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  1. Today GM India announced closure of their domestic sales. So no more Chevy people in India. By the year end they will shutdown domestic sales, though they will support existing customers. More details can be seen here : May be, soon I need to sign out permanently of forum due to selling my BEAsT ( spark).
  2. Yes, I found a spot near to hatch lock but I need to drill a hole in body to mount it. Plus, today GM India announced closure of their domestic sale in India so planning to hold all mods till getting their strategy clear for support. May be I will sell this BEAsT (spark) soon.
  3. I have a similar query. Mine is LS and it doesn't comes with cargo lamp. I want to install LED strip but have no idea how to control these, I mean I want to lit them only when hatch is opened. I can't find a door switch in hatch, so doubt it can be done automatically. Last option could be a manual on-off switch.
  4. I installed the 6*4 cob LED in dome. Its really brighter than stock. But mine is a cheap Chinese one so it started dimming as one after another LED dots are going off, currently only 9-10 dots from 6*4 matrix are live. I will replace with a good one and will update later.
  5. Good work gyrate, i had to find the bowtie in pic. I like the bowtie in black but it really feels great for old model in which bowtie is located on the body colour bumper, it more noticeable over there.
  6. Hi Greg, I understand this is done long back, but if you can recall and tell me if the harness you have mentioned was from fog lamp relay to fog lamps OR anything from fog/light stalk to relay box? I mean if it was just piece to piece replacement at steering end or you had modified the harness as well? I haven't started this mod since got stuck at this particular thing for while during getting schematic layout finalization.☹️
  7. Hi, I am planning to install fog lamp on my 2010 India specs Beat LS. Being LS I need to do some extra effort for finding right wire. To optimise cost, I am planning to install standard rectangular fog lamp switch at coin holder, instead of going with OEM light stalk. Now, I have couple of questions: 1. Does someone here already tried such way? 2. I have located the fog relay n fuse in relay box in engine compartment but the wire which will drive this relay, not sure. 3. I want OEM functioning so it glow in right combination, not just ON anytime I switch it on irrespective of low/ high beam.
  8. So this could be a universal issue of company service centers. Here in India I faced many incident with Chevrolet and my bike service center. I don't know what ego issue they have, they will never listen to customer, will never work on customer issue, they just take vehicle wash it, shine it and return it to customer. Many times it happened that I have explained my doubt or issue with their service representative and he never put thay on job card so service personnel just do routine clean-up and yes with unusually high bill. And then you were regretting for your trust on company sc that they know your vehicle well. Hmm. Yes there are few exceptions, I met with 1-2 service representative who really guided me well to save unusually high solution as per company SOP.
  9. Its 2010 and it good car for roads here. Its small, its powerful, good for city n Highway drive. Only the thing is tyre are purposely kept small 155/70 R14 to manage the kpl. I am using this for past two years and find no major issue. I am 2nd owner so got some clutch issue inherited.
  10. Here I am not sure about laws but due to road conditions, its becomes a necessity.
  11. Great diy. I am only surprised with a fact that in US GM is not providing spare wheel. My Beat does have a spare perfect fitting in wheel well, plus it have a big plastic wing nut which hold it. On top a foam based organizer is there which holds jack, screwdriver and small parts.
  12. In general you can consider 15~20% load over and above summing the OEM load i.e. headlight, side indicator, music system etc. Every manufacturer keeps some design margin over and above actual simultaneously ON load. I am not sure with actual % manufacturers keep but going beyond that you need to upsize battery and in turn alternator to charge the battery.
  13. In city almost 21, On Highway 37
  14. He he someone can try this, those who want convertible look keeping structure intact.
  15. Though its quite late, I can suggest that take + directly to light and from each door jamb switch tap -ve. This way only door related light will be on instead of all. I am planning for this with small LED piece strip. I got this idea as the LED strips my car guy installedin boot is on when any door is open, connection is from Dome light.