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  1. Has anyone put rear speakers in their 2016+ LS yet? If you did, did you have to have the dealer flash the computer to accept the new speakers or did the stereo automatically detect that they were there? I ask cause I know some people were looking into it and I have some extra Infinti Kappa 6.5's that I'd like to install.
  2. Pretty sure those would fit, since I think the Karl is the exact same as the same.
  3. Yw. I'll keep a look out for some springs, since those are quite a bit. Edit: Opel Karl springs on eBay are about 245-260. The 245 ones I believe are H&R and the 260 is Eibach.
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  7. The hubcaps look so much better painted than they did stock.
  8. **SOLD**
  9. Came off my 2016 LS, only about 18k miles on them. Selling them for 50 dollars. Located in Olympia, WA. Would prefer local pickup since shipping will most likely be high. I don't come on here much so email me if interested,
  11. Ordered my front floor liners on September 23rd and they arrived yesterday (Sept. 29th) morning. A lot sooner than I was expecting. Below is a couple pictures of how they look.
  12. No sorry. One of the ones that were on my car had to be replaced so I'm just using the second set as back ups.
  13. I have a brand new set of wind deflectors for a 2016-2017 Chevy Spark. The 3rd and 4th pictures are of another set installed on my 2016 LS. I'm asking for 40 firm, plus shipping unless you're local (Olympia, WA) or nearby where we can meet in person. You can either comment on here or email me directly, These are held on by double sided 3M tape, not in-channel.
  14. Refer to the picture I posted.
  15. I read on one of these forums that all you have to do to change the logo to a black one, is to remove the 2 10mm bolts and 2 push pins that are next to the hood latch. They said removing those would give you enough room to access the badge. Tonight, I did that but that piece seems like it's held onto the upper grill. Is there something I'm missing? EDIT: Nevermind. I decided to go back out and figured it out.
  16. Sorry for the revive but here's a set...
  17. So that means a roof rack from a 3rd gen will fit a 4th gen, that's actually good to know.
  18. Did it come with that roof rack or did you buy that after?
  19. If you get those headlights, can you please tell us where you found them or a part number please? Also, how hard was it to replace that front emblem? I'll be replacing mine with a black bowtie soon.
  20. What are the recommended spark plugs for our car (Copper, Iridium..)?
  21. I've already tried two of those universal shark fin antennas, the type that goes over your existing antenna base. Both of them didn't fit (Too small). Does anyone know of a universal that might fit? Or will the 2016 Cruze shark fin antenna fit? According to pictures that I have found online, the connections both look the same. Picture of a Cruze shark fin for reference. Pictures of a 2016/17 Spark antenna...
  22. Got mine February 2017. I've seen one in electric blue in Olympia, and another electric blue about a half hour away? Not sure where it was, I just remember it was while we were camping. Lately I've seen a lot more 4th gen's in the area, in splash blue, white, and red mostly.
  23. Copy cat ;).
  24. I actually don't mind the look of the drums and calipers. If anything I'd upgrade the rotors to drilled/slotted, but that would only be for looks.
  25. Thank you. Just aesthetics. The stock hubcaps or the black steelies are so ugly. I went with as close to the stock size as I could find and put them on the stock tires. 15x6.5 with a 38mm offset vs 15x6 with a 50mm offset