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  1. SO! I had some resolution! I had the misfiring and CEL coming on. When I took it in last, they replaced the brain of the car. Since then it's worked like new. I'm not quiet sure if I'm going to keep it because of HOW many problems I had and the fact that it took almost 20k miles to find the problem. After a transmission reprogram, a new transmission, and a new brain, the car finally works as intended!
  2. Help! I've got windshield washer fluid in the passengers side floorboard. So much it's ran into the back floorboard. Have mildew growing on the carpet. Do you think something has pulled apart?

  3. No... more so like steady pressure on the pedal, and it shoots forward for half a second or so like i slammed on the gas, then dropping back down to normal. Though it just had its brain replaced and hasnt actes up since, so that might have been the root cause of it all. Though the dealer did think it was vapor locking during the summer...
  4. Ive only seen the burst of acceration while using the highest octane. And since that was the only change at that point, and didnt happen after i switched back, i was under thr assumption that it had something to do with the octane. Or my car is possesed.
  5. From my experience, 87 is fine at 100 degrees and below. Mid-range for 101-115 stops it from trying to stall out. Highest octane gives it random bursts of acceleration. (Of course, all deemed normal by the dealership)
  6. Other phones have issues linking too. The dealership reset the mylink and no change. Whelp, just another thing to add to the pile that is this car...
  7. Since i started this in this thread.... if I get any actual news ill break off to another thread. With the 91 in the car, it randomly accelerated. So I dropped back down to the standard gas. To which it responded by having no response the other day when i hit the gas. Its at the shop right now, and this poor mechanic must be tired of seeing me by this point. Edit: surprise surprise. They couldn't find anything. :/ Though therr was a camero in for the shutting off on the freeway thing. And two other sparks in the drop off bay when i dropped off.
  8. I live with the A/C. At 7 am its already 95, so I almost always start it eith A/C, and it hasnt given me issues like those. (Though starting from a stop i need to turn off the a/c to get power so no one creams me as i pull out of parking lots)
  9. They did it when it was in for the transmission. The recall popped up while they had it in the shop. It supported speech before the recall. But it also went through a softwear update while I didnt have my car. Though my SO's phone has no problem connecting to his Nissan.
  10. I have a 2015, and had the mylink recal done. And now i cant get my phone to fully link. Bluetooth will only link if i prompt it on the screen, and normally after failing once, making me select the phone. Annnnd now its saying system doesnt support speech. But the bat will pop up on my phone prompting me to speak at it. (Or it will pop up when i have the phone unlocked) Im running an andoid with marshmellow, and im not aure if this is a car error or a phone error. But i know the update they rolled out wasnt the smoothest and had to go back in to get all the buttons to work.
  11. Yeah, i was wondering if something like that might come out of this issue.
  12. I have noticed both. The car (2014) seems to try to start in second gear frequently, and coasting, i have noticed it feel like it engine brakes itself. It's done that since day one. Im sure gearhead will be in soon. He seems to have the best understanding of the cvt and its odd shifting patterns.
  13. After i found a better dealership, i have had no issues getting anything fixed. Ive stopped in with other concerns and they have explained why, or have given a possible solution. It sounds like it may be getting easier as more people arr coming out to get replacements. I wish you the best of luck!
  14. I also have a feeling that it isnt vapor locking. But one tank of 91 gas in this car wont be too much more of a cost to try it out. On the otherhand, i would be surprised if it was heat related. Both days its acted up were 115+ days with the ambient air readings inside the car ranging from 119-128, with moderate traffic and an hour of driving. Some pretty nice conditions to build up some heat. Either way, we will know in a week if it is vapor locking. (Thats when ill need a refuel on gas, AND it looks like our last 110+ days are coming to an end for this year.) I really like this mechanic. He's been insanely helpful with everything going on, and actually listens. He suggested to try this first, and come back if it didn't help. (He also mentioned he's seen it in a few sparks and cruzs in the past two weeks here)
  15. I stopped by my dealer today, to ask about the bouncing. (I have video proof, and it did it again going in to the dealer) The suggestion i was given was to try 91 gas from a top teir station. (Chevron, arco, shell, ect) and to avoid cheaper gas (smiths, sams club, costco). He said the bouncing could be from air in the line from gas boiling. (Its been consitantly 110+ recently) if that doesnt help, to bring it back in. He was also surprised it was only bouncing and not stalling, which is why he recommended the gas change. (During these hot months) On a funnier note, i asked if he missed seeing me once a week, he said yes and no. Then mentioned that he's had several more sparks come in for the transmission. And that i was the first or second one. So, ive been joking "look what i started!" But maybe im not that far off! (He also confirmed back order on transmissions)