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CarPlay Randomly Dropping Connection

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I have a 2017 Spark 1LT, I have my iPhone 6S+ connected to the USB port, using an OE Apple Lightning to USB cable and I keep getting random disconnections where the CarPlay screen freezes up for 20-30 seconds and then disconnects but the phone is still charging.  If I unplug and replug the cord CarPlay starts working correctly again, it could be for 5 minutes or 3 hours I never know.  I've had the car to my local Chevy Dealer, all of the Infotainment Software is up-to-date, I've gone back and forth with Apple, gone so far as to totally wipe my phone out and start again like it was a new phone, and hard reset the Infotainment System by leaving the battery disconnected overnight and the issue still happen.


Has anyone else had this issue and figured it out or have any ideas what direction I should be going in at this point.



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