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  1. hope it all step at a time..don't get the ECM reprogram until it all fits and is tested as working OK...nice work!
  2. Indeed it would give better performance and the 6th gear is normally an overdrive ratio. Might not be easy to find one that fits though...
  3. Good choice..get that factory oil out between 600 to 1,000Kmi.
  4. Under 2 bucks at parts store or dealer. I,m sure a dealer will replace at no cost..not warranty.
  5. Nice job Blue! Are you sure the 1.4 engine can handle such a wide 2.5 pipe? Anyway..looks like you are on track to become the first person on this forum to install a turbo. I totally am rooting for you to succeed!!!..Keep us posted..K?
  6. Just have the dealer check it next your in. If the CVT works ok without noise you are probably OK. Manual should have fluid capacities listed near back of manual. Hope this helps...
  7. Might want to install a protective screen for stones, etc when you have determined it all works. You will need an ECM reprogram so find a good shop to do that as a very last step once you are satisfied with a final road test if it all fits and works.
  8. I like your enthusiasm and it looks like it's moving along..thanx for keeping us in the loop..have a successful wkend!..BTW:..Nice work keeping it within your budget!
  9. Or...lots of short trips in the cold northeast winter...Right Bobby?
  10. Yup.I agree 100%..With synthetic I am comfortable with 10-12Kmi or 18 months. Had oil tested on my Rover V8 after 18 months and 10,500Mi..still life left in it..Same for Spark. People tend to change too often..go by appearance as well.
  11. Like the rest on this thread, I wish you the best of luck! Total respect for someone willing to do a project like this. Others have talked about this in the past threads but have never gone thru with it. Take it one step at a helter skelter. Make sure it fits first...Keep us posted.
  12. Yup, me too...I don't think he can use E85 without major engine issues...I'm fairly sure the manual states NOT to use E85.
  13. You cannot add a turbo to the Spark unless you have very deep pockets...compression is too high and it means replacing/re-calibrating the ECM and other sensors..probably cheaper to buy a car with the power you want...the Cruze Turbo fits that bill.
  14. Ethanol blends...around 10%...will keep your engine clean but increasing octane will make no performance difference. Increasing the compression is not an inexpensive project on an already 10:5/1 engine with already very small valve to piston TDC clearance, reprogram, sensor issues with VVT, etc...well, you get my drift here.
  15. Us old guys have mostly observed and learned from 50yrs++ of driving and managing to build up a mental library of issues and resolutions. Most issues, whether a car or computer, etc can be best resolved using process of elimination thus eliminating the 'known good' components leaving the rest as possible causes...Right Bobby?