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  1. I dont see that as an oh no... good information to have and if it is your case you will have a new healthy engine installed at no cost to you.
  2. Just out of curiosity, did you have your battery and alternator tested?
  3. Onstar can be retained, the metra 99-3309-b dash kit. I actually want to keep onstar as I use the remote link app frequently to keep the bulky key in the car instead of my pocket. I like the head unit you have. I was looking at that one to upgrade the radio in the wifes mazda5.
  4. Seems like all issues on 13-15 sparks have been ironed out, the only thing left is the coolant reservoir. You will still see a few here and there with issues.
  5. You would get better features, better sound and less headache out of an aftermarket head unit. I have the mylink and if I had a couple hundred $ burning a hole in my pocket, that mylink would get retired very fast.
  6. The book says 87 so it gets 87, i dont see any reason to put something else in it. New cars are made to run on e10, so theres really no need to run pure gas, plus you help our fellow corn farmers.
  7. The handle slot is the lever to open the hatch, just squeeze it and it should pop open.
  8. As far as the onstar goes, just sit inside the car turn it on for some a.c. or heat. Press the blue button and wait until a human talks to you, tell them you need to activate your onstar. They will ask you a few questions, and everything will be alright.
  9. I haven't tried either, but I've been quite tempted to try, Just cant find enough time to go pull a spare set.I really want to retrofit a projector in it.
  10. Somebody needs to read their book. There is a handle above the license plate. Should have spent extra for a LT trim and you would have door locks, Windows, cruise control,.....
  11. I'm with you on that one. Hids don't belong in a halogen housing. But I didn't post anything because this is clearly someone spamming the net.
  12. That is a very smart decision. Let them mess up someone else's car first.
  13. That is a great deal, I paid more for a used 2014 LT in 2015
  14. Adjust them lower if it is aimed too high. Those are made to be mounted higher as a motorcycle headlamp and not fog lamp so they may be low enough to not bother oncoming traffic.
  15. It is not gonna fix itself. So you need to take to a good mechanic to find the problem.
  16. I had a Chevy Malibu that had way more than that ripped out to find a water leak... after it was put back together it didn't rattle not squeak. Just don't rush them, drop it off get your rental and let them call you back when they are done.
  17. It is not illegal to paint the headlight housing. It is illegal to have blue/red strobes. Take headlight out, bake in the oven, split housing from lens without burning yourself, clean, prep, paint, re-assemble headlight. I read somewhere that the 12-15 spark headlights were impossible to split, I don't know about the 16 and newer.
  18. It needs a SS badge and a RS badge so the turbo badge won't be lonely and it adds horsepowah, maybe some red racing stripes to show it is really american and yellow fogs to represent the Korean roots,
  19. Do you have a heavy key chain? Does it do the same with a full tank of gas?
  20. I would scrap the idea of putting home/portable audio in the mix and just invest in a compact 4ch amp to run your front and rear speakers, get 4 good quality speakers and get a powered 8 or 10 inch powered subwoofer.
  21. Disconnect the negative on the battery for a bit and it should come back up. If you feel uncomfortable disconnecting the battery cable, you shouldn't be doing anything else but driving that car.
  22. Interesting twist. Btw the holden spark has slightly different fog light inserts. I myself don't like to change badges, I believe that if the vin says a certain brand, model and trim the car should not carry badging that don't belong to it. But I'm not against changing body parts to better looking options when available.
  23. Kenny this should help you finding the wires thanks to David_Joeseph on another subwoofer thread. "Remove the glovebox and the wires are yellow and yellow with black stripe on passenger side. Same thing on other side just harder to get to. Blue and blue with brown for driver side."
  24. Can't see profiles without actually clicking on the name, I use my phone 99% of the time, the little profile summary under the screen name only shows on the desktop version of the site. Since it is not posted on a specific generation forum it could be any year. Plus if you read my post it says "if newer just run line out converters or chop the harness"
  25. This will work with 13-15 sparks, if newer just run line out converters from the rear speakers (if available)or chop up the harness. PAC AA-GM44 Amplifier Integration Interface for Select 2010 and Up GM Vehicles