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  2. Can anyone help me? I can't work for Lyft or uber without the third backseat and seatbelt.
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  5. Ya, me too, but that seems to be the reported symptoms and issue causing it in some older models and now in the 2015-2016. I just used process of elimination and user feedback...It was successful in resolving two cases on Euro 2010-2012 Spark/Aveo and one 2016 US model Spark.
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  7. I have avid.1 av-18's, in 15x8. I currently have the stock 185/55r15 tires on the wheels. I was wondering if a 195/45r15 tire will fit on the car without rubbing? Any information is appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for the input. I'll pass that along to the dealer when I tell them the noise is still there. I'm trying to visualize how loose brake caliper slider pins would be consistently rattling or binding but only during right turns (when I'm going over uneven or bumpy surfaces) and no other time.
  9. Loose Brake caliper slider pins. Quite a few have reported this same sounding issue..but never that is my best guess as I have seen this before on a few Korean GM units that use the same Caliper and 3rd party supplier...2010 Aveo and 2012 Spark 1.0L Euro Model. Not a big issue as caliper assemblies made to very 'loose' tolerances during poor quality control. Shouldn't affect braking or result in caliper damage as long as the rubber slider pin boots have a good seal.
  10. My 2015 Spark LS1 has 14,600 miles. About 1,000 miles back I noticed that any time I make a right turn there's a rattling/binding sort of sound that's coming from the left front area. The dealer installed a new strut, control arm and sway bar end links. They told me "it's fixed" but I could tell they didn't seem confident about it. They had the car 2 weeks, and said they brought in an engineer to look at it. Anyway, it's exactly the same as it was. My question is what's left that could be making the noise? It's consistently doing it, any time I turn right, whether it's a little or a lot. I'm thinking maybe it's the CV joint, but I really don't know. Obviously they don't know either. I wish they had just been honest and told me they can't find it. Anyway, thanks for any thoughts on it. W. Carver
  11. Clutch itself is not warranty since it is a 'consumable' part similar to disk pads..however throwout bearing is...No chattering clutch just before release?
  12. 11,500 miles on a manual shift and still running strong. Though, I'm starting to hear a "growl" when I depress the clutch at highway speeds so I'll be making an appointment at the dealership. Might be the clutch release/throw out bearing.
  13. I'm pretty sure it will work since it does on my 2016. Though, give them a call to verify.
  14. Always do some research before buying a car, used or new. PCV issue was on every spark forum and review for the last 3 years. If you knew about this common issue..why did you not verify it was up to date on recalls by checking the VIN and going to the GM website, punch in the VIN and it will show done or not...Anyways..easy job..$14 part under the valve cover forward drivers side..unscrew the old and replace with new. But by now it may have damaged some components may need a new MAS...but worth a try.
  15. Apparently nobody at chevrolet reads this any more, or just don't care. I got no response what so ever from my post.
  16. Hello Metro2.0, We understand why this would be concerning and do apologize for any inconvenience you're experiencing with your Spark. Please keep us updated on your dealership visit and feel free to reach out by direct message if an extra layer of assistance is needed. We appreciate your time and look forward to your future updates. Jasmine Chevrolet Customer Care
  17. Sounds like a plan! I just have to get the tank ordered and give it a whirl. Maybe I'll do it somewhere other than my driveway, just in case I do make a mess lol. Since I noticed it was leaking, I've just been putting this in as needed and will probably just continue with it:
  18. Dropping a few lines to introduce myself. Hailing from the 808 State. Recently purchased my '14 LT. Got it to use as my daily and for my "licensed" daughter's occasional use. Impressed with it's simplicity but jumping on the forum to learn a little more about this car to ensure I can stretch some longevity out of it. In all honesty a FordMan4Life but this little car has proven beneficial for me and my fam.
  19. Maven, General Motors’ personal mobility brand, is working with the City of Los Angeles to evolve mobility and provide easier, more sustainable and more convenient options for Angelenos to navigate the city. Maven’s seamless car-sharing application complements Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s vision to leverage multi-modal transportation solutions to advance mobility and encourage more electric vehicles in the market. View the full article
  20. I just used the premixed stuff. Much easier but less economical. The biggest thing is when you remove that bottom hose be ready to put your finger over the hole as antifreeze will start draining out of the tank. That's where i made the biggest mess. I wasn't quite fast enough getting the hole covered lol.
  21. Correct..Just don't break any clamps and make a note of exactly which clamp goes where..try to keep hose ends facing up to avoid a mess...yes..part you will need is a quart of the correct coolant fluid..forget the name but MUST be to spec as per manual..mix 50/50 with cleanest water you can find..bottled water is good as it contains few minerals and no not use mineral water...Florida tap water is to let it stand a few hrs for the chlorine to gas out.
  22. I was hoping that it would be easy. Is it just those 3 hoses? Remove clamps, remove hose, remove tank, replace? No additional parts needed?
  23. Very true and an often overlooked detail...On the small engine oil capacity a larger filter is better specially with the long synthetic oil life. FYI: Last oil change on the Spark I experimented...drove until DIC oil life monitor showed 1% about 12,800mi and around 17 months same Eonos synthetic and OEM filter. Car has 119Kmi on it. Burned less than 1/2qt...oil still amber and not black. Mechanic sent sample to be tested...still had about 500-1Kmi left on it. Don't recommend this as I drive mostly longer trips in warm climate.
  24. i can't remember what the brand was, but i bought it at my local AutoZone. it's made of either silicone or rubber. i was going to buy two until i realized that a rear license plate bumper is useless on the spark as it is too high & recessed to guard anything. also, make sure you buy longer plate screws.
  25. Takes about ten minutes if that. Super easy. I bought mine from a Chevy dealer out of Utah on Ebay for $25 with free shipping. You don't need to bleed the system afterwards. Just fill it up to the line and you are done.
  26. Since 2012, General Motors and PSA Group have been implementing an alliance covering, to date, three projects in Europe and generating substantial synergies for the two groups. Within this framework, General Motors and PSA Group regularly examine additional expansion and cooperation possibilities, as well. PSA Group and General Motors confirm they are exploring numerous strategic initiatives aiming at improving profitability and operational efficiency, including a potential acquisition of Opel Vauxhall by PSA. View the full article
  27. How hard is it to replace the coolant tank yourself? Mine has started leaking and needs to replaced. I've already given 1200 to the Chevy dealer to fix a broken steering gear, so I'm not too keen to give them any more money if I don't have to.
  28. If you look in the audio threads you'll see my build with a 8" kicker sub and a few other members have the kicker hideaway units. My 8" Kicker is perfect because its great for rock and when I put on something with bass it really gets pounding inside the car.
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