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  1. Ya, seems us older guys are better at financial management and squeezing out a deal whenever we can, always been that way and it's paid off in retirement ... I'm fairly sure that by now they have figured out and remedied Jatco-7 CVT issues that plagued the earlier versions of both hardware and control software. Nice work on the GM card redemption..I'm older but still like to do some DIY on my boat..not so much the car..get oil changes done the garage I use, both Spark and Rover, but still like to work on my older boat with an easy to work on engine, generator and fittings..but that's pretty well it..
  2. Although I think this is the best location and application for sound proofing..a nice clean job as well, I'm pretty sure Confucius was not only not around before photography was invented, but he was not familiar with the English language let alone that there was an England, in fact...well, you get my drift...Anyways.. a picture is darn swell when describing anything tech..specially on the site! I've seen a page worth of issue or mod descriptions that could have been better understood with just one line and a pix...
  3. Sounds more like a CVT issue to me.
  4. Looks like all the recalls have been done..("no outstanding")..Only important recall was for the PCV unit...I think you have a winner there..well serviced..but don't let on about that when negotiating a price..Since you seem to know mechanics and cars fairly well (clutch info descriptor) .. next step is to do a drive & visual..Body work? Tracks straight..brakes and A/C..Underside check for loose components..power windows up and down ok without binding and interior visual. Check that overflow tank for leaks (common issue..but cheap DIY repair if needed) Check for heat from interior heater to eliminate coolant pressure and tank issues. Play in steering and drive over to a smooth parking lot to do sme left and right turns to listen for bearing noise..another issue that is somewhat higher on the Spark and a few other GM smaller cars...That's about it other than a poker face during price negotiations...Show some doubt about having made up your mind..Good Luck..and let us know how your adventure turns out..K?
  5. I think that the 2013 will go the distance (mine has about 120Kmi with conventional 4spAuto tranny and no issues) I know a pizza driver with a 2013 that has well over 150Kmi and no major issues..drives it hard. Seems the 2013 with the auto tranny have the higher resale value since many don't want the 2014+ when the CVT auto tranny was Ya..I think if you can get a price of around $5-$6K or less your going the right route with this car. Parts can be found here: Just may want to punch in the VIN on a the GM site (don't have the URL handy) to be sure the only critical recall of the PCV valve was done..but with the mileage on that car it must have been done because PCV unit usually failed around 20-35Kmi with damaged engine resulting..Just do the usual visual and drive tests..make sure it idles smoothly and runs well at all speeds..check upholstery for tears etc..brake pad amount remaining and the usual..OH..also check the coolant tank for leaks as this is a known issue with quite a few Sparks..usually around the rubber hose to tank fluid return area..some posts about that on this site with images... I think if it checks out OK and drives the way expected you should be good to go...Let us know how it plays out..K?
  6. I think the short story on the Jatco-7 CVT in all Sparks from 2014-17 is that the engines just don't have the torque needed to properly run the CVT without some very tight programming tolerances that just don't seem to be in set properly out the factory door. Maybe the stock programming is for units without the A/C...thus the extra power/torque drain the tiny A/C compressor put to the engine upsets that tiny tolerance that is programmed into the one of the control modules...That's my take on that.
  7. Users manual has a darn swell section on fuses and their location and function...No user can download one from GM.
  8. Excellent price..and lifetime oil changes etc are smart bonus. If you like to use Synthetic oil (I recommend that) you may have to pay the difference and ask for it..but still..very nice deal! From my not too great memory, I recall older posts from 2012-14 of some members having used that dealer with a $9,999 offer they had back then.
  9. Good deal on that Finkler!..Seems the prices for Korean cars are always cheaper in WA..Must be the lower shipping cost..Port to Port without a long carrier trip inland. Great commuter car with all the electronics and stuff you won't find on a car even close to that tranny is a wise choice..CVT is wise to avoid due to...well you get my drift..
  10. Unless you live in a area like the NE Congo or some very remote area with more bikes than cars, then there are garages who can order this for you through their local auto supply they normally deal with. Although most garages keep a limited inventory of commonly used parts, fasteners, fliters etc..there are some cars like the Spark that need an oil filter that is not interchangeable with many other no sense for them to keep inventory on items like that...that being said, you can order one online, but should not have to..find a good garage/mechanic and they will order the part..usually arrives same day, and change your oil. A garage/mechanic that does not want to do this obviously does not want your future business. Remember that every single day even a small garage orders parts from their supplier (like NAPA, United, etc) several times a day. Always good to have a trusted Mechanic you can go to/call when you have an issue and eventually they will have a pretty good data-base on your car so that when you come in they are familiar with past issues..etc. So that's the story on that, but there are many places online to order a filter or in fact any part for a Spark ...any model any year..Spend a few minutes on google and type in something like "2013 Chevy Spark oil filter" and I'm pretty sure you will find tens of thousands of parts are big business online...'Nuff said..
  11. +1 on that!
  12. There are vastly more conventional auto tranny's out there..that is why more are being worked on..that's the math. The 2014-2016 Jatco-7 trannys never worked properly mostly due to a programming issue but also due to a defective belt and material design...After over 120Kmi on my 2013 conventional 4sp auto tranny..still very responsive and solid connection while going through the gears..kickdown works better than some larger cars I have has..2-3 levels depending on how fast and far you do the gas kick-down..non of that "computer trying to find the right gear" as that Jatco-7 CVT experiences in 2014-2017 Sparks with the CVT. Slippery unit but smooth when it works once you get it rolling..
  13. I am trying to install a stop plate under the front driver's side seat for a RViBrake. Has anyone done this? The parts that were sent to me for install are not useable for the Spark, although the RVibrake system fits fine. Must have a stop plate because there is nothing for the RVibrake to press against e=when stopping the car. 

  14. Yup..that one is OEM and will fit..I know Walmart has a variety of batteries that will also fit..$79 with same specs as OEM and some a bit more $$ for more Crank amps.. I have use the Walmart batteries..both conventional and deep cycle for my boat and cars..Deep Cycle gel batteries for accessories like TV and lighting etc when the generator is not running and they charge up again when under running conditions..very long lasting on a single charge almost all their units are OK and priced well.. IMO.
  15. What's wrong with the stock turn signal bulbs? Mine are bright front and back..easy to replace and no electrical issues...