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  1. Seatbelt repair
  2. Btw, here's a link to the Switchback LED post in case anyone is interested in them.
  3. Just some cheap tape on ones from eBay. I would've bought in channel but they aren't available through WeatherTech yet. I also just bought a reman. key fob off eBay for 20 bucks, had them cut the key for an additional 30 and now I have keyless entry for the drivers door.
  4. I like the look of that roof rack on your car. Does it hook onto your door jambs (Where the door meets the roof) or did it bolt onto the roof?
  5. Now that I know what the new Spark looks like with a roof rack, I want one. Where did you get yours? So far I've only done switchback LED's in the front turn signals, LED trunk light, LED map light, LED brake lights, LED reverse lights, new hub caps (Eventually get new wheels), side wind deflectors, and removed the SPARK and LS from the back.
  6. If you're ever in an accident where the airbags are supposed to go off and for some reason, the passenger airbag doesn't, insurance can deny the claim since you had an open recall that you never took care of. It's free so I'm just going to get mine taken care of with my next oil change.
  7. 7440.
  8. I did the front switchback LEDs for the turn signal recently, here is the link to my thread I also have LED's in my reverse lights and they are very bright, got them at As well as LED's in my map light, trunk light, and brake lights.
  9. WeatherTech doesn't have the in channel ones yet. Wish they did.
  10. I know this write up is for an older model but its most likely similar. He goes over how to remove the bumper of the 3rd gen.
  11. In case anyone is interested, here are the ones I ordered
  12. We got ours there because it was only 10k, plus the lifetime power train warranty and lifetime oil changes are a big plus.
  13. I tried to find the other thread where people tried different LED's in their Sparks, but I couldn't find it so I'll post it here. I just ordered a set of switchback LEDs from So far, I am very happy. DRL's... Turn Signals... 20170622_190131 (
  14. You sure he knew you were racing?
  15. Any news?