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  1. Just trying to dress up the new spark.
  2. Let there be light the kids will finally be happy
  3. Just finished my rear dome light install . got the light from a jeep liberty . has a push lense off and on . just had to cut a hole and it uses the lense to lock it in. Wired it to the front dome . has all the same functions . on and off with doors or manually
  4. On my 4 cyl engines . If I do want a louder sound but dont want to spend alot of money . I will have the shop put on a cherrybomb /glasspack and try it . They are actually very mellow and nice sounding with minimal drone in a small 4 cyl. I havent changed anything on the spark yet . I do want dual center exhaust tip. Im just waiting on the new to wear off .
  5. I actually used a rear dome light out of a jeep liberty/patriot i think ( pull apart) it was a push button lens) and matched the front one perfectly.
  6. I added a rear dome light on my 2013 spark ( for the kids ) I will be adding one to my 2017 very soon . I will keep you updated .
  7. I added a 10 inch powered sub down where the spare tire should go .
  8. I enjoy this car more and more each time I drive it !
  9. Fall drive in the spark

    Just driving thru the smoky mountains. stopped for a pic
  10. I love it . Looks Great !
  11. it was on my 2013 spark aftermarket .
  12. Reading would help you MR tozzi ( sound Familiar ?) His profile says he has a 2017. just sayn
  13. I just used a basic rca converter box like the one below, I have the 2017 lt with rear door speakers , just wired it right into left rear speaker .,loc:2
  14. Just trying to dress up the new spark.
  15. Just posting up some photos of the new spark , I'm still trying to figure out how to make it look fun.( like my 2013 was) Still going to tint the windows , black out badges . Yes took the Turbo sign from a sonic rental car. ( i think it makes it faster lol) Yes I kept my Rear VW new beetle headrests . I have also bent the front headrests so they dont tilt in so bad. I also want some new wheels at some point. Im so glad I got a stick.
  16. oh yes water is a big no no .
  17. I agree with filling up at 1 bar . I have ran out of gas twice now . Never in my life until my 2017 spark. The red light comes on at the gauge w (orange fuel light .then a few miles later the red light goes out at the gauge but fuel light stays lit. and you think . I can make it to my Favorite gas station a few miles away .. Wrong. But on the bright side the spark is rather light to push across an intersection..
  18. Unless your fluid is really bad and discolored its probably fine. especially if you have had a leak for a while.
  19. on my 2013 i just unscrewed the 2 ( or 3) bolts disconnected the hoses one at a time and quickly reconnected it to the new overflow tank and lost minimal fluid. No need to drain radiator. Or at least for me .
  20. I agree , you are fine
  21. I wanted to share the body kit that GM mexico offers for the spark . Its quite a bit different than Gm offers here in the us . I also put the link below . I want a body kit so bad . The $ amount is in pesos , prob around 1000.00 for the full kit . But i think shipping would be expensive .
  22. You are so right , It was like driving a different car from the auto to the manual. We drove from Knoxville to Paris KY about 4 hrs to look at the 2017 1lt auto (Great deal). I drove it and was leaving because I was unimpressed and my 2013 1lt auto drove just as good . But I told them to let me drive a manual. After I let the clutch out the 1st time, I was sold. So much fun . so much more control.
  23. I'm really happy with the Manual transmission. I drove the automatic lt as well but it felt very sluggish to me and kind of boring. The Manual really allows you to work every ounce of power out of this little engine when you need to no questions asked .
  24. So , I finally decided to trade in the 2013 spark 1lt auto with 110,000 mi for a New 2017 1lt manual . Its really an amazing car the spark has really made a lot of improvements and this one really feels like a high quality ride , Its so quiet inside , the ride is smooth too. I will be tinting the windows soon . I will always have a special place in my heart for the 2013 spark . But this 2017 is slowly growing on me .