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  1. Long story short I'm about to replace the hub centric rings, do I or should I balance my tires after? Got 3 new tires back in April 2017 alignment and balance just wondering if it's necessary to do that again with new rings
  2. i know jay leno uses rear a/c units on all his restorations
  3. very cool a sleek look
  4. gets, kickers, pioneers, or alpine. i wouldn't trust those speakers you posted especially at that price where you can get a better brand . i got kickers myself all around my spark
  5. love my car but i think im ready for a new chevy sonic RS
  6. its worth it to just learn to do an oil change yourself. especially on this car.
  7. congrats and welcome
  8. congrats and welcome
  9. congrats and welcome
  10. congrats and welcome
  11. i was out in Vegas last week took 1 photo
  12. my dad and my girlfriends dad both swear they get better gas mileage with 91 lol dad has a 2006 silverado gf dad has a honda crv
  13. oil

    manual says full synthetic... that's what i use...
  14. Just as an added precaution (and because mine is a 2013 with similar miles) i would have done the Brake and disc job on it. Sure you could stretch the brakes out more on those kinda miles but on a road trip ? i would have done it just to be safe. I've driven from Los Angeles to Vegas numerous times and the car is such a trooper. Handles well and cant beat the mpg (on a non hybrid or electric) on those kinda speeds. This last time was a bit rough due to the high winds but i noticed every car was having that issue. I also go to Ensenada, Mexico often (business trips) and the car and it never fails. Also a great drive and gets better once you see the coasts. Never gets old