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  1. I agree , I love the CVT transmissions . I have had them for many years in my Hondas . When I bought my 13 Spark it came with the conventional automatic . It's a good proven transmission but is annoying the way it shifts compared to a CVTs smooth power delivery .
  2. They did away with the Sonic RS in its previous form . All the hatchbacks are designated RS now but without all the cool stuff that set the previous model apart . There's no exclusivity with the RS anymore .
  3. The only Spark discontinued here in the US is the electric version . The oil filters are readily available but I would recommend using the OEM filter as some of the aftermarket filters are of different capacity and you will find your oil level overfilled..
  4. The list price on the tank is $42 so even at full list price plus if they added a coolant flush and the install labor which as ROG stated is really nothing in labor , I can't imagine how they arrive at $400.
  5. The replacement tank I bought is a slightly different design than the original so hopefully it will last . The tank doesn't cost much , the GM list price is only about $42 and you can get one online for around $30. For the cost I think it's better to replace than try to repair . I bought mine online for just convenience of not having to drive back and forth to the dealer to order and pick up and saved a few bucks in the process.
  6. The coolant tank is only $30 and 10 minutes labor but they probably added a top end cleaning and some other stuff plus purging of air in the system , coolant ect . You should update this post with what they did for $500 . Without the cap you have no pressure in the cooling system to keep the coolant cool . I wouldn't be surprised if you need engine work now . The dealer would be liable for any damage and repair .
  7. Depends , some issues are resolved by a restart and may or may not happen again . Other times It's something else . I have had both scenarios happen on my 13 Spark including a pedal sensor failure . Parts are inexpensive so that's a positive . Were you driving on anything slick or hit a bump ? The traction light will come on and reduce power but if your getting the actual low power mode light then you may have an issue .
  8. Car sales are down and focus is on trucks and SUVs . Chevy never came through with the RS version of the Spark and they ruined the Sonic RS version by making all hatchbacks RS models but watered down versions of the previous model . Nothing unique about it anymore . There's probably even less incentive to do anything with the Spark . Honda is killing everyone with the new turbo Civics .
  9. I had the TSB done and it doesn't fix anything . I still had the problem happen twice after the fix . The service writer even shook his head at the fix . Your issue might be different . The PRNDL will disappear and car will have almost no power . There was no jerking or anything like that. I have often describe it as limp mode but really it isn't . I have been in limp mode and the car is still drivable though at low speed and power . In this instance the car is undrivable .A restart fixes it till if and when it happens again . It's always shortly after starting the car , anywhere from a few hundred feet to a block or 2.
  10. What really surprises me is how well built the Spark seems to be . No squeaks or rattles , it just seems like it's still brand new . I just bought a new Buick Encore , which is small and that's about as big as I will go . I decided against another Spark only cause of dealer distance. I kept my 13 Spark though. I always wanted the Encore since it first came out so I fiqure now is a good time to buy an AWD before winter hits .
  11. Regarding the blinker , my spark a 13 does something weird . For example after putting the left blinker on and completing the turn , the right blinker will go on and stay on . It does this randomly .
  12. Did you ever try replacing the battery ? If not , that's the first thing I would have tried . All the weird electrical things , warning lights illuminating, sounds are all things that occur with many modern cars as the battery begins to fail . There have been a bunch of us that had our battery replaced earlier than what you expect it to last . I just did mine not long ago .
  13. Were you already past the 100K powertrain warranty ? I wonder if GM would have covered it as a goodwill if you weren't far past it . You certainly have put the Spark through its paces over the years and I would say it's held up real well . I'm looking forward to see how your Spark does over time as you seem to rack up the miles pretty fast . . Mine is still running like brand new as I near 50K . I'm surprised I have put that many miles on but I find myself driving the Spark much more than I originally intended . It's just so easy and hassle free to drive , very enjoyable ride .
  14. Wow how fast were you going and for how long ?.
  15. That's only partially true . I agree it's a probably a tuning issue , at least in some cases and under certain conditions The gearbox is nothing more than a couple planetary gears used to widen the ratios . The issue would be with the clutch or possibly the converter . The lockup not changing smoothly from high to low speed . Unfortunately as I mention before these issues apply to GM transmissions across the board and not limited to the CVT at all . Beyond that not everyone is affected by it or least bothered by it . The problem compounds when somebody isn't used to a CVT not to mention computer generated artificial shift points .