2016 Spark 1LT For Sale 1200 miles $10,800

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Selling my 2016 Spark. It's in like new condition. I purchased the car (partially) with rebates from a GM MasterCard that I has used for my business that I sold,  The rebates were expiring so I used them to buy this car. I like the car a lot but I already have a pickup so I am selling it. For more info see the CarGurus listing at https://cargur.us/hKTxM


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Just for reference, I bought 2017 Spark LS CVT , 6 months ago, brand new, for $10,000 + taxes + Title etc


I also had GM credit card credit built up of about $3000. I drove off the dealer's lot with a check for $7600, all expenses included, and a full tank of gas (all of $11 hahaha)

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