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  1. You could try unhooking the battery for a few minutes to see if that resets the Mylink. If not then a trip to the dealer is needed to have it reflashed.
  2. Sounds to me the issue is where you are having it repaired at. I have had zero issues with my 2014 doing that. I would find another dealership.
  3. I too have had the coolant issue. Its the coolant tank thats the issue. I bet yours failed a second time or they didn't get a hose right when they replaced the tank. Seems all of the 13-15's had the issue. Cost me $35 plus ten minutes of my time. The battery is just a maintenance issue. All batteries go bad. I replaced mine last winter for $110 from Autozone. It is the exact same battery that you purchased from the dealer. It is stamped Made in South Korea. Other then those two things I have had no other issues. I just turned 60,000 miles. Its all part of car ownership. I have had cars far worse then this. I know of no class action lawsuit for the Sparks. I just Googled it and couldn't find anything on it either.
  4. Its just cycling. Perfectly normal.
  5. Supposedly it won't work. Each Mylink has a specific key that has to match the key in the main ECM. There was a bulletin posted a couple of years ago about not pulling Mylinks from like cars for diagnostics. It will either not work right off the bat or it will cause issues sometime down the road. A brand new one has no key and will request one from the ECM the first time it is turned on. I would go with something aftermarket.
  6. They are on Ebay. Of course they are all coming from Australia but most looked like they would ship to the US. Ignore Gearhead above. He gets cranky sometimes.
  7. Is your car indeed a 2016? unless you put an insane amount of miles on it why are you even looking at spark plugs.
  8. I think the flasher is now built into the control module. Are the rest of the bulbs flashing? If so then thats not the issue. Are you sure used the right bulb?
  9. Even though the PCV is important to get done, thats not the issue for the reduced power issue. Reduced power is normally set when the signal between the accelerator module and the throttle module don't match. Because the Spark, like most GM vehicles, is drive by wire its a safety measure to keep the car from taking off on its own. It can be set by other things but with GM it is almost always the pedal module or throttle module.
  10. The filter should be replaced as part of routine scheduled maintenance. See Maintenance Schedule 0 279. To find out what type of filter to use, see Maintenance Replacement Parts 0 288. 1. Open the glove box completely and loosen the bolts on the outboard side. 2. Push in both sides of the glove box and pull to remove. 3. Open the filter cover by releasing the tabs on both sides and pulling up the cover. 4. Replace the air filter. 5. Close the air filter cover and tabs. 6. Reinstall the glove box Link to the manual http://www.eskridgechevrolet.com/dealer/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/2016-spark-owners-manual.pdf
  11. Its the steel belt slipping. Make sure the recall was done on it to fix it but even after the fix it will still do it on occasion.
  12. I am sure its a programming issue but Chevy considers it normal and they aren't going to fix it. Once you get used to it its really not that big of a deal. It just requires, at times, more throttle to get the RPM's up to get it moving faster. They are quirky but not a death trap. I don't pay much attention to it anymore.
  13. Unless its making a horrible noise and severe vibration when accelerating or any other time its not slipping. The second program they issued did cause a slip and that was why they issued the recall and did a third reprogram. It will still slip if you get it bound up a certain way but it doesn't happen very often.
  14. I got mine at Autozone. The local store didn't have them but the main store\hub did and I just went there and picked it up.
  15. Does it happen more often when the AC is on? Mine does this when the AC is on. Its not slipping. Its just the nature of the CVT when the engine has a load on it from the AC.