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  1. I believe the 1.4 block/heads are the same but the pistons and crank in the turbo are forged vs. cast in the NA engine. The higher compression cast pistons in the Spark would have a short lifespan if force fed. Without swapping out the cast parts for forged it would run but for how long under full boost until meltdown/breakage is anyone's guess. Would probably be much simpler finding a totaled cruze for cheap and doing a whole engine/computer swap into the Spark.
  2. This method usually works fine as long as you are just covering the grill. Still allows plenty of heat transfer. I know folks who used to cover the entire radiator itself and ran into overheating problems. A temp gauge would be nice.
  3. I got the notice also. No kiddies here so no worries. If I ever decide to sell it I will get the airbag fixed for the next owner and they can deal with any electrical gremlins and squeaks and rattles that follow the invasive surgery. I agree with the quality feel of this car's interior compared to other economy cars. I don't want the dash torn up and put back together haphazardly.
  4. 7500 MILES!!!!! I had my first oil change at 1200 miles and I felt nervous about THAT because I remember when 500 miles used to be the standard. Oil still looked clean on the dipstick but for peace of mind I couldn't wait to get the factory fill out of there. The Chevy garage changed it for free so I didn't get to examine it but in the past I have seen many a pan of break-in oil shimmer and swirl in the sunlight from the slurry of fine metal particles suspended in the oil. Not something I want circulating and polishing my engine parts for 7500 miles and causing premature wear.
  5. Congrats. For the money the Spark is a solid little car and handles great. Mine seemed sluggish when new but after break in it gained some power.
  6. I knows guys back in the day who would always buy GMC trucks instead of the almost identical Chevy trucks just because they would be serviced by the the more professional Buick/Cadillac/Pontiac dealerships. Chevy garages have improved quite a bit over the years so I doubt if the difference is so great now.
  7. Where is it rusting?
  8. I see the 2018's will again be unchanged other than a color option called "sorbet". So that is good for parts availability in the future and also means there were few flaws (so far) in the 2016 redesign other than the airbag recall which is a minor issue IMHO. Sadly these cars have had dismal sales in the states so I wonder just how much longer they will be imported.. After I bought mine my dealer told me that they weren't even ordering any more for the lot because they just sit there and collect dust until they are sold at a loss.
  9. True. The torque converter takes a lot of the "abuse" off of the transmission when you put the hammer down or don't come to a complete stop when going from F to R or vice versa whereas on a manual the full load is on the clutch. The clutch packs in an automatic are more for just the shifting between gears. Performance shift kits that give a "firm" shift between gears allow the clutch packs and bands to last a long time because there is very little slippage. Luxury cars that give super smooth shifts that you barely notice are more prone to wear out clutch plates and bands faster. I've never had any issue with my automatics either. A friend of mine runs a rebuild service and can tell you exactly which makes, models, and years will give premature trouble because they weren't engineered right or strong enough from the factory.
  10. Sounds like his clutch is toast. Bobby, all automatics including CVT's have clutch plates and/or friction bands that can and do wear out eventually and are much more expensive and labor intensive to replace than a manual clutch would be. You might be thinking of the torque converter that is between the engine and transmission which kind of does the job of a manual clutch when idling, coasting, and accelerating smoothly from a dead stop. Those rarely give problems because like you said they are just a fluid coupler without any wear points besides the bearings. The clutch in a lock up torque converter can wear out however.
  11. I notice some light rust on my front suspension, front brake components, and exhaust hangers after only 1 winter. True, nobody looks under there but eventually it will make bolts hard to loosen in the future if you don't give it some attention now. Will probably hit the problem areas with a coating of Fluid Film every fall. Wheel wells look to be nicely protected by plastic shrouding so that is good for preventing body rust from starting. Yes, Ohio also likes to salt roads in the winter but like you said on some days that is the only way to get to your job or run errands when everything is covered in thick ice.
  12. Congrats. These cars grow on you. I bought mine as a cheap point A to B car also but have discovered it is actually quite zippy and quick handling if you're not afraid to rev it up through the gears a bit. The new Fit looks like a mini-minivan to me and the interior is noisier and more plasticky than the Spark. I do like the magic seats though, wish the Spark seats folded completely down flat like that but then again with a tiny car you have to make some sacrifices. The HRV is nicely styled but is powered by the last generation Civic engine to cut cost so power is lackluster. It is in desperate need of a larger engine or turbo to move a heavier and less aerodynamic vehicle than the Civic.
  13. I agree. V-8's sound great loud, especially with a cam, 4 bangers not so much unless they are a motorcycle engine. Then they sound awesome.
  14. Just read a similar post a few threads down where someone suggested flipping the headrest around. While not perfect it is a huge improvement in comfort and probably more safe in an accident because now my neck isn't all contorted. Worth a try and it doesn't cost anything.
  15. Anyone got an answer? This is one of the few things I dislike about my 2017. If I was a lot taller they might fit in the crook of my neck and not be so bad. If I was a lot shorter my head could avoid them altogether. As it is they are an uncomfortable nuisance that I'm thinking about just removing and taking the whiplash risk.
  16. I like Eagle One gel wax. Can use it on the black plastic trim, lenses, windows, basically everything on the exterior other than the tires.For those I use Armor All Extreme tire shine. I like original Armor All protectant for the interior plastic.
  17. I have the splash blue also. Love the metal flakes in the paint that sparkle in the sunlight.
  18. I noticed that the first day I owned my Spark. Whole lines of cars pass me just to put me behind them like some sort of automotive pecking order when I drive the same speeds as I do with my truck and never experienced that phenomenon. Also pulling right out in front of me from a dead stop so I have to brake and downshift while they take their own sweet time getting up to speed. I always try to get a look at the driver and make a mental note of what they are driving and surprisingly the majority seem to be women in SUV's. I was actually expecting the majority to be men trying to prove that their dick was bigger than mine.
  19. Generic mud flaps usually do a much better job but they aren't exactly pretty or aerodynamic.
  20. Those look nice and will be easy to clean. Just detach and hose off. How stiff are they ? If they have a lot of flex with some time and foot traffic they may mold themselves to the contours of the car better . A few hot days in the sun may also do the trick.
  21. Those wheels really dress the car up and the open spokes should help keep your rotors and calipers cooler when braking hard. Are they lighter than the steelies also? If so you may see a slight improvement in handling and MPG.
  22. Does that go in the cup holder?
  23. I believe they are identical other than some paint choices.
  24. I have the exact same car but paid a little more. Love the painted wheel covers. Will do the same to mine. Goes well with the black/blue color scheme of the rest of the car.
  25. I would say that is an excellent price. I paid $2000 more than that for mine and still feel like it is a great car for the money.