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  1. oil

    I ran out of my free oil changes, next one i'm going back to amsoil oe.
  2. I'm guessing Bluetooth obdII scanner + torque app
  3. I really see no difference other than hitting me for a couple more dollars per tank in the spark. Running 87 or 89, 91, 93 feels the same to me.
  4. Probably a bad thermostat or a bad connection on the harness.
  5. Wow. $30 that is a steal. It has been a while since the last time i bought mothers wax, it lasts a long time, I usually get stuff from amazon, advanced auto and autozone, pep boys is 15min too far from me. The aero cosmetics stuff worked really well, also got the leather soap and leather conditioner for the other car, I think I found my go to brand for now.
  6. Get a powered sub, most only take a power wire from the battery and speaker level inputs from the rear speakers. Plus running wire in the spark is the easiest thing ever.
  7. It all depends on how deep the scratch is, some buff out, some need a bit of paint filling and then a good buff. If you are scared to do it on your own, find a paintless dent/scratch repair shop, they usually do some miracles for way less money than a body shop would. Call the dealer only to see if they got a paintless repair guy that they work with, sometimes they give you a discount for that kind of referral. Post some pics
  8. I would recommend biting the bullet and paying a shop to install a clear film on the windshield, I had a shop install lumar air80 on mine after I purchased it and it was the best $90 I have ever spent on tint. It does not interfere with driving in any condition, and it kills the heat very well, it does not even look like you have film on the windshield at all unless you know what you are looking for. I also got 3m fx premium 15 all around. Car is cool as a cucumber when it is cooking outside. I'm actuall taking my other car as soon as I have a few bucks to spend on it. I prefer to have a shop install as I like the warranty and not doing that work myself.
  9. How many of these are you going to post? We all know your issues with your car, and we all feel your pain, but slow down, you don't need to post this in every single section of the forum.
  10. Get a windshield antenna.
  11. Heat does have a lot to do with battery life, batteries in general hate high heat and extreme cold. I live in south florida and in 3 years I have gone trough 3 or 4 batteries in the truck that i drive for work they all go dead as soon as summer shows up. They usually last 2 or 3 years around here. The cobalt was the only car I owned and never changed the battery in it. Now the reason your hhr has a battery in the trunk is that the hhr is built on the same platform as your g5. The g5, cobalt, saturn ion and hhr are all delta cars and basically the same car under the covers, I had to do my fair share of research as I tinkered with my cobalt a lot and used parts from all of them.
  12. You can also just drop songs into a regular usb drive.
  13. Need to set the sansa from mtp to msc, and it should work as the radio would now see it as a thumb drive. If it does not work then your only option is to connect on the aux cable.
  14. They just dont make batteries like they used to. I also never changed the battery on my cobalt, i had it for 98k miles, 5years of ownership. I traded it in for a malibu and the battery on that one died 6 months after I had it. The pontiac g5/chevy cobalt had the battery in the trunk because it had no room for it in the engine bay, it was designed with the SS supercharged trim in mind, it helped with weight distribuition and it is unsafe to track a car with the battery in the engine bay. Most cars have the battery in the engine bay.
  15. Exactly, the more experienced mechanics have the good mentality of finding the source of the issue, unlike most dealership techs that are not given the time to find issues and are not allowed to fix anything unless the computer gives them a code, and then go throwing parts at it until the problem seems to be gone without knowing what caused it to begin with.