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  1. The trial lawyers are celebrating this news! Now after an accident, they can sue General Motors instead of some hapless individual with few assets. Since GM has never produced a car guaranteed to NOT fail in 100,000 miles of driving, it should be easy extrapolate that their driverless cars will fail at some time before reaching 100,000 miles, and cause an accident.
  2. That link does NOT work!
  3. Distinct color! Should make it easy to find in parking lots..
  4. When she was a puppy: "" At age 12! ""
  5. A front engine, front wheel drive car will have better traction than any a front engine rear wheel drive car! But once I owned a 1964 Corvair, with rear engine and rear wheel drive, and it had the best traction of any mass production car made. I was the only employee among 800 at our plant, who made it home without getting stuck during the record breaking 1967 snow storm in Chicago.
  6. That 1/2 inch board under battery simply makes it higher. Was that necessary for the battery cables to fit? thanks for a great alternate battery suggestion.
  7. Trade in your 2014 for a 2017 model. I am driving a 2017 Spark with CVT, and there is no slip in transmission, unlike all my previous geared automatics which had a distinct lurch with each gear change, and a distinct lag in response to pedal compression due to the fluid coupling. The CVT is metal chain on metal pulley transmission, and when it's computer is properly programmed, it is almost instant and positive response to gas pedal operation. After 10 months of driving the CVT Spark, I like it better every passing day.
  8. Good choice of color! Is it baby blue or Splash blue? What is the model year? I am driving a 2017 Spark LS with CVT and love driving it around town.
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all those who post and lurk here! Drive safe (you are driving a small car ) and stay Healthy! Thank you Chevysparkforum for hosting this forum!!
  10. If it was my Spark, I would buy a non-slip rug slightly bigger than the area to be covered and cut it to exact size.
  11. I think the range is based on your recent driving history. If you have been driving mostly highway before fillup, it will show higher range, than if you did stop and go driving before fillup. The computer assumes you will continue driving in the same mode and projects the mileage range available from gas tank.
  12. The PCV valve and coolant overflow have been ubiquitous problem on older models. Hopefully my 2017 LS has fixed those defects. Yesterday I got my 1st free oil change at the dealer when the remaining oil life meter showed 22%. The dealer did a fine job, washed the car, filled air in all tires and topped off all fluids. I love driving this small car and especially the smooth CVT tranny.
  13. OK, so if you had a inside trunk release button, usually you have to get out of the car anyways, walk to the back of car, and get your stuff out of the trunk. So now in your Spark 2017 LS you will get out of the car, walk to the back of car and turn the (same) ignition key in the trunk lock. You hear a clicking sound of lock opening, and you lift the trunk hood using the hidden handle of the trunk. I see no big difference. Actually this is a safer arrangement! Because a thief breaks your glass window and then has full access to the trunk. In your Spark, she can not open the trunk lid without the key.
  14. My 2017 Spark LS with CVT is now 8+ months old, and love the CVT. It does not feel like a slush box like all my previous automatic trannys. The car is very peppy at all legal speed limits, and the CVT yields immediate response to the gas pedal operation.
  15. Not to mention the money saved on gasoline driving 55k miles!