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  1. I went in for my oil change, they informed me on the air bag. They changed the oil, left oil hand prints all over the car and all over the engine shroud. smh...
  2. What kind of deflectors did you get?
  3. i dont have this problem. Maybe because i dont like sitting straight up and have the seat tilted back...
  4. If you bought a new I would take it to another dealer or contact Chevrolet
  5. I wonder if these would fit on the Next Generation Sparks because it says on the website 2013 Plus
  6. Those are pretty sweet. I noticed your profile picture, I got my car at sunset too
  7. if those were the channel ones i would buy'em. Sucks because i live near Oly.
  8. 16's and 17's are the same i believe, only difference would be the colors between the years.