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  1. At least in my area you can pickup a base cruze for 11k.
  2. One fuse box is under the hood, the other one on the low right side of the steering wheel. Just pull on that cover that looks lile a very small glove box. Both covers tell you what the fuses are.
  3. It shouldn't be a problem at all. I'm going for 195s on my next set as well. Lot more options available on that size.
  4. I would follow the fluids change advice on a car with 35k that I just got and don't know how well it was serviced. The hose is an easy fix, just get one from the dealer. The shaking at 100kpm can be unbalanced tires, alignment, worn out suspension soft parts, take it to a shop and have them check. My input on trading for a golf is to keep the spark if it is paid for, fix the little issues and drive until the wheels fall off, the best car to have is one that you don't need to make payments on.
  5. I like my cvt, the car just doesn't have enough torque to make it run smooth so you got to keep that gas pedal down when you need it to respond. But I prefer it over a regular gm automatic any day. It works how its supposed to kicks down when I want it. Gm just doesn't know how to tune tcms to run their automatics. gm transmissions just feel lazy and clunky on the stock tune.
  6. Why not just buy a dash kit and add a real head unit to it?!, I got the mylink and it's very far from a good head unit. If it stopped working tomorrow I wouldn't even bother to get a new one under warranty.
  7. Sounds like they let the new guy do the oil change and he drained your trans.
  8. 10" Infinity basslink . I have one, it works great and fits in the spare tire well if you want to keep the trunk space. Easy to wire, it has speaker level inputs and doesn't need a trigger to turn on if wired to the speaker level inputs.
  9. If the dealership didn't replace your windows then it is not their responsibility to fix anything related to the doors, as you need to take some of it apart to put in new glass. And in that case you need to take it back to whoever replaced the glass. If the dealer replaced your windows, and everything worked before they touched it then it is their responsibility to repair it.
  10. Anything can be done with enough zip ties. I'm not sure if it will work the sparks on this side of the pond don't come with steel wheels.
  11. And you don't need all that for the spark unless you want the world to hear you. Ithe is a small car and being a hatch the soubd carries easy to the cab. I got a 10" infinity bass link and it's plenty.
  12. I can't talk about longevity as mine only has 17k, but so far it has been a good car. drive it, make sure it sounds right, and definitely try to get service records and get the carfax and look trough it. Before going to try the one you are looking at, try to find one or two with less miles just to test drive it so you have something to compare it to.
  13. Some people just dont know what they are buying when they get the second cheapest car in this country. Can't compare a dollar cheeseburger to a big mac.
  14. I got my spare out of a chevy aveo $100bucks shipped for the whole kit. fits like a glove on the front and back of the car, and surprisingly the lug wrench fit too. i just had to cut a few corners of the foam insert that goes over the inflator kit that came with the car.