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  1. I think it may not work... doesnt seem like the newer mylink unit has a 44pin plug on it.
  2. Only turbo cars sound good without mufflers, naturally aspirated engines and supercharged engines most sound like ass and are really too loud without a muffler.
  3. Sent link for wrong product.
  4. Well. If your coolant is low you have a leak somewhere, probably the coolant tank leaking which is an easy fix, just need a new coolant tank. Now if you keep getting low on coolant you need to address it yourself or have someone fix it before you overheat the engine and cause bigger issues.
  5. It all depends on how much it is going to cost to fix it.Either way of the other driver has insurance you are covered.
  6. Walk in to the parts counter at the dealer and ask.
  7. MPG

    Are you using different gas, are you driving in a different route than before? Is that number out of a bunch of short city runs or out of your commute? Is your air filter clean? Is your tire pressure correct? There are too mamy factors that affect gas mileage, and your mood alsp counts. I can get as high as 43mpg and as low as 22 depending on my driving style alone.
  8. If you want them to turn on only when the hatch opens all you need is a plunger switch and find a good spot to install it.
  9. Same car. Dont waste your money with an intake, you will not get any power out of it and the car works better on the stock intake.
  10. MPG

    Too soon to expect any consistent mileage out of it. You should let that engine rev for the first few thousand miles and not be baying it to get gas mileage. If you have not changed your oil yet you should do it very soon.
  11. Im using aero cosmetics waterless wash right now, it is good all around the car, inside and out. And I use mothers carnauba wax.
  12. Most gm cars need a re-learn process after changing the cps, and if i recall you need access to a techII to do so.
  13. La chupa, the mirrors are the same for the ev and regular sparks, they dont even list a different part for the ev.
  14. the trim cover just pulls by hand, no need to pry, it is held by two plast clips on each side, there is one bolt under the trim cover and one bolt under the small rectangular cover that prys out with a small flat head. The spark comes with two styles of mirrors, the large one that has the turn signal on it and is heated and the smaller one without the turn signal is not heated. This link has all the part numbers.
  15. I like mine too, and so far it has been working smooth, and other than the getting stuck in second issue, which happens very rarely on mine I dont have anything to complain.