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  1. Thank you Gearhead I read a lot of your post about this car and it has brought me up to speed. Overall I know this should be a good starter car for her. The change to full synthetic oil will happen this week. Will you feel a difference once you make the change in the feel or sound of the car? Question Should I get her a spare tire and jack for the car? It comes with the gel and pump. I just use to having a spare with your car. Type of jack also the location where to place it?
  2. Thanks for the Great feedback. I feel better about my purchase This car has 12k so i'll take gearhead's advice to go to full synthetic oil. this is for my daughter and I'll make sure she follows the advice that was given on the forum. I'll post pic's of her car soon
  3. Thanks for the good feedback. How many miles do you have on you car? How does this car do on the High way any feedback would be great.
  4. Thanks for the feedback The reprograming has already (At 10mi according to work history I was given) been done I with the High RPM I am speaking 3k to35k holding in that range. when taking off on the highway giving it the gas the rpms hit at 4k and if you let off the gas a second the rpm's drop to 3k this going about 70 mph when I was driving it. one person said you almost have to drive it like a go-cart. this is my experience so far with this car so far. thanks for all of the feedback
  5. yes that's good information but I was talking a about driving the car where the RPM's don't go down
  6. Thanks for the feedback The high revving RPM get me is that normal
  7. Brand new to the family. Just got my daughter this car 2015 2lt 12000 miles. All I have read is bad feedback. Did I make a mistake on buying this car. I like the feedback that gearhead gives. But all feedback is important thanks