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  2. I ordered them today. I will keep everyone posted on the arrival and the install.
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  4. I would give that rusty drum a shot of black or even red paint since it is so easy to see through the spokes.
  5. No issues with the rear at all , lower strut cups in the front prevent this size though, as well as plastic rust / debris inserts in the rear of the front wells. It would take some pretty heavy modification to get this size in the front. If I happen to find a solution for the front, I will repost. Car really handles like a go cart right now but, it would be awesome to fit this size all the way around.
  6. I had a guy rear-end my Spark in February. I was stopped in traffic on the interstate and he was going about 50-55. He said he spilled his coffee and next thing he had hit me. The damage to the bumper itself wasn't bad. The body shop said they would just have to replace the bumper when they did the quote but didn't look under the car or anything. I pointed out a gap between the trunk and the bumper to which he said that's normal but if there is something else we'll take of it with the insurance company. Went to pick it up yesterday and the bumper isn't sitting right. The top corners are sticking way up and bounces when you poke it. The big gap is still there. He told me it won't fit exactly right because it was involved in an accident and it's just the clips that aren't sitting right. I refused to accept it so they're going to take another look but he can't guarantee anything will change because it's "just the clips." I'm really worried there's damage to the undercarriage or something else with that gap and the way the bumper is sitting. Any suggestions or opinions on the situation would be really appreciated! The picture I included is of the gap in the truck.
  7. chevy sprak drivers door doesnt close all the way!

    If door does not close properly, chances are the car has probably been in an accident. Just my 2 cents. Hitting the curb with tire/wheel should not bend the frame enough to cause door closing problem. At worst you might get a bent axle, at best a wheel mis-alignmnent. My 1977 Chevy Malibu (an excellent car!) slid on icy road and hit a 3 foot high boulder on the side of road with the rear wheel. The rear wheels began vibrating at speeds over 30mph. I though it was bent rear axle and had it changed by a friend mechanic. That did not correct the problem. Then I had both rear tires re-balanced, and voila...smooth again. So I am guessing the impact with the boulder must have knocked off the balancing weight attached to wheel rim.
  8. I just bought my 2015 Chevy Spark 6 months ago. Since then it seems to have so many problems, none are covered by my full warrenty. My Drivers Door closes but not all of the way, it causes one of the Dash Boards lights ( check engine lights??) to Stay in all of the Time, which in turn is Draining my Battery? Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this problem! I do not know if I need to have this fixed by the Dealer or if it is a minor and my son could repair it? I have seen quite a few articles online regarding the Drivers Door on the Chevy Spark not closing properly! Also to prevent an accident I had to hit the Curd, Just my front tires hit the Curb! Could this have caused this problem with my door not closing?? I would appreciate any suggestions Greatly!! Thanks, maryann021
  9. Maryann021, If I peel the Black Tape off my 2015 Chevy Spark, is the Color of the Car ( Silver) under the tape.?.I just bought my Chevy Spark and after it rained the Black Tape has bubbled, it's torn and wrinkled, It looks terrible! Can anyone tell me exactly what supplies I need to take this tape off, and also what I need to take any residue glue or anything the tape leaves. Is there any Special instructions that I need to do once I get tape off? Also if tape does not come off easily do U need to buy a special tool to take it off? Thank You, Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! maryann021
  10. Careful going that large of a tire. When your speed says 60 you're actually going 64-65mph with the 215 and you're 2mph faster with the 205 tires. I'd definitely do coilovers to lower it. I'm pretty confident you're going to rub with the 215 in the rear.
  11. Update, 215/45/17 tires do fit the rear of the vehicle nicely and lessen the overall gap. The rims are 17x7.5 with 40mm offset.
  12. I have a 40 offset with 17x7.5 Rims, the rim is right in line with the fender, maybe even a smidge outside.
  13. I will be attempting to mount 215/45/17 tires on the rear of my vehicle. I'll give an update when done. As for the front, pretty sure 205/40/17 is the max without real modification. I have not lowered my car, looks like its going to be close. I have a 2017 Spark LT
  14. I just picked up some generic mug flaps for the rear and added Chevy decals. Cost $20, and you have to drill or muscle the screws in.
  15. body kits

    I will be trying out some generic kit parts from eBay to try out the look and post pics when done.
  16. Hello, just jumping on to add my bit to the forums. I'm a 2017 Spark LT owner. Second Spark I have owned, first was the 2013. I've already started mods and I have a lot more to add as time goes on. Hope I can help and encourage enthusiasts.
  17. I have the 2017 Spark LT. I just installed my new rotors and brakes. I bought these off Ebay. I also have 12mm spacers I run with my stock rims as well to bring them out to the edge of my fenders. The new brakes work nice.
  18. Ive seen many chevrolet sparks have a mpg display on the instrument cluster but mine doesn't, is there a way I can get it. I have a 2016 spark LS manual.
  19. got it looked at, they say the car was in theft mode. Needed a new ignition cylinder.
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  21. I'm still working on setting up all of the channels that I need to log to properly tune the spark but it appears my flex fuel sensor is working properly and is being tracked in the vcm scanner. I also got the blow off valve to chirp a bit in the clip below. My AFR gauge is reading lean because the o2 sensor was open at this time.
  22. About a month ago we started having issues with our 2013 5 speed spark. It was not starting and when it did start and we would go to turn it off and pull the key out it would start again. When we would put the key back in (not even turning the key) it would turn back off. We had to stall it to start and unhook the battery so it wouldn't die. The first person we took it too replaced the battery. We went to pick it up and when we were driving out the engine light came on again and the problem started again. They then replaced the ignition switch. That lasted about a were having problems with the locks locking and unlocking themselves. We took it to the gm dealership they thought it had to do with the key chime reminder messing with the electrical system. We took it home and it was fine for 2 days and the issues with the ignition have started again. No idea whats going on! Could it be an issue with the key fob??? Anyone have any ideas? HELP PLEASE!!!!!!
  23. I changed up my oil feed line to the turbo. I had a metal braided line before but I needed a restrictor. I ended up using this black and blue line and I picked up an adjustable valve so I can adjust the oil fee as needed. It fixed the oil problem now I need to tune the car. I found a few videos explaining how to use the wide band, vcm scanner, and hp tuners to adjust where needed and taking out the guess work. I'm going to learn how to do it and post a video once I have everything set up and ready to tune.
  24. Thanks LittleBlue, Bobby for your valuable suggestions. So this time again it turned out a false alarm. Today I went and 1st started looking for sensor location. Luckily, pointed sensor 1, although alarm was for sensor 2 which I can't able to see, it need car to be lifted up. Finally, decided to try my luck. Kept fingers crossed, turned engine and the ugly "Yellow" check engine light is gone. Cleared P0138 via obd adaptor and turned engine again to verify and its all good. Thanks to this episode, I learnt a little about O2 sensor. Now, I assume that the water jet possibly hit the sensor and due to moisture it generated higher voltage than 0.3V and ECU estimated it error. Keeping it under observation for driving some miles.
  25. This is type I mentioned, I am using with earphones. Only you need to keep it charged and turn on every time. Also, one more type Bluetooth adaptor I have seen similar to this one. They have USB port at one end and Aux at another. But those usually give mono output, instead of stereo.
  26. Just out of curiosity this is a manual trans right? And were you unhooking the negative from the battery? This was added to the towing procedure. Chevy Bulletin: Certain 2017-2018 model year Chevrolet Spark vehicles, equipped with a manual transmission (RPO MR7), may experience electronic stability control (ESC) brake activation under certain conditions while being dinghy towed. When the vehicle is being towed on a curved road or in a turn, ESC brake activation of one wheel may occur resulting in an audible tire squeal. The forum I found this on was talking about destroyed brakes and melted hubcaps.
  27. Does it have a 12 volt port? Just use that with a USB charger. Then get something like this:
  28. You can try the Bluetooth device which can sit directly in 12v socket and have Aux connection to car stereo. These have usually 1 or 2 USB port for charging + basic button like call, prev & next. For ref. only. (Car Kit Handsfree Bluetooth 3.0 A2DP 3.5mm AUX Stereo Audio Music Receiver Adapter DC5V 2.1A USB Charger For Smart Phone There are other devices (FM transmitter with Bluetooth), I doubt those as they connect phone on Bluetooth but with car audio they transmit over FM. Downside, they actually broadcast the audio on phone to car stereo, anyone nearby can listen with same frequency tuned and audio quality over FM is already a big question mark. For ref. only. (Bluetooth Car Kit Handsfree FM Transmitter AUX Audio MP3 Player Bluetooth Stereo A2DP Music Player 5V 3.1A Car Charger I have used a Bluetooth earphone, which have 3.5mm out port, but everytime I need to turn on that when going in car. Although, it auto turn off if disconnected for 5 or 10min. I never tried option I gave above as now a days I drive very less. Hope this may clear some doubt for you. I personally don't prefer to modify existing audio for port swap.
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