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  1. Ya, me too, but that seems to be the reported symptoms and issue causing it in some older models and now in the 2015-2016. I just used process of elimination and user feedback...It was successful in resolving two cases on Euro 2010-2012 Spark/Aveo and one 2016 US model Spark.
  2. Loose Brake caliper slider pins. Quite a few have reported this same sounding issue..but never that is my best guess as I have seen this before on a few Korean GM units that use the same Caliper and 3rd party supplier...2010 Aveo and 2012 Spark 1.0L Euro Model. Not a big issue as caliper assemblies made to very 'loose' tolerances during poor quality control. Shouldn't affect braking or result in caliper damage as long as the rubber slider pin boots have a good seal.
  3. Clutch itself is not warranty since it is a 'consumable' part similar to disk pads..however throwout bearing is...No chattering clutch just before release?
  4. Always do some research before buying a car, used or new. PCV issue was on every spark forum and review for the last 3 years. If you knew about this common issue..why did you not verify it was up to date on recalls by checking the VIN and going to the GM website, punch in the VIN and it will show done or not...Anyways..easy job..$14 part under the valve cover forward drivers side..unscrew the old and replace with new. But by now it may have damaged some components may need a new MAS...but worth a try.
  5. Correct..Just don't break any clamps and make a note of exactly which clamp goes where..try to keep hose ends facing up to avoid a mess...yes..part you will need is a quart of the correct coolant fluid..forget the name but MUST be to spec as per manual..mix 50/50 with cleanest water you can find..bottled water is good as it contains few minerals and no not use mineral water...Florida tap water is to let it stand a few hrs for the chlorine to gas out.
  6. Very true and an often overlooked detail...On the small engine oil capacity a larger filter is better specially with the long synthetic oil life. FYI: Last oil change on the Spark I experimented...drove until DIC oil life monitor showed 1% about 12,800mi and around 17 months same Eonos synthetic and OEM filter. Car has 119Kmi on it. Burned less than 1/2qt...oil still amber and not black. Mechanic sent sample to be tested...still had about 500-1Kmi left on it. Don't recommend this as I drive mostly longer trips in warm climate.
  7. That kinda undercoating is only good on a new car with ZERO rust and ZERO dirt..otherwise you will seal all that stuff in and rust will grow pretty quickly even from an very small nick..if covered and or wet. Best thing is to get a vegetable oil based under-spray done at a shop that does this or do it yourself using something like "Rust-Check" (seeps in all the nooks, and seams) or any non petroleum..rubber safe spray. I use a cheap Walmart tire shine spray..Green bottle..forgot the on rubber and I use it on the engine aluminum as well as under the car etc..very safe silicone based and keeps away oxidation as well as creeping into seams and rust etc...Do not EVER use WD-40 for this as it is harmful to rubber...K?
  8. Just an update Bluer and whomever else is interested: Had my stock aluminum wheels rotated at my long time and trusted mechanics shop and I asked him to clean and lube the hubs and was fussy about wheel lug torque being correct. I mentioned that the manual for the 2013-'14 calls for 92Lbs. He told me he recalls that as he does a number of Sparks but said that GM has now changed the spec to 100Lbs, not only for the 2015-2017. He double checked using his computer spec subscription for all models of cars and all years.."Mitchell on Demand" and two other service programs and Mitchell came up as 103Lbs for 2010-2015 Sparks and another 2 programs showed 100Lbs for 2010-2015 Spark. So he thinks GM revised the torque up after the manuals were printed for the 2013-14's and is stated in the 2015 manual as 100Lbs...same aluminum wheels, same hub, studs, nuts etc. He thinks the reason is 92Lbs is fine but as the metal components of the hub and studs and wheels heat up under braking and or hot ambient temps the expansion causes a drop in torque that may on rare occasion loosen the bolts. That is why most shops will ask you to come back for a re-torque after the car has been driven for 50 to 100miles since the aluminum wheel nut depressions compress a bit after torque on new or rotation...Story is actually longer with more tech stuff..but it made sense to me and was confirmed by the GM user manual starting for 2015 model year with exact same hub, studs and wheels etc stated at 100Lbs. I think they want to standardize the torque specs for cars like Cruze, Sonic, Spark etc at 100Lbs. ...Sorry for the rambling post..but I gotta rush off this morning and just waiting for my wife to finish with the shower...OK..'Nuff said on that...
  9. Oh Oh...Sorry to offend..I am an old retired guy and as my wife keeps reminding me, I am not very political correct and have a "inappropriate" sense of humor....That being said..I was a commercial & charter pilot for many years and I have been to your part of the world and have found the people there very hard working and friendly living in a very nice geographic area. I have flown into the very clean and modern Alexandre Skopje airport and stayed a few nights in the city of Skopje with all the well maintained ancient architecture..beautiful clean city with a great shopping Bazaar (not sure if the Bazaar is still there) Is how I really feel and should have realized that a proud Macedonian would take offense at my lack of sensitivity. However, I have seen some horse wagons around...but then again, we have horse wagons in New York City as well as Miami...Feel better now that you know your son's car fan function is normal and I like your country?
  10. Could it be that there is no radio stations in Medicine Hat, Canada?...OK..I kid...Some members have seen this before after a firmware update as per a recall...You don't state your model year, but if you still have the initial full warranty..take it in. Other than that and without details, well, could be a number of things like fuses, etc..anything else stopped working at the same time?..With more details, some of the audio experts one this site could probably help or at least point you in the right direction..there are some members who are very good with that sorta thing and I'm sure you will see some helpfull posts very soon...Right.. audio guys/gals?
  11. Ya, well, thought about doing that myself. I have dual airs on my Rover simply because, well, I have no patience and am prone to waving my arms and swearing when traffic is not moving as it I think it should or someone is blocking my right turn on a red because they waiting to turn left from the right lane, etc. So with the air horns I save my the Rover anyway. Spark I find I can usually get around cars a little easier because of the small size and tight handling. Not sure if drivers would pay much attention to a tiny car that sounds a loud horn..kinda like not being intimidated by a tiny poodle with a loud bark where as a large, loud Pit Bull is taken a bit more seriously...well, you get my drift... Still..air horns are a nice touch! Post a pix of the install/location for us when you have some time...K?
  12. Tom Gill is, well, lets just say he wants to overcharge you by at least well over $300...You can buy the tank online..if you are not comfortable to install yourself..any good garage will do that for you..about 1/2 hr under 100 bucks. You can also go to your trusted mechanic ..they will order the part and install around for $100. Or..Order the correct part and have one of your 'car guy/girl' friends do it in return for a lunch....Lots more info on the tank leak issue on this site..just do a search...K?
  13. Yup..perfectly normal and as a dealer would say "working as designed". Always nice to know people in Macedonia still have cars, parking lots and an interest in tech stuff.
  14. A new exhaust will make it sound like a race car but perform like a slug if not done properly insuring accurate back pressure.
  15. Very still looks brand new..I also have a bit over issues ...I'm retired and I don't drive to work, but I do like the small size of the car and easy parking and handling in tight traffic...Have you had any issues after all those miles?