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  1. If I remember right some of the 13's had issues with the re-circulation flap opening and closing repeatedly making a knocking sound. That flap sits right behind the glovebox. As far as the coolant loss I agree with Tozzi that its probably the coolant tank.
  2. Blower speed has nothing to do with this. If the blower is on and you have the AC button pushed then the AC is fully working. Same with the defroster. It does cycle on and off but its not variable. The AC compressor is either on or off. If you have the fan turned down low thinking you arent taxing the system then you are just sweating for nothing. Plus this is hard on the blower motor resistor as it builds much more heat on the lower speeds. My bet is that the AC is causing your issues. Mine does something similar. You just have to learn to deal with it.
  3. MPG

    How are you figuring your mileage? Are you going by what the computer says or are you figuring it yourself.
  4. The Spark doesn't use a conventional thermostat. Its electronic so be prepared that they aren't cheap like a normal thermostat. Plus like Mr. tozzi said it could be in the harness somewhere or a failure elsewhere.
  5. The Spark uses 4" speakers in the front and 4x6" in the back. Those 4" ones you linked to may work even though Amazon says they won't when i look at your link. The covers just pop off. Use a plastic pry tool and get under the edge of it and pry them off. I replaced all four of mine with Pioneers. Unfortunately you won't see much increase in bass. The speakers are just too little to produce any bass. You will need a subwoofer for that. I installed one in mine and it makes a huge difference.
  6. No, I mean the actual ignition switch. If the ignition switch fails in the run position it won't provide electrical to certain systems like the ecu or the fuel pump. I don't know about the Spark but on a couple of other cars I have had what you are describing is caused by a bad ignition switch.
  7. Has the ignition switch been checked?
  8. You replied to a two year old thread exactly to the day lol.
  9. I bought mine at Autozone for $119. Its the only one they list for it. The battery is stamped right on it made in South Korea. So either battery prices are much higher where you live or they are quoting you the wrong battery. http://www.autozone.com/batteries-starting-and-charging/battery/duralast-battery/755655_537371_0
  10. It could have been the battery. Modern cars are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations and a battery going bad can really cause havoc with the electrical system.
  11. The software reprogram is there. Its the trans pulley/belt damage listing. The second one down. That was a reprogram to stop the pulley and belt from being damaged due to slippage. There have been three software packages for the trans. There was the original, then the second one helped with the not going into first and improved the shifting a lot but introduced a horrible vibration at times during takeoff. The vibration was the belt slipping on the pulley. So then they released the third software package that fixed the slippage problem.
  12. I just saw this and wanted to comment. You bought a car with a salvage title. It doesn't matter what kind of damage you deem it to have. It has a salvage title. That's on you. How is GM to know what all was wrong with it? Are they just supposed to take your word on it? That is part of the risk of buying something like that. This is on you. Not them. And like Gearhead said above. You should have checked to see what recall were needed when you bought it and had them done right away.
  13. Some have taken the dimensions and went to Walmart and found something of similiar size. I replaced mine about three months ago and got it at Autozone. My local store didn't have them in stock but the main hub, which was about 15 miles from me did.
  14. The rear is a strut assembly and the shock sits in the middle of the spring like it would on the front.
  15. I would call Yakima and get clarification from them.