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  1. they look sweet
  2. I'm a locksmith. The Chevy Spark is very easy to program yourself as long as you have an existing programmed key. Read the directions in your owner's manual. If you choose to buy a key off Ebay or other sites, my shop would charge to cut the key( which we do for free when it's our key blank ) and there is no warranty. Lot's of people come to our shop with keys bought some where else and they usually end up paying more in the end. Many time the keys are a cheap knockoff and they won't program or didn't come with the chip inside.
  3. I installed this one, more expensive, but no drilling or mods needed. I just use it for my bike rack
  4. If you are driving the same basic pattern everyday the average won't change much. Hit the reset button, and start over or even switch to instant mpg. That should be constantly shifting up and down just to make sure it's reading properly