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  1. Did you have the PCV recall done and if so at what mileage and what is the current mileage. Did you buy it new or used..need that info before we can help.
  2. Ya Bobby, I know how you feel..I'm not that old at 65yrs and retired at 50yrs old, but my warranty expired way back in the 80's some time as well. I pretty well think the CVT issues were all ironed out in the 2017's..Good long torque curve 1.4L aluminum engine helped that issue quite a bit. I also don't like manuals..specially in a small engine due to constant shifting in traffic..younger members like that the way we did back in the day of the V8..sporty. I have test driven the 2017 CVT and found it much improved and very smooth at all speeds..just had one rolling stop where it never dropped to first and kinda chugged off until it revved up and dropped to first then a higher ratio like second..very low rpm's on the highway..something like 2Krpm at 60mph where my 2013 is at 2,700-3,000. The 4speed auto tranny is very solid and responsive with very little slip compared to others I have owned. At 65mph a quick boot down will quickly drop down one or two gears and run at 4-5Krpm's++ and solidly accelerates to 100mph and will come back up to fourth gear (overdrive) at about 85mph. Solid body and suspension on all years and at 130Kmi mine still has fairly clean oil at 7,500mi on synthetic without burning more than 1/4 qt or less..still the same compression and smooth idle and same power as it was when new..totally surprised me with the small high rpm engine that i really drive hard with constant boot downs to accelerate..No real issues and the brake pads lasted longer than any car I have ever had..maybe due to the light about 60-65K mi out of the factory pads and rotors..OK..'Nuff said on that..gotta work on the boat today..lotsa dirty work with fixtures, aux electrical and some furniture replacement and fixing the A/C and fridge cleanup at the dirty in there until I get the A/C going properly...
  3. Final words..My 2013 Spark auto tranny has about 130Kmi and I know 2 Pizza guys who have well over 175Kmi same 2013 auto tranny..none have ever has any issue..2014-2016 has had one CVT issue after another.
  4. OK..glad it worked....USB sticks are cheap and can store maps movies and and most simple method. I have about 6 with maps, different music and a few movies. Formats that can be played are described in the owners manual..I know nothing about formats or computers and if I can do get my drift... I will not be active on this forum each early morning as I usually am..working on the boat for a cruise to the Caribbean islands and maybe up to NYC so I need to get engines ship shape and have some fittings and furniture replaced as well as new fridge and maybe a .50cal for the deck..Pirates everywhere now...It's OK..I'm licensed for all kinds of stuff except my wife may object and have to resort to my carry permits..but I hate to carry..'Nuff computer and WiFi on the boat..
  5. Yup..Could be a short in the starter or even a bad starter solenoid..Still not thinking the key as anything to do with this, but could be the ignition switch (where the key is inserted. Have a trusted mechanic check it all out..nothing major..just a short somewhere or bad starter..nope..replacing the starter is exact work..have it done if needed or if BF can do it with correct knowledge...Just get it all checked out as any good mechanic can find the problem and fix it in one shot..don't fiddle around trying to save $$ as it may get worse..have it done properly and NOT by the dealer..electrical issues are hard to diagnose even with the proper equipment so leave this to the pro's and you will be out $50-$500.
  6. Welcome to the forum Andrew!..Wise choice on the manual with the very nice 1LT wheels. Drive it for 500mi..then get an oil change to Synthetic and that will get rid of all the factory/break-in metal shavings and synthetic is best for these little engines..better gas mileage and longer engine life..I know the excitement of a new it fast and hard after the first 10mi..good for beak-in and don't do any mods until you drive enough miles to get bored..any mods are really not needed with all that you have.
  7. Governor kicks in at about 105-107Mph. That speed downhill means very little..if you can get 105mph on a level road..well, lets just say your drivetrain is in very good many miles on the 2013?
  8. Ya..Just get a 'load test' on the battery..the only battery test that counts to eliminate that. Your fuel pump is obviously OK and in my previous post I thought you has a MyLink (Big screen on dash) but you don't making the issue even simpler..Once load test is done only thing left I can think of is the key or key programming itself since you bought the key from a private party after you bought the car from what I gather in your if that is the case I suspect the key as it needs to be properly mated electronically to the specific vehicle..That's really my best guess on your whole issue, but either way it does not sound expensive or serious as it starts and runs fine after a battery disconnect..But, Please let us know how you make out with this we all like a mystery and it could help others with similar of the things with this forum is sharing advise or issues.'Nuff said on this.
  9. Format the USB drive to 16 fat if it is formatted to Apple extended or some other format this is what to do..then as Tozzi said..just put the MP3's on just fine and I use several smaller capacity USB drives that have different types of music as well as a bigger capacity stick with a variety of maps re-scaled to fit the screen. 3rd party player like yours are mostly not recognized by the MyLink the way Apple players and Phones are.
  10. Very kind of that man to offer to do that for you! Us older guys with daughters have a soft spot for younger people that are having issues like that. I have paid for groceries several times for young people having an issue at check-out where they are short $ and have no credit card..specially a single mom who can't pay for baby food or diapers. I can afford it and it makes my day and probably the younger person will walk away with more confidence that there are always people who are willing to help. I usually don't say anything because they will usually not accept I just give the cashier the money and say "for her" and quickly ignore the person when they say they can't accept it, instead pretending to browse a nearby isle, etc.
  11. Yes battery is covered by 3 year warranty on purchase. Problem with batteries are that some are made to spec but some are not as the internals make use of very inexpensive materials and some are not properly charged or filled to spec as well as numerous suppliers to the factory that makes the battery as well as the numerous suppliers of batteries to the a great range of the same GM label batteries go into a single model of car..I guess mine was to spec and properly filled and charged at the production stage. Best advise I can give is to buy a good quality name brand replacement from a place like Walmart (never had an issue with their store brand) or get one with higher crank amps when replacement is needed outside of warranty..Probably much cheaper and better than the GM Delco from the dealer.
  12. Our 2013 Spark has close to 130Kmi and the original battery is still 100% good...Just a flick of the key starts it and all functions like wipers, windows and lights work at full capacity at idle. I activate the power windows up an down several times per week to keep them from seizing that is possible after some years of not using them..particularly the rear..Do that on the Rover as well. Living in a warm climate helps as battery drain/use is much higher in colder climates since more battery power is used for cold starts and windows while the battery itself is at reduced power when cold as in 0°F or colder.
  13. What year is your Spark (Chevy Beat) and how is it holding up in the conditions in India?..Any issues you have had?
  14. Best advise for any car owner..Find and stick with a local trusted shop/mechanic...Pays off in the long run..they get to know your car and details in the computer. Some shops let you make a deal as they want to keep your business. Experience is the big pay-off..they have seen it all before and dealing with different brands, they can spot trends and issues. I deal with a Cuban brothers run shop and their dad kept '57+ cars on the road in old Cuba for over 50 years. Wonerful, polite, and they know their stuff from old to new and have diagnostic units to help them out..but in the well over 25yrs I have been dealing with them they usually have it spot on during a phone chat...They are now poular with the high end car crowd and have a waiting list..fixed my boat many times on site..
  15. Very likely the fuel pump itself..located inside the fuel tank..check connections all around..fuses as well as fuel pump connections. Always keep the fuel tank at least 1/4 full as the fuel keeps the pump cool..if you have been driving the car a lot with very low fuel levels..this could be the cause or just a bad check the above before you do anything else..K?