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  1. You guys are getting some really good mileage. One thing though, I really don't recomend going below a 1/4 tank in a car with EFI, the pumps are in the tank because the fuel actually helps cool them. Driving below a quarter allows the pump to heat up more and leads to accelerated wear That's from a certified mechanic with 20 years in the business whose assistant / student I was as a taxi fleet maintenance tech, just a heads up,
  2. Sparks have single stage paint? that's a win in my eyes, after all the clear coat issues I've seen on GM vehicles I'm only at 7100 miles in my 2015, no issues yet
  3. If it'll pull that, it'll certainly pull one of these
  4. Pretty much explains all the shiny new cars I pass on the side of the road with my rusty old beaters no dealer would give more than $300 for lol
  5. I was wondering about that, My Silverwing 600 Scooter has a CVT and it has none of these issues
  6. I was wondering about that, I have a Silverwing 600 Scooter with CVT and it does none of the goofy things the Spark does
  7. I like mine so far with 1700 miles / one month (approx) on the clock, just did the oil change tire rot at 6700 miles Only issue is i wish it was a bit longer bodied. Next car I buy will probably be a minivan, but I wanted something fairly new with a payment I could handle, and with no money down and 2 old beaters for a trade in, this was my best bet
  8. Thanks Bobby MSME, I think you're right, I'd probably have to remove the front seat and build some sort of platform maybe it'll tow one of these Anyway, for now I'm just driving and enjoying it
  9. Hello folks, just got my 2015 Spark (salsa) about a month ago I had a Ford ranger that I've been driving for 5 years with no issue, but it was becoming a problem, and the 87 3/4 ton van i had as a tow vehicle for my travel trailer was getting 12 MPG I drive a LOT, so after much consideration I traded both for a 2015 LS with the CV transmission It was a 'loaner' for folks getting their cars serviced, and only had 5085 miles on it I have one year left on 3 year / 36000 BTB warranty, and 3 years on power-train, so i don't have to work on it if it breaks, that's a win Took it in today at 6700 miles (approx) for the first oil change / tire rotation / inspection (OLC indicated 8% oil life left, might as well get other stuff done too) So far the only thing I don't like is, unlike other hatches I've owned, ir looks like mods would be required to set it up to sleep in when I go camping Of course, there's always tents, but if the weather gets ugly, tents suck. could possibly get a micro camper to tow with it, although so far I haven't seen a tow rating. I haven't dug very far into the owners manual yet, so maybe I just haven't found it See you on the road!