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  1. Welcome to the site. White is a good color. Don't have to worry about the paint fading (I had a red truck that turned pink after 10 years of UV) and it will stay cooler in summer. Good point about not being able to see the color of the car from the inside. Even the hood is invisible from the drivers seat.
  2. It should last plenty long because it has pressed in iron sleeve cylinders and a steel cam chain instead of a belt. I think GM learned a harsh lesson after that POS disposable Vega engine with its aluminum bores that would prematurely wear out and burn more oil than gas and a rubber band cam belt that would snap at 40K and destroy all your valves.
  3. That's still well under redline. Shouldn't hurt anything other than your MPG's (if you make it a habit).
  4. That looks phenomenal. May not have the power of a "Hot Hatch" but it sure has the looks of one.
  5. Welcome. They are a nice car for the money.
  6. This is why I'm glad my 2017 has an all aluminum engine. Iron blocks with aluminum heads are rough on head gaskets because of the different expansion and contraction rates between the two metals as they heat up and cool down.
  7. Snow tires make a big difference but he's probably dragging bottom. Even AWD vehicles get hung up when they run out of ground clearance. Like a turtle stuck on a rock.
  8. Nice. Man trans is fun.
  9. Until this thread I had no idea that Sparks were available in pink.
  10. Yes. GM's Dexos oil is a blend. My first two oil changes are free. Had my first change at 1200mi. Will have my second change at 6000mi. After that I will either continue with a synthetic blend or splurge for full synthetic.
  11. Your poor Spark. That sucks Dude but the fact you still have the ability to make this thread tells me that the crumple zones and airbag did their job of absorbing the impact.
  12. That's a lot of driving. I have a 2017 w stick. I too am impressed at how well this thing moves through snow. Remove the front air damn and put on a larger set of tires for more ground clearance and I truly believe you could give many AWD vehicles a run for their money.
  13. I believe the 1.4 block/heads are the same but the pistons and crank in the turbo are forged vs. cast in the NA engine. The higher compression cast pistons in the Spark would have a short lifespan if force fed. Without swapping out the cast parts for forged it would run but for how long under full boost until meltdown/breakage is anyone's guess. Would probably be much simpler finding a totaled cruze for cheap and doing a whole engine/computer swap into the Spark.
  14. This method usually works fine as long as you are just covering the grill. Still allows plenty of heat transfer. I know folks who used to cover the entire radiator itself and ran into overheating problems. A temp gauge would be nice.
  15. I got the notice also. No kiddies here so no worries. If I ever decide to sell it I will get the airbag fixed for the next owner and they can deal with any electrical gremlins and squeaks and rattles that follow the invasive surgery. I agree with the quality feel of this car's interior compared to other economy cars. I don't want the dash torn up and put back together haphazardly.