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  1. I just saw this and wanted to comment. You bought a car with a salvage title. It doesn't matter what kind of damage you deem it to have. It has a salvage title. That's on you. How is GM to know what all was wrong with it? Are they just supposed to take your word on it? That is part of the risk of buying something like that. This is on you. Not them. And like Gearhead said above. You should have checked to see what recall were needed when you bought it and had them done right away.
  2. Some have taken the dimensions and went to Walmart and found something of similiar size. I replaced mine about three months ago and got it at Autozone. My local store didn't have them in stock but the main hub, which was about 15 miles from me did.
  3. The rear is a strut assembly and the shock sits in the middle of the spring like it would on the front.
  4. I would call Yakima and get clarification from them.
  5. I doubt you will find any repair videos but being that its under warranty you won't be needing repairs for a long time. By that time there may be a few things available. Other then oil changes there isn't a whole lot to maintain. If its an CVT the fluid is supposed to last the life of the car. Coolant is good to 100k. No power steering fluid since the power steering is electric. Brake fluid but its good till 100k. Plus there aren't a who;e lot of people on here with 2016's so the info you will find is limited.
  6. "You should immediately change all the fluids out (oil, transmission, brakes, and coolant.) for fresh". This is the worst advice I have seen in a while. Please do not follow this. Change the oil if it hadn't been done and drive it. Unless the car has a ton of miles none of this is needed except the oil change.
  7. I just used the premixed stuff. Much easier but less economical. The biggest thing is when you remove that bottom hose be ready to put your finger over the hole as antifreeze will start draining out of the tank. That's where i made the biggest mess. I wasn't quite fast enough getting the hole covered lol.
  8. Takes about ten minutes if that. Super easy. I bought mine from a Chevy dealer out of Utah on Ebay for $25 with free shipping. You don't need to bleed the system afterwards. Just fill it up to the line and you are done.
  9. When I replaced the tank on my 2014 I found one online for $25 and it took 10 minutes to swap out. Its incredibly easy.
  10. Is this the first time you have had to deal with a dealership? This stuff happens. Could be they did fix the leak but caused another leak in that area. There is no telling. You just take it back and get it fixed or take it somewhere else. And having one issue doesn't mean that the car is a lemon and will have further issues down the road. This is one of the problems of buying a brand new car. You are the one to have to work all the bugs out of it. Buying used somebody has done it for you lol.
  11. GM charges almost $80 for the tank. But they can be found on Ebay for around $30. I bought mine on Ebay from a dealer in Utah for $28 with free two day shipping.
  12. At least here in the states you can't lose your warranty for doing things like this. They would have to prove that the modifications you did caused the issue. According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty of your vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part was the cause of or contributed to the failure of the vehicle (15 U.S.C. 2302 (C)). This means that a vehicle's warranty cannot be "voided;" the dealer can only deny a claim if the stock part failed due to damage or unreasonable use.
  13. Looking at his profile its a 2014. The covers on top of the dash pop off. Use a plastic pry tool and they will come off. Then its just screws to take the speakers out. You will have to use a stubby screwdriver because of the slope of the windshield.
  14. The three blinking is normal. It is intended to be used when changing lanes. That way you don't have to actually use the turn signal.
  15. body kits

    That kit is not available in the states. You might find it on Ebay but it will come from overseas and who knows about the fitment.