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  1. On my 17 spark I did the first oil change myself with 1000 miles on the engine back in February. I now currently have almost 3200 miles. When I changed it I noticed the oil filter that was on the engine at the time was PF64. But the owners manual calls for UPF64R. I put a new UPF64R filter on as part of the change. What is the difference between the two. Should I use the UPF64R or can I use the PF64 since it was on from the factory and is cheaper at Walmart? Also, could I use 0w20 oil since that is what is used from the factory on the 2018 spark? Is there much of a difference between 0w 20 and 5w20? Thanks. I have only changed the oil once on this car so far.
  2. Oh I'm getting decent mileage now. I also have about 2600 miles and summer blend of gas is out.
  3. On a 17 spark lt cvt are there any brands of brake pads or rotors that will stop the car better than factory/oem? Is the reason the factory brake parts don't stop well because they are so small? Thanks.
  4. Just out of curiosity.... I think I already know the answer.... But will the 1.8 liter engine from the the sonic and cruze fit and work in the 17+ spark? Or is it prob too big?
  5. Or at the very least a new 1.5, 1.6, or 1.8L engine.
  6. 2017 spark with cvt
  7. I was driving the car up a hill and trying to pass a car. The speed limit was 45mph. The engine was going around 3500-4000 rpm. I'm guessing this is bad for the engine? Could I have done damage to the engine doing this?
  8. Is this mostly for the tires and suspension or is it that the engine and cvt wont be able to handle it?
  9. I was curious could I carry say 6-8 bags of water softener salt (50 pounds each) in the trunk area safely without any problems to the car/cvt?
  10. Get the car from a dealership with a lifetime powertrain warranty like I did lol.
  11. I know I'd be interested if this could actually work.
  12. Are there any graphics kits or racing stripes that will go along with the contours of the door and side panels for 17 spark?
  13. I do notice it slows down then speeds up for the 2 step part of the transmission. I didn't know if this was a characteristic or not. It seems to be working fine otherwise.
  14. I'm in Central Illinois but I have a 2017 spark and want to know if anyone in Illinois or surrounding areas would be interested in a meet when it gets warmer out say April or may?
  15. Would the horn from a 17 Malibu install and work on a 17 spark?