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So this happened..

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-Little backstory.


So my mother needed to get some shopping done but doesn't have a car, so i in my great wisdom decided that it'd be nice of me to say that she could use my little spark to go get her shopping done. (Otherwise she'd have to walk a good few miles to the shop with a little trolly.) My thinking was that the spark is a nice little car, easy to park and turn around in tight spots ect ect.. turns out that my mother really isn't really all that advanced in driving into garages, she tried to drive in it in one go at a good 10 mp/h. 

She scraped up against the wall, smashed the entire headlight .. front bumper and bent the hell out of the metal front panel and wheel well. (paint flaking off)

I'll attempt to fix it myself, hope to get it done by wensday because it needs to get an examination done on thursday. :( 


Here are some pictures:



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