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  1. My 2013 auto has 108,854 and still running perfect.
  2. 2013 Spark 1LT 101,000 miles . Have Loved every moment , I love my commute to and from work every day .!
  3. Looks great ! really like the blacked out factory wheels !
  4. But honestly even with the 60 series tire, It still grips amazing and going around corners never squeals at all and (see pics above) fills in the wheel wells ..
  5. Hello im new to the forum but I have a 2013 spark 1lt auto just went over 101,000 miles and has never ever missed a beat. It is the non cvt tranny but the motor and tranny are perfect ac ice cold smooth on the highway . It is one of the most amazing small cars you can get for your money in my opinion. You have not made a bad deciscion . you have made a great investment. Congradulations
  6. I am running 185/60/15 much smoother ride and no rubbing at all and it looks awesome.
  7. These are rear head rests from 2000ish beetle . The fronts from the beetle will not fit in the spark well but the rears fit front and rear of the spark perfectly
  8. I replaced all 4 headrest with headrests from a 2000 vw beetle . They have the holes in the center so you can see thru and looks awesome tilt and raise!