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  1. That's Impressive! Seems like almost all they sell are Sparks! Good price for USA- nice that your LS includes AC. With our exchange rate however, the 9995$ LS in Canada comes out to 7850 USD
  2. 5000 miles and just got the oil changed, even though 30% was still left on the oil level monitor. First spark in for an oil change at the dealership
  3. 7417 km now (4608 miles)
  4. Got my spark just over a month ago, had no previous experience with a manual and has been real easy to pick up. Clutch is light and forgiving, and car likes to rev high, hill hold is nice as well on steeper grades
  5. Just wondering if anyone in a 2016 is getting up there? I currently have 4700km (2900 miles) with a big trip this weekend
  6. How was it getting aftermarket cruise control installed? Thinking of doing that as I do lots of highway. In a manual LS
  7. Sound is pretty good all considering in my opinion so far on the 4 speaker setup of the 2016 Spark LS.
  8. Had my Manual LS Spark Canadian model for a month and done 4400km (2700mi) No issues at all the manual is great, clutch is easy and forgiving, car doesn't have tons of power obviously but loves to rev high, and feels fast with the manual. Much prefer it over the CVT I had test drove. AC I'm not sure as my car doesn't have it Powertrain warranty is still 5/100k mi (160,000km) here in Canada so guess we are lucky on that.
  9. 4400km (2700mi) on my 2016 Spark LS manual, love it so far, saving tons in fuel, love filling up for around 20-25$ It's a surprising beast on the highway, gives tons of confidence for it size.
  10. I have a 2016 Spark LS, in manual. Loving it so far got it a month ago and have put 4400km on it so far (2700miles) Car is excellent on highway, really quiet, and have been getting amazing gas mileage, so far lifetime overall 6.0l/100km (39.2MPG) , got 5.1l/100km on one 200mile trip (46MPG). Carplay has been great, Apple maps isn't the most consistent overall, but everything else works amazing and it's so great to have it in this price point. Have tried Android Auto as well and that was great. For 9995$ Canadian everything has been amazing (12000$ out the door taxes PDI and all) Tried the CVT as well, and felt boggish so do agree with you Bret. Tip for the back seats, remove the head for the back seat and you have much more space, have hauled skis and big boxes no issue, and in all honestly can probably lie down (5'7). As for the manual in easy of use, I learned having never driven manual and am very comfortable after a month, and hill start makes it quite a bit less heart stopping on those big hills. The OnStar app is excellent as well, I have the base base model with no automatic lock, and actually locked my keys in the car once, used the app to unlock the car and the drivers door unlocked, as it somehow has power, safety feature I believe. Before this I had a older Mercedes, and honestly loving the Spark so much, thing is amazing in the city to parallel in spots you'd never think of trying in another car, as well having the back up camera is great for that. And it doesn't feel too flimsy on the highway either, and I've done lots of big trips on the highway. If anyone has any questions let me know, gotten to know the car quite well, and download the RemoteLink app, its great!
  11. Got my 2016 Spark LS manual in Mid March, already put on 4400KM, great car.