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  1. Hi, After my recent cleanup, I put it on idling as I am not driving it much. Just plugged OBD2 adaptor and this time it gave 2 error code (1st time in 3 yrs). P0132, P0138 - O2 sensor high voltage (sensor1 &2). I am worried as I am not good with engine and transmission part. Just to add, for last 2 -3 weeks when I idle it, it smell like gas for while and when I checked in bonnet nothing found or smelled. Can someone suggest me what to do next? And if, this is minor or major issue?
  2. I have 2010 LS 1.2L and I driven it fully occupied (3 adult, 2kid and bags in trunk, ~300kg) for 500-550km without issue so looking at your 1.4L engine it must be able to handle. Suspensions & tyres could be a thing. Since all load be in trunk so rear tyre could be touching the well area or gap will be less. Option, put some bag in rear seat area.
  3. This could be a perfect answer to GM/other car dealer who says any modifications outside will void warranty. (This is specially for India, my chevy service advisor marked LED bulb I fitted in parking lamp. Another one, when I went to buy VW Polo, they said aftermarket remote lock in base variant will void warranty).
  4. Confirm with them, if they have installed the GM accessories/optional part. Since GM must have covering GMA parts as well. Unlessthat's could be a complicated one.
  5. Only option, I can see, is to tap the speaker wire and connect to the sub. If you want to retain OEM head unit.
  6. Hi, anyone tried taking steering wheel out? I have some plan with the mentioned space on wheel. I am not afraid of airbag, as I don't have one. BTW mine is Chevy Spark (Beat in India) 2010 LS, also known as matiz creative.
  7. Hi, anyone tried taking steering wheel out? I have some plan with the mentioned space on wheel. I am not afraid of airbag, as I don't have one. BTW mine is Chevy Spark (Beat in India) 2010 LS, also known as matiz creative.
  8. Hi, I guess your spark too have antenna on front roof. Can you share some pics of shark fin you added, I am little concerned about look of shark fin on front roof? And also, how's reception after replacing it, since bigger antenna have better reception? Actually, I want to replace my whip type antenna with internal one but found no dummy piece which can cover the hole in roof so thinking to put a shark fin antenna.
  9. Hi, I am having a old model and not sure if you're asking for inside or outside handle liner. Since it holds when stretched so you can try putting double sided foam tape suitably thick to fill the gap. As I remember, mine have fixed moulded handle inside to pull down the hatch.
  10. Sorbet pink........aah. I guess my super red is better. I mean in pics itself it looks very dull.
  11. After few month finally got that the control switch is part of hatch lock. Now, I can make harness, except the plug which will fit to the hatch lock (though last option, I have metal pins from sealed connector which will work). But the bigger issue if Chevy already have pre-installed harness. I found recently during fog lamp install thay they already had harness in place for fog lamp, even for LS variant. While searching harness from hatch lock to cargo lamp, today I broken 3 clip of rear plastic trim. Do anyone have LS variant, 2010 especially from India, who can confirm me about wiring? I really not want to waste time in making own harness, if GM have hidden required one.
  12. Mine is 2010 and its 29k km. Its a car to love indeed. Apart from Spark, Suzuki Swift is car which I like for looks and performance.
  13. Thanks Mr.Tozzi. I am thinking of same and will see if existing relay box have enough space to hide the big 40amp relay. Meanwhile, planning to install cheap 12$ lamp. After searching net, seen some adaptor which can convert one bulb mount in other. I will see if I can get adaptor which can allow to is H11 bulb (factory setup, 35w) in HB3 lamp. Update - Installed cheap lamps for interim solution. Results are good, will check how effective they are in next road trip. I will try to make a adaptor for fixing H8/H27 bulb in my projector. Till then, expecting the current lamps will hold good.
  14. Bobby, its good to know that you can unlock via app and key. So it was just matter of sound. Just forgot that its 2017 so even that minor thing can be fixed in next service under warranty.
  15. Bobby, as RoG mentioned if its just sound, it can be ignored as far as it functions properly. If you are not able to unlock door by key, I can say that the liknage between lock and latch is disengaged. I have faced same in my car. I was getting a tinkering sound from door, when going through bump due to free linkage. If that's the case, door panel need to be removed and the linkage must be set at it place. It have a plastic lock sort of thing to keep it in place. Check the below pic for plastic lock (blue arrow). Its not of spark but look like same. Linkage need to push in center hole and then plastic lock need to be rotated for making lock. (Green arrow for process).
  16. Its really getting bad. I made everything ready, lamp mount, wire harness and boom!!! They have pre-installed wiring for fog lamp. Now, I can't use my harness with the connector in relay box since the existing wire is not coming out from its place. And can't use existing harness since wires are thinner than the headlights one (assuming 35w load they have mentioned in owner manual). Two options, tap the existing wire and use a 40amp relay for driving 60w x 2 load with new harness I made. OR Throw everything I bought and use GM fog lamp. Can anyone suggest????? Also, what type bulb they use with GM fog lamp?
  17. Paint

    Thanks RoG. Just have two options, one polishing and buffing (I guess results are not permanent, may go for few months). 2nd if clear coat can be applied after doing some fine wet sanding.
  18. Paint

    RoG, I had same experience with my spark. I bought a kit having white primer, matching color and thinner spray can. I even had doubt on the glossy finish which comes after clear coat and asked the company. They assured that no separate clear coat is required. Alas, I am having that dull matched color strip running from front to rear. Is this ok if I can do clear coat now, 3 month later?
  19. In my opinion, the hairline scratches can be lived with. If deeper one, they really need professional solution. One of my neighbour marked a full lenght scratch on driver side front to rear. (I guess his inner bull came out by seeing my Red BEAsT). I tried a spray solution kit com-paint. Colour is matching but that need separate clear coat so looking odd from original paint.
  20. Black. Sound great with green. You can try for plati dip as well. You can make your own decal stencil.
  21. Mine is 2010 LS Super Red (what they say in India). No colour choice as it's a pre-owned one. My preference for new car (any make, model) is dark grey, no black, no white. Yet I enjoy my BEAsT in red, actually now red flows in veins.
  22. That seems to be a generic evolution issue of car audio. My Sony player (2010) does same when I plug pendrive, it instantly switches to USB play mode, though I am listening to Radio/Aux. At phone end, may be you can try for charge only mode for USB interface. Motorola have default "Charge only" mode, other may need to change.
  23. Looks perfect fit.
  24. Hi Widget, I know its old post but do you still have the pdf copy. I have Beat LS 2010 and recently asked the Chevy People but there are giving a dumb reply that they will see if its available. I even told them clearly that since you are shutting donw biz here, it must be given to car owners.
  25. I am surprised as Chevy US is using headlights for DRL. Small or more but yes, its a load on battery, alternator besides this isn't function of headlights. Any jerk to a bulb in ON is more prone than in OFF so if a bulb is gone in day can make night troublesome. Today is era of LED, they give more light and dazzle which is required for DRL in much lesser power consumption. I have seen some good retrofit solution, where a dual LED system is used in Front indicator place, with white light for DRL and when turn signal is given its become yellow. It's hardly 15-17$ on AliExpress.