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  2. Mine is 2010 with big headlights. I too had some thought about fixing DRL and bi-focal halogen projectors in headlights and painting remaining in body color but immediately dropped it after thinking thay I am not going to get good sealant and other things in my city and getting online cost huge shipping. I am reaching to end of my fog projectors installation, will share the pics soon. One thing I missed is adding DRL on fog lamp cover, the way I want.
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  4. Just sent my Spark away on a flatbed to be worked on at the dealer tomorrow. I noticed a lack of heat about a week ago and thought it was a thermostat issue. Kept driving it and then had the impetus to check the coolant level thanks to this forum and didn’t see any in the expansion tank :/ Bought coolant right after noticing the dangerously low level and filled the tank until it was a puddle in the tank because the engine was still hot. Filled it up the rest of the way this morning when the engine was cold. After driving for 15 mins I saw stem coming from the hood and the smell of dexos wafted in the cabin. Pulled over and let the car cool and saw bubbling out of the expansion tank nipple closest to the firewall on the top of the tank (I assume this is the dreaded return nipple). Let it cool some more for 90 mins and then drove it home about 20 minutes. I checked again and saw fresh dexos splattered over the left side of the engine bay. I decided that I couldn’t drive my car to the dealer near my house (about 25 miles away) so I dropped my car off at the dealer for a service appointment tomorrow. Reading this thread has has given me a much greater understanding of this issue and I can go into the dealer much more confidently. I’m still wondering what’s causing the coolant surge and if it’s related to the head gasket at all. I’m also getting the water pump inspected since I drove it around on low coolant (no light ever came on but still).
  5. There's something wrong there... I have a 2014 and just lock the nozzle and let it pump all the 8 gallons!
  6. Bought my 2015 Chevy Spark brand new and since day one could not let any gas pump refuel automatically with the clip on the end. I have always had to hold the gas nozzle at an angle to refuel without it stopping. It has been like this for almost 3 years and even holding it at an angle gets difficult sometimes without it stopping. Is this normal and has anyone have any experience in this? Talked to different dealerships and some say normal while others say not. Please advise, thank you!
  7. My new 2017 spark now had a semi circle scratch on passenger's side. It has been caused by the metal clamp holding the rubber.
  8. My windshield has a large, deep scratch across the passenger's side. The scratch follows the metal clamp on the blade. Has anyone else have this problem?
  9. I got a new key from dealer that was chipped because my key got stolen. They wanted me to toe my car there and pay labor for them to program or pay a locksmith to come out and program it. This worked so glad i looked online.
  10. General Motors announced today that Flint Engine Operations will serve as the manufacturing site for the all-new Duramax 3.0L turbo-diesel for the 2019 Silverado. View the full article
  11. For the third year in a row, IHS Markit, a leading source of global automotive industry information, analysis and insight, has recognized General Motors as the company with the highest overall customer loyalty. Buick was also recognized with an award for the Most Improved Loyalty to Make during the 2017 model year. The announcements were made last night at the Automotive News World Congress held in conjunction with the North American International Auto Show. View the full article
  12. General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) today said it projects strong earnings in 2018, building on expected record 2017 EPS diluted-adjusted and previous record earnings in 2016 and 2015. View the full article
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  14. Nice setup you have there. By the way, how's the performance of the Bilstein shocks? Would like to know your feedback when you installed it on your spark.
  15. The trial lawyers are celebrating this news! Now after an accident, they can sue General Motors instead of some hapless individual with few assets. Since GM has never produced a car guaranteed to NOT fail in 100,000 miles of driving, it should be easy extrapolate that their driverless cars will fail at some time before reaching 100,000 miles, and cause an accident.
  16. That link does NOT work!
  17. Heated seats fuse is a good spot to tap for the remote wire if you don't have a 2lt.
  18. I have a pre-owned spark and recently took out all speaker and audio system (being LS 2010, its aftermarket Sony xplode system 4" front and 6" rear) as getting some cracking sound on rear speakers. Poor left rear speaker, there is place enough for 4x6 and old owner placed a 6" round, making the rubber support pressed for past 7yrs. Now, bigger thing I checked pioneer and sony India site and they don't make 4x6. Someone can please suggest me some reasonable brand which make 4x6. I do feel lack of sub but not want to reduce puny boot space by adding amp and 12" woofer. (We have spare tyre by default in Indian cars so that space too gone). Any suggestions how can I increase little Bass by replacing speaker, rear, I am anyway planning as 6" round can't be fitted properly in 4x6 space.
  19. Brand new here and want to upgrade my window washer nozzles to be a mist-type where the stream is spread out versus what is stock. Does anyone know which and where I can get replacements? Thank you.
  20. Hey guys, If you are looking for buying a used car for yourself or your friends and closed ones then you do not need to go anywhere. Actually i found Govt Car Auction where you would find cars at 95% off and in better conditions. All makes and models are available. Check it out once
  21. Where did you get the body kit and the rear diffuser?
  22. Yes, wood is just to raise it up because it is slightly longer than original battery. The T5 is the perfect height for the terminal connection once it's in!
  23. General Motors filed a Safety Petition with the Department of Transportation for its fourth-generation self-driving Cruise AV, the first production-ready vehicle built from the start to operate safely on its own, with no driver, steering wheel, pedals or manual controls. View the full article
  24. Distinct color! Should make it easy to find in parking lots..
  25. When she was a puppy: "" At age 12! ""
  26. A front engine, front wheel drive car will have better traction than any a front engine rear wheel drive car! But once I owned a 1964 Corvair, with rear engine and rear wheel drive, and it had the best traction of any mass production car made. I was the only employee among 800 at our plant, who made it home without getting stuck during the record breaking 1967 snow storm in Chicago.
  27. That 1/2 inch board under battery simply makes it higher. Was that necessary for the battery cables to fit? thanks for a great alternate battery suggestion.
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