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  1. I have a pre-owned spark and recently took out all speaker and audio system (being LS 2010, its aftermarket Sony xplode system 4" front and 6" rear) as getting some cracking sound on rear speakers. Poor left rear speaker, there is place enough for 4x6 and old owner placed a 6" round, making the rubber support pressed for past 7yrs. Now, bigger thing I checked pioneer and sony India site and they don't make 4x6. Someone can please suggest me some reasonable brand which make 4x6. I do feel lack of sub but not want to reduce puny boot space by adding amp and 12" woofer. (We have spare tyre by default in Indian cars so that space too gone). Any suggestions how can I increase little Bass by replacing speaker, rear, I am anyway planning as 6" round can't be fitted properly in 4x6 space.
  2. Hi guys, mine is 2010 LS of India variant (similar to 2013 US). I am planning to add a trunk lamp to it. 1st hurdle is cleared, I checked the latch/lock on hatch, it have the trunk open switch/sensor. Now, bigger question is the harness from there to trunk. Anyone have part number for same? Atleast, if I can get the connector details, I am anyway going to modify the harness for some other purpose.
  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all folks on the forum. Just like Bob said, have a safe drive and vacation.
  4. If you have bought a used car? Hmm, 1st thing to have original pair of keys. Indeed, when I bought mine I asked same with dealer (Truevalue run by Maruti Suzuki India). That time I was told of single key, I just simply told them that before final payment I need both else scrap the deal. Reason, with normal dealer, atleast I can't trust them, in one morning my bought car is gone (in 60 sec. with original key not given to me). Infact such a case already noticed. Now why alarm on unlock, I assume the 2014 model have engine immobilizer so aftermarket makeshift key given to you could be missing the chip and car don't recognise the key.
  5. Mods which I like to do are,majorly on lighting end, fog lamps if you're not having. Rear bench reading lamp, boot/trunk light, door puddle lamp with red small light for rear traffic, good DRL (continuous type instead of pearl one). Ofcourse music experience too, but since I didn't drive much, its 2nd priority. Upsize tyre, blackening some part like B&C pillar. I am not good on mechanical. P.S. assuming US spark too have common door azar indication, if you want to control individual door puddle lamp, I worked out a simple solution.
  6. 37psi. Is it recommended by Chevy? In India its 32psi that too have mentioned as higher compared to other cars by enthusiasts, for better mileage.
  7. Is there any way to check if chevy key is blank one or with chip (I guess for engine immobilizer)? I am asking as mine spark have GM accessory remote locking system, autocop, which is an aftermarket kind. So originally with vehicle is just a pair of keys. Looking at keys I can't say if they have chip or not.
  8. I too agree that HID must go with projector since the abundant light flood of hid can't be managed with OEM reflectors. Best solution is to get custom headlights with projector. I have seen some in India but for old model of spark. Since Chevy have shut production for India so possibly no such custom headlight available for new Spark models.
  9. Hi Adam, pics have helped me. Just a doubt, have you opened the relay box to plug the positive wire for supply? I mean, after I installed the fuse and relay the system identified but when I checked I found that the supply is fed through fuse to the relay contact so using simple wire tap is not going to work. Seems I need to open relay box and insert the wire to correct slot like Greg have mentioned. One more thing what size wire you have used. As mine lamp uses 60w HB3 bulb so as per wire size calculator it came as 2.5 mm2 but on safer side I bought 4 mm2. Just need to check if this can't create problem at connector end.
  10. Hi Mr. Tozzi, I already requested replacement with Amazon and received one piece but stuck with other one so have to wait till then. What I seen difference in high and low beam module that apart from having metal filter plate in low beam module, its reflector is oval shaped unlike round in high beam. I thought its better to replace with low beam as after installing and then removing be a cumbersome job. Lets hope low beam will work as expected. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  11. Hi Adam, Finally I got the things in line. Got GM parts and installed those till relay. Good part, no requirement of BCM modification. Just after installing relay and fuse system recognises fog ON. Ordered Hella 60mm halogen projector fog lamp low beam but received high beam. Little confused if to keep them or ask for replacement. My doubt, if I install high beam fog lamp, will they blind oncoming traffic, though these are mounted low?
  12. Hi, mine is 2010 manual. I too have a small problem. Sometimes it is difficult to engage into 1st or reverse. So service guy suggested if it make problem for 1st, try to engage into reverse and then back to 1st. Same for reverse. However its good for standstill. Hope this may work for you. Upto my understanding there should not be problem due to running or turned off engine, since the gear shift is by wire, not hydraulic.
  13. After reaching to my destination, when I saw it outside..... I really feeling I should make this a rally car. Ona stretch of gravel road (its a under construction state highway) the gravel became so smooth that it was gliding over those at 45kph+. Any slow speed it causing more bumps.
  14. Hi guys, Sharing some of best shot of my BEAsT. Its feels Niravana, when it hit 150.
  15. After 560km run with full of gravel road (~370-380). The new tyres saved me a lot, still had to take rest for 3 days since it hurt my back. And after it got shower....
  16. Hi, someone can try this one. beler OEM 3B0947291 Rear Reading Map Dome Light Lamp for VW Beetle Bora Golf Passat Tiguan Skoda Fabia Superb Seat Alhambra Leon Actually this is for VW but I guess can be done in Spark. Good with these are they can be wired parallel to front light and these can be used independently. I am currently working on fog so parked this idea. Now totally confused if I have to go with OEM type fog or projector type.
  17. Finally did my 550km drive. As told by our old folks, it came out to be another wheel alignment and balancing problem. Before journey I went to a tyre shop and person attending me asked me if I driven 100+ after tyre change, as I didn't, he told me to come back after journey as by looking at tyre he told no alignment is required. So alignment done during new tyres did the job and there were no vibrating steering even till 140, didn't got chance for more. Now, its another Money making show by service center, as I spoke with service center guy earlier, he gave me reason of old shock mount. Thanks again for your valuable inputs guys. It's not just said but it is, OLD IS GOLD.
  18. Some more new shoes pics. BEAsT with attitude.
  19. If you have added rack just for show, then it good. As adding it above roof rails moves center of gravity upward. I always afraid of adding rack on a tallboy car because of this. I mean with luggage above rack, I can't think of taking it above 80kph. That too on straight road.
  20. Looks great. Seems you did some tyre polish as well. Just get the front brake calliper and rear brake drum in car color or may be yellow/red to make it more appealing. I like the chevy stylised steel rim which is much better than regular steel rims with round holes used by other manufacturers. Check these here -
  21. Got new shoes for the BEAsT. By mistake used wooden clear coat, instead of automotive one. That left a yellow tint over branding.
  22. As collision word came in, I need to add a small piece (may be with big impact) of info what I have. As this is pre owned/used car, it got a bumper to bumper hit during rainy days in Mumbai. Its bonnet n rear hatch is replaced. This was a back to back kind of minor accident. This is what the company service center guy told me, when I took it right after purchase. I personally didn't talk to previous owner as it was exchanged with a new vehicle at pre-owned car dealer (Truevalue run by Maruti Suzuki India), from where I bought it. Though now, I took many lessons, why not to go for a used car.
  23. Thank you Retired Old Gearhead and Bobby MSME. As suggested by you I will check with auto guy here and will get wheel alignment & balancing redone.
  24. People, I am somehow facing similar situation. WhenI used to drive beyond 105-110kph the steering start shaking. Also, the car tend to shift left, if I removed hands from steering wheel on a straight road, the deflection is minor but noticable. I was thinking it because of old tires and wheel alignment and balancing. I recently got new tires and the mechanic told me my shock absorber are slightly out of place. Next day I have given my car to service centre and the service guy told me about shock absorber mount issue. Being a big ticket item, I have parked this for next service. I later went to local mechanic and he explained me that the camber is problem, my left front wheel is coming out on top ( positive camber, I guess 5° ). Solution he suggested to use a thin bolt used to join knuckle and shock absorber since camber is not adjustable in spark, though I don't prefer it as thin bolt may got fast wear and make big issue later. Now, I got two theories, shocker mount and positive camber, are they interlinked? I am in big confusion and little bit in hurry as I am planning for a 500km journey in 10days. PS - after tire change I haven't tried driving about 80, but it deflect on left.
  25. Though it seems a old post but since I am going through same phase, sharing my research. I am having same model and variant LS. There are two ways, either get a standard factory kit which includes light stick with fog switch, relay, fuse harness and fog lamp with bazel and bulb. There is already a thread detailing same, note that thread is for newer model but other than shape of bazel seems everything same. Now, the 2nd option, you make what you want. I initially had a thought of LED projector with Angel eyes (with own prepared wiring and a rectangle push button in place of coin holder on dash) so with regular search I got bored and in a YouTube video I saw that the angel eye ring is actually holding lens so it may not be waterproof after some time. Now, I have bought light stick, relay and fuse from chevy service center during last service and will prepare own harness, waiting for sealed connectors. Next is fog lamp, hmm still want to use projector with halogen (so when I want LED, I can use LED bulb) but the available space from curve in bazel to fender lining is about 5.5 or 6 inch and fog lamp is 4.5 or 5 inch so clearance is very less. Probably, I will go with standard chevy style fog lamps (local manufacturered). I'll update soon as its becoming a long lost project for me.