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  1. 11,500 miles on a manual shift and still running strong. Though, I'm starting to hear a "growl" when I depress the clutch at highway speeds so I'll be making an appointment at the dealership. Might be the clutch release/throw out bearing.
  2. I'm pretty sure it will work since it does on my 2016. Though, give them a call to verify.
  3. I did see the location of the screws that you mentioned behind the steering wheel, but they had tabs over them and couldn't figure out how to "pop" the tabs without breaking something. The tabs were connected to the upper steering column cover. I did try to pry one of them just a bit, but stopped since I really didn't know what the heck I was doing. Anyways, since I didn't want to mess anything up, I called around and found a shop that installed it for me for $80.00. I couldn't pass that up since it would prevent me from cussing up a storm if I tried to install it myself
  4. Sorry for the delay getting back to you, but this is the one I bought. I also emailed Rostra to confirm that this will work for a 2016 and that all parts in this kit would work for a Spark, and they do. Also note that this specific kit is for a manual transmission.
  5. Hi Sophia and welcome! I'm also a new member and I recently purchased a 2016 Spark LS Manual. The main reason I'm replying is that I just had a cruise control kit installed. I purchased the Rostra 250-9619 (250-9618 automatic) from Amazon for just over $240 and had a local shop install it for $80.00. It's basically plug & play except for one hot wire. I was going to install it myself, but couldn't figure out how to remove the steering column cover without destroying it, or even worse, messing up one of the airbags. Anyways, it works like a charm!! And, I wish you the best on your mods!
  6. I do agree about being careful and thank you for the warning. The more I look at the install, the more I feel I should find an aftermarket store to install it because my dealership won't. One thing I will say about the Rostra kit is that it is very simple to install. I've located all of the places where I need to make the connections, but the steering column cover is my only challenge. And, just in case anyone is curious that I didn't get an LT, it's because I got a great price on the LS. It was marked down to $9,999.00. And, since it's just a commuter car, I felt that an LS would meet my needs. But, I do want cruise control because I can't drive at a constant speed on the highway. I've caught myself driving any where from 60 to 75 MPH
  7. I have a 2016 Spark LS manual and I recently purchased a Rostra cruise control kit. But, I'll be damned if I can figure out how to remove the lower steering column trim. I assume I need to remove it in order to install the cruise switch. I found a screw on the bottom. Also, I noticed when I turn the steering wheel, I see two "tabs" but that's it. If anyone can provide assistance I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! -mike