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  1. Ray, I have had a lot of good luck with most of items on Amazon and eBay but the one elusive part is the upper grill with the round carrier. Any idea where I can even get info on that? I hate to say it this way but GM is way too cheap to be making two different upper grills, one for the bow tie and one for the circle badge, I'm thinking that there is some type of carrier that will adapt for the other badge. I actually scored the Holden Steering Wheel with the Airbag on eBay for $200 including delivery, and I think it looks a whole lot nicer than the American Spark wheel with the fake chrome inserts. As for Gearhead, I won't split hairs with him, we all know in reality it's a Daewoo Matiz.
  2. I have a 2017 Spark 1LT, I have my iPhone 6S+ connected to the USB port, using an OE Apple Lightning to USB cable and I keep getting random disconnections where the CarPlay screen freezes up for 20-30 seconds and then disconnects but the phone is still charging. If I unplug and replug the cord CarPlay starts working correctly again, it could be for 5 minutes or 3 hours I never know. I've had the car to my local Chevy Dealer, all of the Infotainment Software is up-to-date, I've gone back and forth with Apple, gone so far as to totally wipe my phone out and start again like it was a new phone, and hard reset the Infotainment System by leaving the battery disconnected overnight and the issue still happen. Has anyone else had this issue and figured it out or have any ideas what direction I should be going in at this point. Thanks.
  3. I'm out in the Metrowest, and my thing that is proving to be very expensive is that I am working on getting all of the Holden Division badging to replace the Bow Tie's on my 2017.
  4. Can you get parts for the Holden Division, I'd like to replace all off my exterior Bow Tie Badging with the Lion Badge, I have the OE Holden Part Numbers but so far no one I have talked to at any Chevy Dealer can even look the numbers up and have them show as being valid.
  5. If I may since my Spark is actually a 2017, I just flipped over 21,000 miles Friday on my way home from the office.
  6. Just a quick hello since I'm new here, I bought a 2017 Spark 1LT in Nightfall Gray the last day of April 2017, to replace a 2015 Fiat 500 Sport. I love my Spark and after driving it for several months, the fit, finish and quality of the Spark are showing me that Fiat hasn't changed since the last time they were in the US.