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  1. Just read a similar post a few threads down where someone suggested flipping the headrest around. While not perfect it is a huge improvement in comfort and probably more safe in an accident because now my neck isn't all contorted. Worth a try and it doesn't cost anything.
  2. Anyone got an answer? This is one of the few things I dislike about my 2017. If I was a lot taller they might fit in the crook of my neck and not be so bad. If I was a lot shorter my head could avoid them altogether. As it is they are an uncomfortable nuisance that I'm thinking about just removing and taking the whiplash risk.
  3. I like Eagle One gel wax. Can use it on the black plastic trim, lenses, windows, basically everything on the exterior other than the tires.For those I use Armor All Extreme tire shine. I like original Armor All protectant for the interior plastic.
  4. I have the splash blue also. Love the metal flakes in the paint that sparkle in the sunlight.
  5. I noticed that the first day I owned my Spark. Whole lines of cars pass me just to put me behind them like some sort of automotive pecking order when I drive the same speeds as I do with my truck and never experienced that phenomenon. Also pulling right out in front of me from a dead stop so I have to brake and downshift while they take their own sweet time getting up to speed. I always try to get a look at the driver and make a mental note of what they are driving and surprisingly the majority seem to be women in SUV's. I was actually expecting the majority to be men trying to prove that their dick was bigger than mine.
  6. Generic mud flaps usually do a much better job but they aren't exactly pretty or aerodynamic.
  7. Those look nice and will be easy to clean. Just detach and hose off. How stiff are they ? If they have a lot of flex with some time and foot traffic they may mold themselves to the contours of the car better . A few hot days in the sun may also do the trick.
  8. Those wheels really dress the car up and the open spokes should help keep your rotors and calipers cooler when braking hard. Are they lighter than the steelies also? If so you may see a slight improvement in handling and MPG.
  9. Does that go in the cup holder?
  10. I believe they are identical other than some paint choices.
  11. I have the exact same car but paid a little more. Love the painted wheel covers. Will do the same to mine. Goes well with the black/blue color scheme of the rest of the car.
  12. I would say that is an excellent price. I paid $2000 more than that for mine and still feel like it is a great car for the money.