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  1. I'm in Central Illinois but I have a 2017 spark and want to know if anyone in Illinois or surrounding areas would be interested in a meet when it gets warmer out say April or may?
  2. Would the horn from a 17 Malibu install and work on a 17 spark?
  3. Oh ok. I thought about in September taking a 2400 mile round trip from Central Illinois to Kissimmee Florida in September.
  4. Is there any required cvt maintenance for a 17 spark? Does the belt need to be replaced at all?
  5. I have a 17 spark and sometimes after driving a bit I have a slight burning smell coming from the vents with the fan running after the car is parked. Is this normal? Car has 903 miles.
  6. I have a 17 spark LT with the standard speedometer instrument panel. Could I buy and plug and play install the instrument panel with digital speedometer and compass and have it work or no?
  7. I also though it was a synthetic blend that was supposed to be used. Is synthetic blend put in at the factory?
  8. I purchased the car on Dec 27 2017. The car was manufactured August 2017. I only had about maybe 600 miles on the car at the the time. I went in and they said I was too early to just wait until 5000 miles for the rotation and dont worry about the time.
  9. 1.) Tire rotations - It says in the owners manual 7,500 miles (which dealership recommends 5,000 miles). Isn't there a 6 month requirement if you don't drive 5000-7500 miles by 6 months? 2.) Oil changes - Again in the book it says 7500 miles or no longer than a year. Is this correct? The dealer says just go by mileage. Can I switch over to full synthetic anytime after the free oil changes?
  10. Nice
  11. Currently have 250miles on it
  12. 2017 spark LT cvt 250 miles. Just bought Dec 27th. Getting between 20 and 22 mpg average. Is this normal?
  13. Where could I get headlight assemblies for the 2017 Chevy spark Indonesia with projector/led. And would I be able to install it in my spark same year?
  14. 2017 spark LT 200 miles. Sometimes the transmission whines/whistles. Is this something I should be concerned with or no?
  15. Hi im in Central Illinois. My gf and I just bought a 17 spark LT. Anyone up for a meet anywhere like say Chicago?