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  1. Robstacles, I was given a case number as well at one point and an agent through GM to work with. Unfortunately all I got was the run around. They would basically put every issue on a week long delay and play the phone tag game. I called 1-800- lemon law after it acted up the fourth time. Long story short I got a cash settlement from GM. I'd rather have a working vehicle that I payed for... it seems as if it's a flawed design and GM just doesn't want to own up to it. I even explained that when I'm trying to merge on the highway I'm liable to end up killed... that's probably cheaper for GM and better for their ego. I just had hoped that 5 years later the bugs would have been sorted out and I could finally fix this turd.
  2. Thanks for the replies, it does start and idle smoothly. I think I did have that recall done but to be honest I'd have to look through past paper work on the car to be certain. I've had so many issues with this car I pretty much gave up and vouled to never be another GM... unfortunate because I'm a union worker and am pro union and pro USA. I know this car is mostly Korean built but at least I was buying into a us car manufacturer, but it seemed to bite me in the behind... I will look into that recall, I'll admit I do not know what that is though. I can't seem to pin it down to a constant when it happens. It's very sporadic and random. Sometimes it will happen once and be fine for months, other times I literally have to shut the car off dozens of times before it clears. It sounds wild but could it possibly be poor fuel grade and maybe in need of a new knock sensor? Just throwing it out there for the heck of it. Thanks!
  3. Hi I'm in desperate need of any help or suggestions. I purchased a 2013 chevy spark new back in november of 2012. Not long after I starter having problems with the car going into a form of "limp" mode. When the dealership scanned my car it came up as the accelerator module. To make a long story short they attempted to fix my car 6! Times. They replaced the module twice, ecmu (I believe) and completely rewired the ckt. To this day the car still sparaticly does it and I have to shut the car off sometimes several times to clear the mode. After a while the engine light will go out but approxamitly a week later repeat. The dealerships tech manager admitted to a "language barrier" with Korea GM. All I want is the vehicle to function as it should, I'm hooping 5 years later someone has come across the same issue and found resolution. Thanks