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  1. You sure he knew you were racing?
  2. Any news?
  3. First upgrade I ever do in any car.
  4. Yeah, I noticed that but I don't really consider that power locks. By power locks, I meant being able to unlock the passenger door as well as the driver door with a key fob. Shouldn't be that hard to make the passenger power, though.
  5. Never knew we could get one of those without having power locks. How much was the key?
  6. I have a brand new set of wind deflectors for a 2016-2017 Chevy Spark. The 3rd and 4th pictures are of another set installed on my 2016 LS. I'm asking for 40 firm, plus shipping unless you're local (Olympia, WA) or nearby where we can meet in person. You can either comment on here or email me directly, These are held on by double sided 3M tape, not in-channel.
  7. Well, that sucks. I was thinking about getting them but didn't want to spend 115 for the ones on eBay.
  8. Are those the same as these ones?
  9. Yeah, it goes in the area that looks like a cup holder behind the emergency brake.
  10. When I was at the dealer the other day picking up my plates, I asked him if they use synthetic oil there and he said yes. But we will see, I don't mind paying a little extra anyway since this car will only ever have full synthetic.
  11. There's a lot of Spark members on Youtube that are in Mexico, maybe ask one of them if they're able to get a part number. Edit: Just contacted GM over live chat to see if I could get a part number and they basically told me to go to my local dealership. So guess I'll be asking them when I go to get my license plate fasteners replaced.
  12. Bought my LS in Sumner, WA from Sunset Chevy on Feb 20th, sticker price was about 10,600. Free lifetime powertrain warranty, free lifetime oil changes, and free lifetime car washes.
  13. LED Reverse Light

    From the album Eric

    LED left reverse light.
  14. LED Reverse Light

    From the album Eric

    LED right reverse light.
  15. LED Vs. Halogen

    From the album Eric

    LED (Left) vs. halogen (Right).