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  1. That sounds correct Tozzi...I was going by the 2013 Spark...and you're right about those tires eating the outer tread area...I now have 201/15/50 and find them a bit smoother ride and still handles well without the outer tread wear. I keep them at 40psi..5psi above recommended.
  2. Old or not, the tire pressure should be 40psi min. & not 37psi on the 185/15/55 tires. Don't expect Tozzi to bail you out of this one...
  3. I, and I'm sure other members would would be interested to hear from owners who have 40Kmi or more and what, if any, issues you have had. I think the wheel bearing failure is now becoming more common as is the drivers seat stitching coming apart. The bearing issue has been narrowed down to two causes: Defective inner seal on the bearing assembly from a 3rd party supplier (some manufacture dates causing grease loss) and incorrect install of bearing/hub at the factory resulting in loose or off center bearing contact..again some manufacture dates. When posting, it would be helpful to include the year, model and the build date (on the sticker on door center frame) date is very helpful in determining which dates have a common problem. I have slightly over 40Kmi on my 2013 1LT Auto...built:1/13. So far only the PCV recall done before failure. Burns no noticeable oil (5w20 synthetic) between 4,500mi oil changes bearings and seat upholstery: no issues.
  4. Oh ya! Way too much frontal surface area for 100hp at higher speed, not to mention a cross wind...
  5. Thanx Tozzi..I think we are saying the same thing..I just added some 'old guy' humor to my post.
  6. Just curious, but what is the advantage over the stock rims? Is it for a wider tire?
  7. Ha Bobby! You, once again, are 100% correct. the CVT control does not have AI (Artificial Intelligence)..I think your mind is slowly making adjustments to your driving on and so forth and the CVT remains as is....We just don't notice it so much when we get older.....
  8. Ya..Shocks, struts etc are held in place by fasteners. Only way they can move is by impact like a collision. As Bobby said..99% of the time it is alignment or most likely balance.
  9. Yup..all good then?
  10. All scan guage units become the 'endpoint' when connected. Some newer models designed to be connected all the time have a pass on connection to the ECM etc..
  11. Ya..have them resolve it the way you generally well...Shaking sounds like wheel balance..all minor stuff...
  12. Almost everyone with the CVT is have one issue or another. 2014 CVT seems to be the most problematic..fix or replace under warranty.
  13. Wise choice with the manual tranny Fraser! You avoided all the CVT issues..I test drove both the 2017 CVT and manual..Night and day. Also very surprized how quiet it is. Stiffer body and tons of features. I'm keeping the 2013 4sp. auto tranny now that I have well over 150Kmi on it with no issues. Recently I bought my brother a 2017 manual and he loves it..had to do it because he was looking at a used all wheel drive car..overpriced and all wheel drive is costly to have fixed if the all wheel drive goes bad. He's very stubborn, but after I took him for a drive to the dealer he loved all the features but didn't have the cash and since I don't like financing of any kind my wife nudged me into a cash purchase. He works in the Marina I sometimes use and works on boat I guess he owes me some fixing..Ha..
  14. Most all Scan-guages will always do a bypass...Data goes to scan device and is not sent forward..never drive with that connected unless it is a data gather unit sometimes used by insurance companies or employers to monitor speed, braking etc.
  15. That code refers to the engine thermostat or heater thermostat..check to see if the heater works, if so it is the engine thermostat..have that fixed..could lead to overheating or not hot enough to burn fuel completely and eventually gum up the valve, engine sludge and then the Catalytic Converter overheats due to deposits if left long enough.
  16. I'm fairly sure you don't need to remove anything. Just pry off the old emblem and push on the new one..only clips holding it I think.
  17. On some phones you can activate and set up a 'WiFi Hotspot" by converting your LTE data to wifi through the network settings and configure the car to join your access point. I have a Kyocera E4710 DuraXE flip phone that allows that with a quick navigation menu and a turn on or off WiFi Hotspot. I've used it to get WiFi to my MacBook Air in areas that do not have wifi. Even way out in the middle of the long as you have a phone signal you are good to go...check to see if your phone has this easy to use feature. I am also able to do this kind of wireless tethering with bluetooth.
  18. Really..It's a Chevy..not a Holden...why not get a Corvette or Camaro logo..or better still. Buy a car that matches the logo you want.
  19. Just a fun & light topic: What was your first car, best car and worst car you have owned? I'll start. First car was also the best car I have owned. A 1969 metallic blue (repainted-used) VW Carmen Ghia. A two seater with only about 50hp I loved that car even though it had no heat or AC. Modified the stock muffler and it really had a good deep sound. I and my GF drove that car all over the US and never ever had any problem other than the windshield wipers would fall off until I found a way to keep the bolts tight with 'LockTight'. Little sport steering wheel and four speed made it feel sporty. Had to adjust the valve tappets every 5K miles and adjust the clutch. The sparkle blue metallic paint job really made it stand out. After 160Kmi it was stolen and never seen again. Worst car I ever owned was an expensive 1997 Volvo V70 all wheel drive sedan. Excellent handling and power. Rust started showing up the 2nd year we had it (Florida) and then the wheel bearings went, the ABS braking shortly after. This was followed by all wheel drive problems and the list goes on and on and on. Nothing but problems in the 3 yrs we drove it. Electrical issues were the last straw and ended up selling it for a fraction of the price paid. I think it was assembled in New Brunswick Canada. We have a new Range Rover Sport and really like that very well made car..but only a few months into it, it is too early to give it a rating. Our current Spark can also be considered one of the best value cars as we have had no issues in the almost 60Kmi and is one of the best handling cars I have owned. What's your first, best, worst story??
  20. Really? The 2017 has non of those useful function buttons? That's a definate down-grade from previous years. Here is a pix of the 2013 dash & buttons...I find them very useful...
  21. Oh for gods sake Bobby. Just push the silent button on tour steering wheel buttons..lower left on my 2013. >>PFJN>>Hooking a phone is it once and it remembers..manual has all the info..I do not use a smart phone..but have a mil sat phone that will give me wifi anywhere thru LTE and I am no techie and was super easy to set up..
  22. I've avoided any software updates or any of the software/firmware problems as described in the recall notices. My 2013 with 4sp auto tranny unit has had zero issues with that..120Kmi++. If it's working fine...why fix a problem that does not exist? Still has the original battery.
  23. Not so much these day Bobby. State and even local PD's have some very fast cars and lines of communication with units up ahead....not like the old days when we could take our Motor-bikes way ahead and our car's Hemi engines with carb etc mods would out-run the stock trooper cars with 429Cu-in and no good communication..Welcome to 1984, er, I mean 2017.
  24. The PCV recall was the most important recall. Make sure you had this done,,if not..well, you are looking at a new engine warranty or not. The PCV issue that was fixed by replacing that PCV valve..the issue on PCV failure was engine being flooded with oil at intake..destroying upper engine and excessive oil consumption..chek that NOW so it can be ruled out or in..K?
  25. TimCim, something like that could be any number of things...if the car idles smoothly and runs OK in between your 'low power' mode, it is probably a minor sensor issue. If the car idles rough or is hard to start it would likely be a mechanical issue. You did have the PCV recall done, right?..good luck and keep us up-to-date pls. And a plus 1 to that Bobby..still the cars today are better built to tighter specs and don't rust as quickly..but, ya, I get your drift... I recall a '69 Roadrunner with a V8 and to increase power all I had to do was change the carb with a huge 1000cfm 'Holly' carb..easy to work on..but..bench seats and looked like a regular sedan. Very fast car and even with 4 or five friends in the car it would take off like a rocket. My girlfriend at the time disliked it because it looked so basic even though she liked the power and joining me at the local drag events..OK..'Nuff said on that