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  1. There's a expansion and contraction issue with that metal insert eventually weakening and then splitting the plastic nipple along with probably the stress helping it along . Fortunately the tank is cheap and easy to replace . I bought all new hoses that I haven't gotten around to install yet .
  2. The metal insert inside the nipple where it fails has been removed in the revised tank . Time will tell if it holds up better than the original design
  3. I don't have that issue either , my head leans back not forward . It's quite comfortable , maybe your seat is too upright .
  4. I have had that noise on 3 cars last year , for me it's always a tree branch stuck under the car . It's disconcerting when it happens as it sounds like a metallic scraping noise . Sometimes it cones free on its own other times I have had to go under the car to dislodge it . 3 cars this year but it happens to me on any given year . Picked up one in a parking lot once too .
  5. What Bobby said is right . You really need to buy using your VIN number as there may have been running changes during a model year . If you buy from Ebay there's no guarantee it's the correct part or where it's from . You may get the old original failure prone part instead of a revised one . I Would go to GM parts online and get another tank .
  6. I don't know about the 16/17 models but the replacement I bought from GM iwas different than the original .
  7. The cargo cover was still extra when I looked at a 2016 fit ex . I still liked it an almost bought it but decided better to get AWD so I bought a Buick Encore instead . I like my Spark but don't know what I'll buy when it's time , either a spark , fit or sonic most likely .
  8. The hubcaps look a little like the Fit alloy wheels .
  9. I use the app to remotely arm the car whenever I'm not sure if i locked the car .
  10. I agree , I love the CVT transmissions . I have had them for many years in my Hondas . When I bought my 13 Spark it came with the conventional automatic . It's a good proven transmission but is annoying the way it shifts compared to a CVTs smooth power delivery .
  11. They did away with the Sonic RS in its previous form . All the hatchbacks are designated RS now but without all the cool stuff that set the previous model apart . There's no exclusivity with the RS anymore .
  12. The only Spark discontinued here in the US is the electric version . The oil filters are readily available but I would recommend using the OEM filter as some of the aftermarket filters are of different capacity and you will find your oil level overfilled..
  13. The list price on the tank is $42 so even at full list price plus if they added a coolant flush and the install labor which as ROG stated is really nothing in labor , I can't imagine how they arrive at $400.
  14. The replacement tank I bought is a slightly different design than the original so hopefully it will last . The tank doesn't cost much , the GM list price is only about $42 and you can get one online for around $30. For the cost I think it's better to replace than try to repair . I bought mine online for just convenience of not having to drive back and forth to the dealer to order and pick up and saved a few bucks in the process.
  15. The coolant tank is only $30 and 10 minutes labor but they probably added a top end cleaning and some other stuff plus purging of air in the system , coolant ect . You should update this post with what they did for $500 . Without the cap you have no pressure in the cooling system to keep the coolant cool . I wouldn't be surprised if you need engine work now . The dealer would be liable for any damage and repair .