then, but got stuck only once - mostly because I had to stop in the middle of the slope and lost momentum as Honda Odyssey in front of us got stuck. My previous car (Hyndai Elantra) fared much worse on that slope, so I'm pretty impressed.
  13. Thanks, robertlane!!
  14. Wow, much faster!! Thank you :-)
  15. It's working well today, but I had problems over last week or so.