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  1. I would be worried about denting the roof and scratching it. Rhino rack makes a rack that fits. I had a focus before my spark I used only foam block and straps in the car. Scratched up the roof and had to pop a dent a few times but I didn’t care about that car as it was on its. Last leg. There’s also inflatable roof rack that might help but I still think the roof is to soft for that. rhino racks about 400 which is a lot but worth it IMO
  2. Rhinorack has ones that fit now
  3. I bought a rhinorack for mine first trip out today worked great
  4. Yeah I can :( I had a feeling that was the case. Any idea on what a fair price is before I start shopping around. My co workers husband owns a body shop in hope he might give me a good price .
  5. Thanks man I'll have to look into paintless repair. I found a couple of these little circle nicks too on the hood. I was behind a truck carrying gravel and it started leaking gravel and I got pelted alittle. Looks like 3 different dings on the hood
  6. Anyone have any experience with scratch repairs. Curious if it's something I can do myself. I have a narly white scratch on my roof because I put a bag down on top and forgot it had metal feet. Burns a hole in my heart when ever I get in. Not even 6000 miles on it yet. I'll post pics when I get a chance. Is this a dealership fix I've never had a brand new car so I've never worried about scratches. My last car a focus had a fancy black duct tape weather proof job on its wind shield and a zip tie bumper so this is new territory for me.
  7. Yeah I'm in New York lot of salt and sand. Definitely have to get some before next winter or sooner. I'm on a lot of dirt roads too when I go kayaking so I'm sure I'll encounter mud
  8. Is it worth it? Notice it staying any cleaner? I was carless when I bought mine and couldn't wait for a different color so I have black and it always looks dirty
  9. Looks like rhinoracks now has options in their fit guide for anyone who cares
  10. Looking to find a rack system for 2017 lt. Would rather not have to get any holes drilled. Any products working well for people having trouble find stuff now. I swear I saw some in different fit guides before I bought the car now I have the cash and I can't find them anymore. Looking to haul a kayak about 50lbs thanks
  11. I'm thinking about buying a spark. I had a 02 focus zx5 and the transmission is shot. I was expecting to hate driving it and be uncomfortable but the test drive was great. More pep then I expected and I found it to be roomier then the 13 fiesta and '14 focus i test drove right before it. Im a little worried about a few things maybe this community can help with. cargo space I don't need much but I frenqunetly have a guitar with me maybe a small amp( forgot the size 12 inch speaker in the cabinet though skinny profile should fit. I also kayak I found yamika(no idea if I'm even close on spelling) has a rack setup for it around $400. My kayak is 12ft 50lb. Should be save to haul i would think right? Might look silly but it look silly on my focus and was fine on nothing but foam blocks and straps. Paddles might be difficult to store even split into 2. What are people's storage experiences with it? Any kayakers here? we get some rough snow storms here sometimes how is it in the snow? If I can make the 1lt model work for me financially definitely worth it over the base model? I feel like I'm just being cheap looking at the ls. How many people regret not getting the ls? ive seen really bad reviews of the older years. Seems a lot was sorted out but any problems I should watch out for that are common? thanks folks
  12. I don't own one yet I'm looking at buying one (pretty much sold on it) but i thumbed through the owners manual and it does say there's a 500 mile break in period. " The vehicle does not need an elaborate break-in. But it will perform better in the long run if you follow these guidelines: . Do not drive at any one constant speed, fast or slow, for the first 805 km (500 mi). Do not make full-throttle starts. Avoid downshifting to brake or slow the vehicle. . Avoid making hard stops for the first 322 km (200 mi) or so. During this time the new brake linings are not yet broken in. Hard stops with new linings can mean premature wear and earlier replacement. Follow this " doesnt really pertain much to the ops question but I figure it was worth sharing. Pretty standard break in recommendations