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  1. Depends a bit on the lope of the idle. I'm a Mustang guy so I'm around a lot of them that are straight piped. An old school fox body 5.0 cammed and straight piped sounds amazing. As well as any LS engine that is cammed. Most 4 or 6 cylinder cars I'd say sound meh when loud, but that would be because of less depth and a different firing order. The lope is really what makes it sound good when straight piped. I don't think a Spark would sound good straight piped, though. Only 4 cylinder exhaust sound I really like is the Subarus with the unequal length headers.
  2. Doesn't look that bad, so definitely fixable. Now being that the value of the car is very low its tough to say whether or not they will total it. It will only take about $3,000-4,000 in damage to total it, which is really low.
  3. Yep, today for some reason it was in the 60s. Car responded amazingly today. So very hit or miss.
  4. I'll have to see how it reacts over summer. Sacramento summers are pretty hot, and the car will be sitting outside so I won't have the luxury of keeping it cool indoors. It seems to do it more when the car itself is hot after sitting outside, less so when it sits in the shade. If I do ever get the garage its the Mustang that goes in it, that doesn't have air conditioning hahaha.
  5. I always drive with the air on, whether its just neutral temperature on speed 1, all the way on heat, or all the way on max AC, so it is very odd that it would start doing it now. I had my car sitting in the shade today, and it did not lag as bad as before. So it seems that when the car itself is really hot it does it. If this is a normal thing I for sure am selling the car after college. The amount of lag is frankly too dangerous to drive with. My Mustang's manual transmission with synchros going out is easier to deal with than this CVT.
  6. There was a recall that I did a while back that dealt with software. I'll have to see if that was what it was for. It's almost due for service, so I'll probably take it in some time next week after graduation. Got finals this week to deal with then graduation on Saturday.
  7. Yeah it almost touched 100 the other day, so no way I am going without AC. I'll test it with and without the AC blasting. I already run it on setting 3, so not too far off blasting as it is.
  8. It seems like the hotter it gets, the more my '15 will lag on acceleration from a standstill. It is to the point if I start accelerating from a stop I wait literally 4-5 seconds before it even starts accelerating. This can't possibly be normal. And it is definitely not safe at all. Anyone else have this issue and fix it? With my luck, taking it into the dealer it will act 100% normal for them. Its making me ready to sell the car.
  9. I know this is an old thread, but I'm a fan of Adams polishes, and Chemical Guys, depending on specifically what type of cleaning supplies I am getting. I also have Mothers, Meguiars, Turtle Wax, and Croftgate stuff. I tend to prefer Adams and Chemical Guys. Although I will admit I don't use any of it on my Spark. I've only washed the Spark like twice in the year I've owned it. Intentionally got white so it doesn't look that dirty. All my detailing goes to my Mustang instead, which has a Metallic Green paint.
  10. I'm definitely a novice when it comes to actually working on cars. I tend to learn as I go. Done a bunch of suspension work on the Mustang. Did a clutch swap on it also. Have pulled the entire interior at one point. Fun car to mess around with. I love the Spark and what I use it for. My biggest gripe is the CVT transmission. That is honestly the reason I don't plan to keep it for a long time. Plus I landed a full time job for post graduation making a lot more than I was before, so I want something a tad nicer and bigger. The tires behind the Spark were 305/35-18 Mickey Thompson drag radials that went on the Mustang. I just got a kick out of seeing them in comparison to the spark's tires.
  11. Hey everyone, New to this forum, have had my 15 Spark LT for about a year now. Not completely new to the forum world, though. Been on Mustang forums for 5 years now and moderate one of them. The spark has been my daily the last year in college (graduating this month), and probably going to have it for 6-8 more months I'd say. Never saw myself in this type of car until I needed something cheap, reliable, and easy to parallel park everywhere haha. Other car is a 2001 Mustang Bullitt, a decent amount of stuff done to it. Real pain in the butt to drive around and daily drive, but super fun car. Anyway, here are some pics of the cars.