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  1. Try turning the steering wheel to the right after the key is out.
  2. Have them check the gas peddle control module.
  3. Your dipstick level shows 3/4 of a quart down from full. This is not unusual in a new car engine break-in period of 5Kmi. Keep an eye on your level because once the rings/valves are properly seated during break-in there should be not more than 1/4 qt. used.
  4. It is entirely normal for your model. Most buyers would test drive the car and test out, or at least ask about the features and options. The 3rd party email with ON-STAR was probably for sales people to demonstrate this feature to people who asked about the features of that model. You have a good car without the CVT problems if you have the manual tranny. As Tozzi said...spend some time with the nicely illustrated manual for your new Spark....
  5. Normal temps for the 1.2L engine is between 80°C-102°C and the 1.4L engine is just slightly lower. Temps properly top out at 220°F max.
  6. I let my gas level go down to almost at the "almost empty" pump shaped light and made some quick turns and long slow turns. Sputtered a bit and almost stalled at the longer sharp turns only...Short sharp turns were uneventful ..guess the pump/lines still had some gas in it during the short turn period...
  7. When you make a sharp turn the gas moves to one side of the tank and the fuel pump is in the center of the tank, so it could be sucking air on the turns with less than 1/4 tank of gas. Try keeping the fuel at 1/2 or higher and see if that solves the problem. This normally does not happen, but a weak or partially blocked fuel pump or fuel line filter may contribute to this issue. I have had this happen on a previous car with a big V8 that had a high fuel demand and it would shudder or stall on sharp or long turns when the fuel was under 1/8 or less remaining in the try a full tank and see how low on fuel you can go before it shows up again. If it happens with a full tank, the it is most likely a fuel pump issue or a slight blockage in the fuel delivery system between the tank and injectors. That's my best guess.
  8. After 600mi change the oil to synthetic. This gets rid of factory & break-in crap in the oil. That's a really good 'mod' for the long term of your engine and gas mileage. Keep tires at 37psi for good handling and gas mileage. Go to walmart and buy the cheap green tire shine spray and after doing the tires spray and wipe down the engine when cool..keeps it a shiny silver color..try to avoid hoses so they don't collect dust.
  9. Yup..Bobby correct on all counts. Both cars I do the 7,500mi or 1.5yrs with synthetic and at 7.5Kmi the oil is still fairly clear and the engines cannot be heard running from outside or inside the cars..My mechanic says I can go 2yrs without issue as long as some trips are long enough to burn off condensed water. An easy way to check for gas or water in the oil is to place a single blotter white sheet and let one drop of oil from the dipstick fall on it. Gas in the oil will form and light brown ring around the oil spot and water a outer light yellow ring. Depending on the width of the rings you can make a determination..we used this method on piston aircraft and heli's in the field along with some common sense with a visual examination..Heli's are very fussy about oil contamination while something like a DC-3 is not, but while in the humid jungle regions we had to keep an eye on the water content.
  10. That sounds correct Tozzi...I was going by the 2013 Spark...and you're right about those tires eating the outer tread area...I now have 201/15/50 and find them a bit smoother ride and still handles well without the outer tread wear. I keep them at 40psi..5psi above recommended.
  11. Old or not, the tire pressure should be 40psi min. & not 37psi on the 185/15/55 tires. Don't expect Tozzi to bail you out of this one...
  12. Oh ya! Way too much frontal surface area for 100hp at higher speed, not to mention a cross wind...
  13. Thanx Tozzi..I think we are saying the same thing..I just added some 'old guy' humor to my post.
  14. Just curious, but what is the advantage over the stock rims? Is it for a wider tire?
  15. Ha Bobby! You, once again, are 100% correct. the CVT control does not have AI (Artificial Intelligence)..I think your mind is slowly making adjustments to your driving on and so forth and the CVT remains as is....We just don't notice it so much when we get older.....