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  2. As far as I know the only changes to the 2019 LS were purely cosmetic (wheel covers, color choices, chrome grill trim, fog light covers). Everything you mentioned should work on 2016-present.
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  4. Did you ever install underglow on your Spark? I'd like to do it on mine, but I noticed there's no easy place to mount the LED strip in the rear of the car. The nearest mounting point is on the frame in front of back wheels, which is more like the middle of the car.
  5. After much research I found you can order rear speakers and door wiring for the rear speakers in the LS. However, the wiring harness in the LS doesn't have connections for rear speakers. So after you get the speakers in the door and the wires running out of the door into the B pillar, there's nothing to connect into. There a rubber plug covering an empty hole where the wiring harness normally is in the LT.
  6. Well, decided to take out together from the top. Biggest concern was not to open up the A/C since it uses the R1234yf freon at about $100 a pound. Was barely able to swing the compressor and condenser aside.
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  8. Hello, anybody know if these springs will fit on a 2019?
  9. Today was a very successful day as far as progress on driveability. I noticed the ecu was pulling a lot of timing and this was causing the pedal response to be non existent. I tinkered with a few spark tables and raised the minimum spark allowed to 5 degrees. The delay in throttle response is almost entirely gone now. I think I should be able to continue to dial in the air fuel ratio at partial and full throttle now.
  10. Then how about lifting them them out together from the top? Don't think I could raise the body high enough to drop the cradle.
  11. Its probably safer to drop the whole cradle and split it out of the car
  12. I've put mine on a mount above screws holding front number plate on! LED's, they look amazing and work superbly being in centre of car. I have good quality LED bulbs in headlight and they come on with high beam. LED bulbs good but high beam merely adds light on top of low, low beam stays on, but it needed some more fill. Apologies dark here in NZ and raining so got a quick pic to show you position lights off.
  13. We have a 62mph (100kmh) speed limit in NZ, 30mph in town. After having kept figures for almost 6,000 miles I average around town 45mpg and on open road 55mpg in my 2016 New Zealand LS (Holden Spark). Air Con on too,
  14. You should buy an LED bulb with a filter behind them. Mine are brilliant quality and a good brand but cause an FM station hiss. I'm a Spotify boy so doesn't worry me but I have had car checked to ensure they aren't causing issues and they aren't. You can use Ferrite filter put on the cables to bulb. They help but you need a few!
  15. I had a duplicate listing so, I figured I'd just like to get the word out that several of the LED lights on the market make considerable static noise on your radio when on the FM band. Some of you wouldn't care since Android Auto and Apple carplay exist, but its just a heads up. Fan cooled or fanless seem to do the same thing. There are also some new RGB Bluetooth LED headlights out for around $75. Not sure yet if those interfere but, most likely its the same issue. Any advice would be welcomed.
  16. I am splitting my post from LittleBlue as I have a different setup and a different engine. Pretty much a completely different setup that some newer generation Sparks can be guided from or learn from my mistakes. I am using a Saab GT17 turbo as it is a reasonable and fairly reliable turbo to work with. It will be a slow project but, I will continue to post and make progress for others to follow. I am not looking for a dragster. I am really after some more low end torque and another 25-50hp from stock. The 1.4L in my 2017 also has the odd single exhaust port that leads down to the cat. Something that might make some trouble in how I install everything. I am planning on mounting the turbo in front of the transmission on the drivers side and after the catalytic converter. This is a budget build up and the prices you see, are the absolute lowest I could find.
  17. And if so, does it come out the top or bottom?
  18. Happy Friday! Big day for getting things back on track. My new ecu is installed and the car is back up and running. I actually ended up getting a sonic ecu but was able to write my spark file onto the ecu. It ended up saving me 2 credits so I saved $100. Time to start tuning the torque tables.
  19. If I decide to lift my car using this kit, what is the biggest I can go in tires and rims?
  20. Hello all, I am new here. Just bought a 2019 LS Manual. I think i confirmed that nobody makes parts for this car but would like to see if i am wrong. Sway bars intake exhaust short shifter lowering springs (Not Opel but actual 2019 spark springs) coil overs I even had a company tell me a 2018 part would not fit on my 2019 because it is not a gen 4 its a "Different car". Please let me know if i am correct that there is no after market support. Thanks,
  21. Any dealer or automotive locksmith should be able to get you the code and replace the lock.
  22. They should be able to look it up by the VIN. If they say they can't I would check with a different dealer.
  23. Key no longer works in driver side door lock. Happened overnight. No idea why this has happened. Still works in all other locks on car. I need the key code for a chevrolet dealer to be able to replace the lock, I am the third owner of this car and the key code was on a tag on the keys which presumably was lost a long time ago. I have never had it in my possession. How else can I get the key code? Thanks
  24. Hello there, more than 5 years later! I have had a fantastic time with my Spark since getting the replacement. I've taken it around the entire country a few times over, with my two full size dogs, and it has been a perfect road trip vehicle. Paul, I hope you ended up with a new car and it all worked out too.
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    The suspension ( struts and front/ rear springs can be swapped ) I have two sets of suspension parts. 2013 and 2017.
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  27. Sorry to hear about the brick. Just ordered most of the remaining parts for my turbo project. I'll be hopefully working with Calculated Chaos in NH on the tune once things get moving. Gt17 turbo has water cooling so... A few extra parts had to get ordered. I will split off and create a second post with details to hopefully give more insight on boosting the 1.4l spark.
  28. Is it me or do a lot of dealers not stock a lot of parts for these cars or there just hard to even get ?
  29. Sooo.... I bricked my factory ecu over the weekend. $30 for an ECU is not bad but another 4 credits are needed to tune the new ecu. I have 2 I haven't used but I need to buy 2 more for another $100. Tuning these torque based ecu is not coming easy but I made good progress before the scanner disconnected while writing a tune. I get the ecu on Sarurday and I'm going to start documenting the tuning process on YouTube. I will post videos from here on out to document the make it or break it stage. Have a great day!
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