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  1. Hello everyone, I plasti dip my chevy badges yesterday and I want to plasti dip the badge on the steering wheel. I looked at the steering wheel and I couldn't find the usual two screws at the bottom of the steering wheel that most cars have. Does anyone know how to remove the airbag ? Thanks.
  2. Hello everybody, so I'm 19 and was looking at buying my first car, when I went looking for used cars I got scared of buying used since so many of them had reliability problems. Then my parents told me to look into the Spark and Micra. I just wanted to get the Micra but they convinced to give the Spark a shot. And WOW! I was not deceived. Decided to buy it. I've own it for about a week and half and so far I'm totally in love with this car. I'm planning on buying new rims and plasti dip the badges to give it an even better look.