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  1. Welcome! What color did you get?
  2. Went off the rails a bit.
  3. I just picked up a front and rear passenger seat. These are pretty sweet. Very impressed with the fit and quality. Would recommend.
  4. yea i know about what hes talking about ive got the samething i just chocked it up to being normal
  5. there is a guy on the forums that found a set for the Karl that supposedly fits
  6. well if they screw it up then they have to fix it. Don't you have to get the recalls done? for insurance? I called before i seen this thread, they don't have the parts, and they said that they would call me when they got them in. At least i get a loner car for the day.
  7. are you going to put something to replace it? looks pretty empty...
  8. i just went with stock tires, and i got
  9. i have been searching for those for weeks.
  10. tint and wheels. thats what i started out with.
  11. i see that color all the time. But im always on the road in and around tacoma.
  12. at work i pull a 26 foot enclosed trailer with a 5500 dodge dump truck and everytime i get passed it scary. i could only imagine
  13. thats clean
  14. Dude i have almost the same wheels, looks like im going to lower my car now. Looks so good. Would you post a link where you got them
  15. I went in for my oil change, they informed me on the air bag. They changed the oil, left oil hand prints all over the car and all over the engine shroud. smh...
  16. What kind of deflectors did you get?
  17. i dont have this problem. Maybe because i dont like sitting straight up and have the seat tilted back...
  18. If you bought a new I would take it to another dealer or contact Chevrolet
  19. I wonder if these would fit on the Next Generation Sparks because it says on the website 2013 Plus
  20. Those are pretty sweet. I noticed your profile picture, I got my car at sunset too
  21. if those were the channel ones i would buy'em. Sucks because i live near Oly.
  22. 16's and 17's are the same i believe, only difference would be the colors between the years.