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  1. It's been asked before but I've never seen a thread that stays on topic beyond one "answer" and it's usually not a "straight answer". I've read lots of suggestions about snow tires, then storm stories, then tangential forays into stories about entirely different makes and models and how much someone misses their old whatever... Surely someone has put chains, cables, or snow socks on their Spark over the past 6 years since it's release in the states. Surely there is someone who has found something tht fits and won't cause damage. Thanks.
  2. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...
  3. I'm looking to find an OBD2 scanner for my 2014 Chevy Spark that can read codes for the engine, the transmission, and electronics.
  4. I used the A/C recently when it got in the upper 80's, certainly nothing close to the 100+ temps that will arrive in a few months, and it was not acceptable. I think the thing to do is wait till the temperature is a 100+ before you take anyone from the dealership on a test ride. When you do, make sure the windows stay rolled up and drive until the arrogant little bugger in the passenger seat starts to experience heat stroke, then drop him off back at the dealership in time for them to call 911. That will get their attention.
  5. It appears that it's repairable for $250.00. Thanks for the replies, I thought I was in for a lot more.
  6. It appears that it's repairable for $250.00. Thanks for the replies, I thought I was in for a lot more.
  7. There's no damage to the bead or anything else structurally, it's just cosmetic. I'm wondering if anyone has had to buy a single OEM rim for the 2014 1LT and how much it cost? I can't seem to find any online. I did read that body shops can repair rims. Thanks in advance.
  8. Why is a rim with a +40mm offset listed as compatible with my Spark?
  9. Are you trying to discourage someone else from buying this from me by saying, "You can just to do it yourself, look at me, that's what I did."?
  10. As stated it's what I paid. Order it from me or them, the price is the same. I'll just return it for a refund. I hate this kind of nonsense.
  11. So does that mean you are interested? I'm confused.
  12. There is a difference between the color of the 2013 faceplate and the 2014 body color as noted above. In the interest of "full disclosure" I would not recommend a 2014 owner buying this faceplate. I do hope a 2013 owner will buy this.