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  1. If you look in the audio threads you'll see my build with a 8" kicker sub and a few other members have the kicker hideaway units. My 8" Kicker is perfect because its great for rock and when I put on something with bass it really gets pounding inside the car.
  2. Whether a vehicle is new or old they will have leaks or need repairs. How did they attempt to fix the issue? I would say give the dealer another chance to make the issue right. Otherwise and hour drive sounds worth it if they will fix it correctly. I have had night and day experiences with dealerships.
  3. It's under warranty. Call customer service or take it to another dealer. GM will take care of it.
  4. Invest your tax money into a Roth IRA or something worthwhile. Exhaust on a spark is like lipstick on a pig.
  5. I did send a request via web page.
  6. I tried contacting BNR and still haven't received any responses.
  7. Working for the crazy place you listed above I can tell you that diesel emssions on trucks and buses are being regulated. The ones you see blowing smoke are broken or really old.
  8. **they didn't come from the factory that way...correct. Recommended tire size for snow tires is 14" wheels and 175/65R14 82T tires. I have them on my 14 Spark.
  9. please have your friend upload some dyno runs stock vs BNR. Also if you could list there contact info that would be great.
  10. Waste of money. What are you expecting to gain with 84 hp? ^without a tune you won't benefit from a K&N filter other than you won't have to replace it because you can clean it.
  11. did you test the throttle body to see if it was faulty? what about a pedal position sensor? it also says you have an open circuit. any testing to diagnose what that may be?
  13. They change the gas during winter. It has a different RVP. Also your car takes more time to warm up in winter months. Colder temps = longer to warmup meaning car is less efficient = lower gas mileage.
  14. Do you have a calibrated butt that can feel the difference between 13.9 seconds 0-60 compared to 14.0? Placebo effect of putting money in the gas tank.