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  1. For photochromic sun film I checked on AliExpress. Got a seller who makes it. He is a nice guy and shown good interest. But as the cost is high (60$+), I am not going to buy. He told he can send sample, so if anyone interested I will post the link.
  2. Hi Bobby, 2 of seller denied sending outside India. Possibly this might because of regulation on e-retailers. I was doing some searh and found a good word, photochromatic sun film, though didn't find a seller. Interesting thing I got is, in 2012 our apex court have banned any type of sunfilm on car window. Again, its not enforced properly so many people still apply to their car.
  3. Finally bought the GM light stalk as the price difference was reduced comparing to switch meant for Toyota (₹550+)from regular big ugly switch(₹250). I got GM one in ₹700. Now, I'll buy fog lamp and required sealed connectors. Just waiting for rainy season to end. Another task will be touchup on scratch my neighbour gave to my BEAsT.
  4. Hi, Bobby. I left query with couple of ebay India sellers, lets see if one can send to USA. Couple of thing from last 2 yr use. 1. I like these instead of film even though these are not sufficient in blocking heat. But you can keep privacy with window down as well and air don't hit on face. 2. These are having a thick metal wire frame with 4-5 piece of magnet attached around corners. So you can remove when you want. 3. Though manufacturer tried best to match shape, some time it slip from metal door frame. Even 1-2 magnet crushed between door and body and made some hairline scratch. Normally not visible as place hide between door and body. 4. They now make front window shade with zip so its easy to pay toll, adjusting mirror etc. You need not to open door. 5. I had a 2nd thought if a rubber type magnet (usually found in fridge door lining) can hold better than 1 magnet around corner. If no seller is shipping to USA and if you can get a car upholstery guy who can make it, this thing can be tried.
  5. Tried T10 LED pilot pic it seems bright due to dark background but its ok in dusk. I'll take a pic either dusk or dawn. Again I removed them due to quality issue....left one started flicker. Unfortunately Indian car electronics market is majorly filled with cheap Chinese items. I checked Philips and those are way costly.
  6. Ha ha I shared this to my friend and he got crazy. Earlier I shared a pic showing 150+ on my car, from that day he is worried for me. Normally in India small cars go by 120 due to road design. I am sure you need a big straight stretch to make it 180+.
  7. Mine 1st and loved one is chevy spark (2010 LS, India spec). I feel this car to be peppy and fun riding. Not driven other car so can't say about worst.
  8. Hi guys, Sharing some of best shot of my BEAsT. Its feels Niravana, when it hit 150.
  9. Its been 2+ yrs n 8k km on odo, I am using my Beat. The thing I liked most is fun driving. I usually driven in city but past some months its driven mainly on Highway. Good part it did handled a bumpy road at 130-150kph speed quite well, even with its stock 7 year old tyres. I want to keep this with me but planning to sell as Chevy is shutting its production by year end. Though service center will be there for next 10 yrs, but can't expect if a dealer will be more supportive (Chevy service centre are already infamous). Currently hold all light improvement plan n tyre change for this.
  10. Similar thing I had in mind, as in India same law is there, the windows must must have 70% transparency. When I bought my Beat, 1st thing I did get the film removed, which previous owner have applied. Idea, just to avoid cop's unusual interference, as I no one can show them what % it is. I am currently having magnetic screen. Similar to this on eBay except now these comes with a zip so you nees not to open door to pay toll. Actually I am not using on driver side. But found these are not sufficient to control heat. I am living in area where 45°c is peak in summer.
  11. I agree with Mr. Tozzi. Few years back when this pre-owned certified car system started in India, I thought this to good way to buy a used car. But couple of things which I learnt are : 1. They put some hidden T&C like warranty will not be given for more than 5 yr old vehicle of their own brand, further for newer vehicle, this is covering very few things. 2. There certification is just filling formalities, they literally doesn't own it. Suppose you mate with luck, they can simply say its old car and this is consumable. Positive side is, owner is verified (no case of stolen vehicle) and they process the ownership transfer, so you can relax for not going to transport office couple of times. Though I have bought my spark from one of maruti-suzuki certified store. I opted thus just for above positives and because I got it real cheap. And before buying, I got help from friends and a mechanic (store have arranged) to estimate expenses need to do right after purchase.
  12. My bad, Bobby!! It happens seldom only, while parking my car and something like small stone is next to my wheel so there I try to accelerate to move over it. Normally, I turn steering towards straight but sometimes subconsciously I forgot to do this and it stalls.
  13. Its great, mtf1980. After GM India planned for sales shutdown this, I can't think of trade in. I face stalling (engine shutdown) mainly when I try to do a acceleration while forward or reverse with steering turned full in either left or right. I think its a normal and not a case like your's one.
  14. Mainly rust is causing issue underbody. So in my opinion, underbody anti rust is a good idea. Mine spark is 7 yrs old and I haven't seen rusting even during my recent visit at service center. It was used till past 6 months in Mumbai, which is purely on coastal line and very humid for 6+ months in a year. Care to be taken is after riding on muddy road, better to get it cleaned. My bike had severe rust at few places as I haven't used for some weeks due to rain, after being driving under muddy waters. Only issue of rusting I have is at window's lining/beading. But this seems to be issue with Gen 1 spark in India.
  15. Bobby, I guess, you are not keeping your spare million $$$ in trunk, if Nicolas Cage is there both your car n cash will be "Gone in 60sec". Just joking. Mine is 1gen Indian spark, all I have is a small latch release next to driver door, else key is required. Poor thing is they have given a door switch in bonnet but not in hatch so if someone manage to open hatch my remote lock system doesn't sound. Thinking of drilling a hole and put a door switch in hatch.