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  1. I recently attempted to seal the bonded edge of a leaky coolant overflow tank with JB Weld PlasticWeld Epoxy and it started peeling after a week. I'm left with a few questions: - Is it possible that I hadn't mixed the epoxy well enough or cleaned the tank enough for it to properly bond to it? I thought I mixed it fairly well, applied a sufficient amount and left it cure/dry for about a day. - If I get a new tank, would it be worth it to try to seal it before putting it on the vehicle? I'd like to think a new tank would be fine but I'm concerned that it would be just as cheap as the one I'm probably going to need to replace. - Would flex seal tape create a sufficient seal? - Are there better epoxy products for this job? Any advice would be helpful. I'd rather not buy a new tank for a four year old car.