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  1. Stick to the oil listed on manual. They could of changed the pump or oil flow for the 2018 model. As far as upf64r its supposed to be better. For those long range oil change intervals. Example on the fiat if i buy the one with the “u” its garanteed for 15000 miles. 15k lol. The regular one says only 6k. The fiat changes every 7k. I use the regular mopar one from dealer. Never had an issue.
  2. Finished painting the ultraleggeras. 2 coats plus 1 clear. Looks good. Only pic i got. This is the spray i used.
  3. Hello everyone. Yesterday while in the NYC snow storm, i stopped at a dealer to see what this Chevy spark looks like and got a brand new 2017 spark LT. 10 miles on her. got an amazing deal. paid 12k with taxes and plates. It was so good i didn't even bother trading in my Fiat. lol.
  4. I did my 1st 1000 miles. Time to mod. I purchased some oz racing ultralaggera for 250. Ugly orange. 15x7 et37 Started stripping them with aircraft paint stripper. That did not work. Too many layers. These wheels were powdercoated white, then someone painted them black then orange. This is as far as i got. Had to take them to the professionals. In the mean time i wanted to see what the color i wanted looked like so i painted one spark tire. Also was testing tire size for the new wheels. So here is 195/55/15 winter tires in metalic grey. Also tried with no gold. what you guys think of the color?
  5. I paid $11k including all taxes and fees 2 months ago for a new 2017 LT.
  6. I also feel like the brakes are weak. I think its a combination of the cvt and the brakes. If you put in neutral and brake, it feels like regular. When cvt is engaged, it feels like its being dragged. Once i wear them out i will put something better. If they exist.
  7. 15x7 +35 205 50 15
  8. So nice. Looking good Eric
  9. wheels

    you need to go high offset. i have 15x8 in a 40 offset. they stick out the wheel wells a few mm but they dont rub if you using 195 tires. with 205 tires they rub.
  10. how big was the it?
  11. i think you should get it. i paid 10k for a new 2017. the engine seems reliable and the tranny is japan so it should be good too. i love hate the cvt. love that you can do 80mph and it sits at 2200 rpm. cant do that with my fiat screaming at 4000 rpm to do 80mph. Hate the cvt because there is a delay after you gas from a red light. im guessing its cuz the hill assist. maybe???? there is a shorter delay when you want to floor it. just sits there thinking if its going to hunt for a gear or close the pulley. other than that love the color, love the dash, love the engine (sounds good when you floor it) and love the the body shape/style.
  12. welcome
  13. damn man. now i feel like i got a toyota or something lol.
  14. do you have more pics please. looking to buy the ground effects.
  15. damn black looks nice. some rims and lowered a bit, that would be menacing.
  16. the radio has no output. i would say its rated to about 15 watt rms per channel. I have 6 speakers on my spark so it could be different if you have the ls or the activ. i have the LT and i bought a Kenwood KSC-SW11 compact sub.and after removing the dash covers, there is no low level outputs. had to splice the left and right channel speakers.
  17. yes i love the color.
  18. yup. when i read that on Wikipedia i figured this engine will not last. aluminum blocks last less than the iron ones. im hoping that is not he case with LV7. and they are made in korea so maybe that also makes it last a bit longer than regular american engines. Im at 105 mile snow so it will be a while before i find out.
  19. good thing i have not done the upgrade yet. subbed. hope you find a fix king
  20. good find redorange
  21. damn i already hit the 6150 rpm limit. i tried to do it while parked but it limits you to like 3500 rpm. Had to hit the highway to reach the limit.
  22. chevy spark 0.8 litre 2010 model

    welcome Bernie
  23. DR23 17x7 +40 205/40/17 Rota grid 16x7 +40 205/40/16 Unable to find any details
  24. TSW mallory 17x7 +40 205/40/17 Ruff racing R364 17x7 +35 205/40/17 Ruff racing r355 17x7 +35 205/40/17
  25. Giving credit to blue. I used to be one of those guys that wanted to get most power out of everthing. Dumping money into a pointless cause. Now i enjoy it as it comes and dont mess with it. But i will not discourage anyone from trying.