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  1. I've avoided any software updates or any of the software/firmware problems as described in the recall notices. My 2013 with 4sp auto tranny unit has had zero issues with that..120Kmi++. If it's working fine...why fix a problem that does not exist? Still has the original battery.
  2. Not so much these day Bobby. State and even local PD's have some very fast cars and lines of communication with units up ahead....not like the old days when we could take our Motor-bikes way ahead and our car's Hemi engines with carb etc mods would out-run the stock trooper cars with 429Cu-in and no good communication..Welcome to 1984, er, I mean 2017.
  3. The PCV recall was the most important recall. Make sure you had this done,,if not..well, you are looking at a new engine warranty or not. The PCV issue that was fixed by replacing that PCV valve..the issue on PCV failure was engine being flooded with oil at intake..destroying upper engine and excessive oil consumption..chek that NOW so it can be ruled out or in..K?
  4. TimCim, something like that could be any number of things...if the car idles smoothly and runs OK in between your 'low power' mode, it is probably a minor sensor issue. If the car idles rough or is hard to start it would likely be a mechanical issue. You did have the PCV recall done, right?..good luck and keep us up-to-date pls. And a plus 1 to that Bobby..still the cars today are better built to tighter specs and don't rust as quickly..but, ya, I get your drift... I recall a '69 Roadrunner with a V8 and to increase power all I had to do was change the carb with a huge 1000cfm 'Holly' carb..easy to work on..but..bench seats and looked like a regular sedan. Very fast car and even with 4 or five friends in the car it would take off like a rocket. My girlfriend at the time disliked it because it looked so basic even though she liked the power and joining me at the local drag events..OK..'Nuff said on that
  5. Hey pal, I will be in your town on Wednesday to spend a few quality hours with my daughter at the airport, who is on her way to a 2 week vacation in Europe. She just finished her bar exam after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Gonzaga Law school. Very proud of this kid. Hope all is well with you in Miami.

  6. As I thought and suggested in my previous clutch contact. Surprised it was so difficult to replace with an engine pull required. ....Nice work PickyBiker!!
  7. Yes, I think you are in good shape with the short distances you travel..The CVT may last 50Kmi or 200Kmi..who knows..too new to judge. 7 yr. warranty helps as well.
  8. Ya..I would do the same--5yrs or 100Kmi...I thought you had a 2013 though CVT on the 2013's.
  9. Nope..Only Spark and Land/Range Rover forums..Not much on the rover forum..boring stuff....OH...and no facebook, myspace, yourspace, myface, clouds of any kind, twitter or any other social media
  10. Bobby, do you not have a single "recirculate" button on the dash like earlier Sparks?..
  11. Could be an issue where the clutch plate is not making contact with the flywheel due to somehow coming to be completely out of adjustment. If that is the case the adjustment mechanism could be out of place or damaged and would be a far less expensive fix than if it was a broken gear laying on the tranny bottom...just a though as this is something I have seen only once on a '65 corvette. Adjustment unit had just come loose and was not connected causing the adjustment to go to maximum clearance. Sounds like you are doing the right things by process of elimination..good luck and pls keep us in the loop as this is certainly interesting.
  12. Actually, that a good point about using the ornament, I often have trouble seeing the front when parking...OK are redeemed.
  13. Oh, for God's sake..what were you thinking when you bought that? What's next?..Racing stripes and "Super Sport" stickers? OK..I kid, but seriously Bobby?
  14. Excellent analogy Bobby...I covered this exact stress factor due to bumping/vibration in a previous post. This would not be an issue if the tank and material were designed with that in mind. Having a metal tube insert in the coolant return area causes more expansion differential than a tank with common material. It is my understanding that the new tank design now available for the Spark, Sonic and Cruze do NOT have the metal insert in the coolant return location..common material but not sure if the plastic is a different grade to withstand the hot/cold cycle that will deteriorate the flex of the plastic material...Still, it has obviously been noted and perhaps corrected by supplier to the tanks to GM. I still believe that although no recall is needed, failure should be covered under some kind of notice to dealers.
  15. Spark runs a little higher operating temp than most and I believe the material used for the tank is not up to the higher temps of the coolant return area. Also don't think the structural design at the coolant return area is up to constant vibration and movement between connected areas..bad material and design. Should be a recall on this as it not only affects the Spark, but also a few other units that run hot like the Sonic and some Cruze units mostly the ones with a turbo.