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  1. Apparently nobody at chevrolet reads this any more, or just don't care. I got no response what so ever from my post.
  2. We will never buy another Chevy product. My mother owns a 2013 chevy spark. It had 27k miles on it when bought. Put about 10k more miles on it, and it started drinking oil like crazy. I get notice in the mail from chevy telling me that the car has a recall on it, just for the very thing we was starting to have issues with. It ran fine, just used oil. I call and get a time set up to take car to dealer to have the issue taken care of. They was supposed to change the PCV valve, and reprogram the computer, along with reprogramming the radio, different issue I think. The dealer did not want to do it, because they said car had a salvage title. (Hit in the fender, all that was replaced was the fender). Called chevy back, they agreed to take care of it anyway, and OK'ed it. Dealer called said it was ready. Got there, no paperwork or anything, thought it was kinda weird, but took it anyway. Come to find out, all they did was reprogram the radio. Now I have a broken engine, yes it is because it was not repaired the first time. I call chevrolet, tell them it is now broken, and the repair was not done the first time. They agree to do the repair, take it in, they replace the PCV and replace one spark plug. Of course, it did not fix it. Call chevrolet, they will not let me talk to the same person anymore, they have some guy call me back that is very rude, and talks over me every time I attempt to say anything. They are now backing out, and now claiming it is because it has the salvage title. I guess a bent fender will cause it start using oil at 37k miles, and then at 40k the engine will blowup. And yes, I always keep it full of oil. We all know from previous owners that is not the case. Chevy is just using it as an excuse to not take of a problem that has plagued countless spark owners, especially 2013 models. I have been a GM man all my life. But now I don't think I will ever consider another. Junk car, they know it, finding ways to not take care of it. Maybe I will talk to a lawyer, and see what can be done, maybe a class action suit? who knows?