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  1. I would not worry about it those things are very small and light.
  2. Turn off the recirculation and the air will flow from outside, but if the outside air is too humid it will fog your windows.
  3. Front passenger air bag will only deploy with a passenger on the seat. Insurance company does not have any saying on why an air bag deployed or did not deploy, modern air bags use a quite complicated system to determine if they should deploy or not deploy. If insurance companies could deny a claim over something like that they would be the ones sending you recall letters. Like bobby said, on the spark the air bag will deploy, but it could hurt a child, but should not hurt an adult.
  4. Drop it off at the dealer, if after diagnoatics they find out the repair will take more than a day and it is covered under warranty you have the right to get a rental. I never had to be without a vehicle any time i took any of the three chevy vehicles i have owned to have repairs done under warranty they even drop me off and pick me up for a simple oil change so i dont have to wait.
  5. Your best bet would be a big used parts retailer like lkq, or ebay to find the air bags and seat belts. The hood and bumper I would try locally as shipping would be expensive.
  6. Gear head, by reading his post it sounds like a hit and run, I don't think he knows who hit him.
  7. A great site to find out that kind of information is It fits a double din or single depending on how you setup the dash kit that you will need to install a new radio.
  8. Definetely not a cheap smaller version of an equinox. I would go for a shrunk version of a chevy traxx as they kinda sorta belong in the same family.
  9. Certified cars are just a gimick to crank the price up. Mine was certified 5 min before I signed the papers by the finance guy so I could get a lower interest rate. All those issues should be covered under bumper to bumper warranty. Find another dealer or get a hold of chevy customer service.
  10. Any mechanic that I have taken a car to will not do shit unless you can replicate the trouble. You cannot fix a problem that you cant find. Take it to another dealer, if you got noise, and rough idle they dont need a check engine light to start diagnosing the car. If If the light is on then they can simple hook the diagnostics tool and start working from there. If the light is off and you are not hearing or feeling or seeing anything they have nothing to start with.
  11. Is it automatic or manual?
  12. Are the fans running with the ac off right after you turn the car on? If they are check the fan relays in the fuse box under the hood, theres a chance someone shorted the relay to keep the fans running so the car would not overheat.
  13. They really cannot check the transmission, they dont rebuild, nor repair the cvt, if it is broken they will replace it. They will not do anything for you until they can see the problem happening or get a fault code. You can try another dealership, and hope they can find the problem.
  14. No need to be notified, call a chevy dealer service department, give them your vin and they will look up the pending recalls for your vehicle.
  15. Dremmell or hack saw the shifter below the knob, then install a universal knob.