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  2. All of GM’s Ohio and Indiana manufacturing facilities – including those that build the Chevrolet Cruze and Silverado and GMC Sierra light-duty pickup trucks – will meet their electricity needs through 100 percent renewable energy. GM is buying a total of 200 megawatts of wind energy from Ohio and Illinois wind farms. Once the turbines come online by the end of 2018, renewable energy will power 20 percent of GM’s global electricity use. View the full article
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  4. Just buy a roll of tinting film. Make paper template for each window with each window completely closed. Because that is the only part of glass you really need to tint. Cut the film using templates. Work inside the car with all windows closed. Wind is a killer for this project. If too hot outside work in a cooler garage. Good lighting is necessary to spot every bubble which will be formed during the process. Peel off the protective transparent film from the cut film. Fill a small spray bottle with water + a few drops of liquid soap or shampoo. Shake it vigorously. Wet the sticky part of film thoroughly. Spray water mix on the window glass. Now apply the cut film to glass. It can be moved easily while wet. When properly positioned, the final step is to remove all the bubbles. This takes some time and patience. I used a flat plastic squeegee (not rubber tipped, just plain plastic, rubber will grab the film and move it) and then finished with a soft cloth to absorb all excess water expelled by the squeegee. Very important....DO NOT ROLL WINDOWS DOWN for 48 HOURS, or until film is totally dry.
  5. Just for reference, I bought 2017 Spark LS CVT , 6 months ago, brand new, for $10,000 + taxes + Title etc I also had GM credit card credit built up of about $3000. I drove off the dealer's lot with a check for $7600, all expenses included, and a full tank of gas (all of $11 hahaha)
  6. Selling my 2016 Spark. It's in like new condition. I purchased the car (partially) with rebates from a GM MasterCard that I has used for my business that I sold, The rebates were expiring so I used them to buy this car. I like the car a lot but I already have a pickup so I am selling it. For more info see the CarGurus listing at
  7. Vertical is for 2 4 R. Just had the horizontal pop out while i was shifting . so i lost 2 4 R. O had to tie a string the the shifter wight so i can get to 1 3 5.
  8. On some phones you can activate and set up a 'WiFi Hotspot" by converting your LTE data to wifi through the network settings and configure the car to join your access point. I have a Kyocera E4710 DuraXE flip phone that allows that with a quick navigation menu and a turn on or off WiFi Hotspot. I've used it to get WiFi to my MacBook Air in areas that do not have wifi. Even way out in the middle of the long as you have a phone signal you are good to go...check to see if your phone has this easy to use feature. I am also able to do this kind of wireless tethering with bluetooth.
  9. For photochromic sun film I checked on AliExpress. Got a seller who makes it. He is a nice guy and shown good interest. But as the cost is high (60$+), I am not going to buy. He told he can send sample, so if anyone interested I will post the link.
  10. General Motors Chairman and CEO Mary Barra hosted a press conference today in Shanghai to discuss GM’s road map for the future of personal mobility. The company’s goal is to address the challenges such as crashes, pollution and congestion that have come with growing urbanization. View the full article
  11. Its just cycling. Perfectly normal.
  12. The a/c on my 2017 spark with 125 miles switches on and off when parked and engine is at idle, dealer said this is normal, do I have a problem?
  13. I think I solved the mystery. My golf pull cart bag was in the back and one of the wheels was close enough to the rear door button so that when I went over a pothole, the wheel of the pull cart would nestle on the switch and pull down the window. That's also why I couldn't always get it back up until I stopped. If it happens again, though, I'll know it's something different. Mike Ecsedy, Brookfield, CT
  14. I second the aftermarket route. May cost a little more but you get what you want/need for the money you want to pay for it.
  15. This had happened to me a few times, and since no one else ever brought it up I chalked it up to me leaning on the switch without realizing it!
  16. The last few days, my rear left door window seems to have decided to go down without any input on my part via the door switches. Any thoughts? Thanks, Mike Ecsedy, Brookfield, CT
  17. Supposedly it won't work. Each Mylink has a specific key that has to match the key in the main ECM. There was a bulletin posted a couple of years ago about not pulling Mylinks from like cars for diagnostics. It will either not work right off the bat or it will cause issues sometime down the road. A brand new one has no key and will request one from the ECM the first time it is turned on. I would go with something aftermarket.
  18. Depends on which bulbs you plan on replacing. The reverse, brake, headlights, map lights, and trunk lights are all plug n play. The turn signals require a resistor. The ones I bought have an in line resistor since I didn't feel like splicing one in. The resistors get very hot and you should place them somewhere where they won't touch any plastic or else the plastic will melt. If you're doing the switchback LEDs for the turn signals then you will need to run a wire to your fuse box and tap into a fuse/relay (I used the A/C Relay).
  19. I checked on Ebay and found the same head unit for under a $100. The seller describes the unit is in great condition and has a perfect rating. Can I just "plug and play" the new head unit or are head units locked to individual cars?
  20. You guys are getting some really good mileage. One thing though, I really don't recomend going below a 1/4 tank in a car with EFI, the pumps are in the tank because the fuel actually helps cool them. Driving below a quarter allows the pump to heat up more and leads to accelerated wear That's from a certified mechanic with 20 years in the business whose assistant / student I was as a taxi fleet maintenance tech, just a heads up,
  21. Sparks have single stage paint? that's a win in my eyes, after all the clear coat issues I've seen on GM vehicles I'm only at 7100 miles in my 2015, no issues yet
  22. I am so obsessed with them, and other accessories that had to buy new every month or so… This is my latest Chevrolet Black Nickel Dual Clip Keychain
  23. Post up yours, let see those CHEVY keychains.
  24. Hello Finally here. Glad to be part of the community. Will probably ask a few questions and read a lot. Hello everyone again
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  26. Review by By T R Packard on 08/15/2017 The 2017 is the same as the 2016 that I own. I think this is a great car: fun to drive, great interior styling, reliability, bumper-to-bumper 100% 36,000 mile/36 month warranty that includes oil changes and tires, generous safety features, head of the class technology/connectivity, very good gas mileage, solid road feel, surprisingly quiet and stable on the freeway, a dream parking/driving down narrow streets of Los Angeles, nimble/sprightly handling, and more fun to drive than the Fiat 500. A super value that I like even more now than when I first bought it 12 months ago.
  27. Here ya go... they mount on the undersode of the screws with the yellow paint on. the connectors for both sensors face the passenger side of the vehicle.
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