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  1. Just buy a roll of tinting film. Make paper template for each window with each window completely closed. Because that is the only part of glass you really need to tint. Cut the film using templates. Work inside the car with all windows closed. Wind is a killer for this project. If too hot outside work in a cooler garage. Good lighting is necessary to spot every bubble which will be formed during the process. Peel off the protective transparent film from the cut film. Fill a small spray bottle with water + a few drops of liquid soap or shampoo. Shake it vigorously. Wet the sticky part of film thoroughly. Spray water mix on the window glass. Now apply the cut film to glass. It can be moved easily while wet. When properly positioned, the final step is to remove all the bubbles. This takes some time and patience. I used a flat plastic squeegee (not rubber tipped, just plain plastic, rubber will grab the film and move it) and then finished with a soft cloth to absorb all excess water expelled by the squeegee. Very important....DO NOT ROLL WINDOWS DOWN for 48 HOURS, or until film is totally dry.
  2. Just for reference, I bought 2017 Spark LS CVT , 6 months ago, brand new, for $10,000 + taxes + Title etc I also had GM credit card credit built up of about $3000. I drove off the dealer's lot with a check for $7600, all expenses included, and a full tank of gas (all of $11 hahaha)
  3. Review by By T R Packard on 08/15/2017 The 2017 is the same as the 2016 that I own. I think this is a great car: fun to drive, great interior styling, reliability, bumper-to-bumper 100% 36,000 mile/36 month warranty that includes oil changes and tires, generous safety features, head of the class technology/connectivity, very good gas mileage, solid road feel, surprisingly quiet and stable on the freeway, a dream parking/driving down narrow streets of Los Angeles, nimble/sprightly handling, and more fun to drive than the Fiat 500. A super value that I like even more now than when I first bought it 12 months ago.
  4. Yes, GM will not invest money in improving the CVT electronic controls because is is not a money maker for them. Perhaps when gas price goes to $5/gal things could change.
  5. I can understand limits on how dark the window tint is allowed to be. But in India, where I spent first 19 years of my life, it is always sunny and hot. Tinting all windows except front windshield and part of front windows is very necessary, desirable and causes no significant safety problem. I use my 2 rear view mirrors to view what is coming from behind. I never turn my head backwards while driving. My 2017 Spark has a very good rear view camera which shows clearly what is behind in reverse gear. No body accused governments of being intelligent or practical. So we must put up with it's stupidity, unfortunately. I worked for a dozen years in a US govt funded agency, and the waste of tax payer money I saw was mind boggling.
  6. Like that color a lot! I bought my 2017 6 months ago, and it has exceeded expectations considering the price paid.
  7. I bought a new 2017 Spark LS about 6 months ago, and so far it has exceeded all my expectations except vulnerability to cross winds. It is small and light and tall. So I expected some problems driving over 70 mph with cross winds. Other than I have zero problem with it.
  8. Those are brilliant observations. My usual driving habits are also to accelerate gradually, and the CVT is very smooth without any slipping, which parallels your observations. Actually the CVT responds so quickly and smoothly to my gentle acceleration demand, this 2017 Spark LS is a joy to drive. The 1.4 liter engine gives the right amount of "pep".
  9. CVT is used extensively in golf carts, and I owned one of those for many years. Like your scooter, I never had an issue.
  10. Hi Art, welcome to the Spark owners forum. You are gonna love the gas mileage on your Spark. I think you found a good low mileage car owned by the dealership. As for sleeping in it, I think it is just too small for that. May be with both rear seats folded flat down, a smaller frame person can sleep there. The Spark is so easy to park though. I can parallel park it in places where others cannot. Best luck with your car..
  11. Hey old Gearhead, I never missed those buttons because I never knew they existed in previous years in such an inexpensive car as Spark.. Besides, when I am driving the Spark, my wife controls the radio, so those buttons would not be of much use to me. I just focus on safe driving .. and ignore the radio.
  12. Thank you! Now I do not feel so dumb!
  13. No question is dumb, but answers to questions can be dumb! And yes I drive a 2017 Spark LS, and I know of no way to turn radio off without killing Infotainment system. This answer falls in the dumb category!
  14. Oh yes, my daughter, the millennial, who just graduated from law school Magna Cum Laude, has no job possibilities until she passes the bar exam, just came back from a 2 week vacation in Europe, visiting Paris, Madrid, Barcelona & Amsterdam. She happened to be in Barcelona on the day of recent terror attack, but fortunately was 2 blocks away. Student loans are ridiculously easy to obtain in law school.
  15. It is not so much about competence of mechanics. It is just that at Cadillac dealership they treat you like a big shot. The nearest GM dealer for me is Cadillac and every time I am in for any service, even just an oil change, they feed me a custom order breakfast, free of charge. And Buick dealership personnel are also more respectful of customers than at Chevy dealers. Just a personal observation. With thousands of GM dealerships out there, I am sure there are plenty of exceptions.