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Hello everyone I have a 2014 spark and I want to add some bass to the factory my link unit. As we all know the spark has zero bass i do not want to go all gangster rap bass like I did in high school with a big amp and two 12" woofers I do not need that type of bass anymore . What I want is nice punchy bass that you can still feel in your chest but not shake the windows out.


i also would like to avoid a separate amp and sub I would like an powered sub with the amp built in. I was flirting with the kicker hideaway I'm just not sure it will have enough bass any input ? I also was looking at a 250watt 8" powered bazooka tube.


Thanks for for all of your help and opinions.

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If you look in the audio threads you'll see my build with a 8" kicker sub and a few other members have the kicker hideaway units.  My 8" Kicker is perfect because its great for rock and when I put on something with bass it really gets pounding inside the car.

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