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  1. I second the aftermarket route. May cost a little more but you get what you want/need for the money you want to pay for it.
  2. Here ya go... they mount on the undersode of the screws with the yellow paint on. the connectors for both sensors face the passenger side of the vehicle.
  3. That would be central locking Eric, and can be done easily with a cheap door lock kit since one door is powered and has a locking pin with a rod it would activate the other doors. The only pita is running the wires to the doors and finding spots to mount the actuators.
  4. If you want to go all in details. Gm oem brand for almost everything is a.c. Delco, part number for your spark spark plug is 12637197.
  5. pull the negative lead from the battery for a good 15-30min plug it back in.... If it doesn't reset itself then pay the dealer to fix it or buy a better head unit.
  6. Take to a mechanic tell the mechanic the same story as you just typed. If he's any good and you are not expecting free diagnostics he will find the issue. It is most likely cooling system related, from hitting the deer. Just because the outside isn't visibly damaged doesn't mean things are still all perfect in the engine bay.
  7. The problem is that the cvt is electronically controlled in the spark and gm just cannot or doesnt want to figure out the programming on it.
  8. 4 ch compact amp driving the speakers and a mono driving the subwoofer or a powered subwoofer to save room.
  9. Transmission fluid makes sense as it is cooled trough the radiator. But you said engine oil at first. have a trusted mechanic or friend replace it... Should save you money over the dealership price.
  10. Service advisors are not necessarily mechanics, they can be, but most of them are just a guy behind a desk creating and managing repair tickets. I find really hard to believe their diagnostics. Ask them what is wrong with the radiator, if they diagnosed it they know why it failed. And I will leave it at that.
  11. If mine goes I'm transplanting from another vehicle
  12. There is no way in the world for you to get oil in the coolant from a bad radiator as there is no oil running trough it. It may have been the cause for an overheated engine which can cause gaskets to fail and let oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil, but the radiator alone is probably not the issue.
  13. Well a 2013 automatic would have a 4 speed auto not a cvt. 2014 and up gets the cvt. If your g5 is running good I would keep it until you can get a better car than a spark, as in with more creature comforts and a little more power. Maybe a cruze, or a trax.