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  2. Yw. They look better next to LED headlights, but I haven't found a set that gives good output yet.
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  4. Same here, boom5747. Same here. The Chevy Spark is somewhat family-friendlier than my former ride.
  5. Thanks for sharing, man. That Switchback LED looks awesome.
  6. I guess they just couldn't resist the charisma of a Chevy Spark.
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  8. We checked this on the outside of the transmission by placing a mark on the shaft and then going through the gears. The shaft is turning and rising up and down as the shift levers move. That doesn't mean it is doing anything inside the transmission. Since most are convinced it's the clutch, we are going to bite the bullet and pull the transmission back so we can examine the clutch.
  9. OK so I looked at my 2017 Spark's (outside) airflow control. Our other car has 2 separate buttons for choosing between open or close to outside air. My Spark has no such buttons. So I conclude and concur with Mr.tozzi that turning of A/C but leaving the fan running at chosen speed would bring in some outside air. I would add that make sure the cabin filter is not clogged.
  10. I can have it checked out I guess. I live in Mexico, out in the desert. Are the AC systems the same on the '17s and the '10s? I crank shut off the vents except for the driver side, blast the AC on full for, like I said, at least five whole minutes to bring the temp down (doesn't help that the car is black). Sitting in the shade while I do that, though, makes a world of difference. Without it, it's just not quite enough.
  11. General Motors’ Customer Care and Aftersales division announced at NACE automechanika Chicago, the largest U.S. trade show dedicated to high-end technical and management-related training for automotive collision and service repair shops, it will launch a comprehensive collision certification program in 2018. View the full article
  12. Clutch failures are really related to driving habits, so it could have failed sooner. Cv joints crunch before they fail rule that one out. A transmission would give you a few signs before failing like that and Im pretty sure the spark doesnt have enough torque to break one. I would focus on the clutch or shift linkage. If the levers are held by roll pins one of them could have sheared and now the lever is just moving on the shaft without actually engaging anything in the transmission.
  13. We put this car in 1st gear and then we are able to push it along with no resistance. The is absolutely the worst case of "slipping clutch" I ever hear of. I suspect there is something other than a worn, slipping clutch. We can see in the engine compartment the 2 shift levers do move with the gear shift movement. That means the shift cables are intact and connected on both ends. We can see the main shift shaft moving up and down and rotating with the gear shift movement. Whatever is wrong is either inside the transmission, a complete clutch failure, or a CV joint or similar. Anyone esle ever see this type of failure on a 2014 with only 70k miles?
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  15. Living in Florida, my windows are always up and A/C on. But I will check the airflow next time I drive the car.
  16. After 5 months of driving the Spark with tinted windows, never been stopped by a cop. As I explained in a previous post, I used darker tint for 2 rear windows and a lighter tint for front 2 windows. The tint film has not come lose even after rolling the windows up and down several times. Before this glued on tint film, I was using a screen attached to the window with a suction cup. But that was no good when window needed to be rolled down, and had to be detached every time.
  17. Is your A/C system checked out for normal operation? Is there enough refrigerant in the system? Is the compressor functioning properly? The belt which drives the compressor in good condition? I am in North-East Florida, and it is 90+ high every day now with lot of humidity. My 2017 Spark is always parked outside and the A/C keeps comfortably cool inside. When first getting into the parked car in sun, I turn up the blower fan one notch higher, and after a few minutes it is down to minimum blower speed.
  18. I live in a pretty hot area. If I park in the shade and run the AC for five or six minutes, it gets comfortable, and the AC is powerful enough to keep it mostly comfy while I'm driving out in the sun. If I don't sit in the shade first, though, it just barely keeps the heat off. However, I'm moving to an area that's even hotter. I tried my shade trick there, and even when I let it get the temperature down, the AC wasn't powerful enough to keep the car cool while I was sitting in traffic. I've gotta do something to beef it up a little bit. What options do I have?
  19. It is off. I guess I should have included that information. It just seems that practically no air seems to come thru the vents, even when the windows are cracked, or 1/4 to 1/2 way down either.
  20. General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) today declared a third quarter 2017 dividend of 38 cents per outstanding share of common stock. The dividend is payable Friday, September 22, 2017 to all common shareholders of record at the close of business on Friday, September 8, 2017. View the full article
  21. Its been 2+ yrs n 8k km on odo, I am using my Beat. The thing I liked most is fun driving. I usually driven in city but past some months its driven mainly on Highway. Good part it did handled a bumpy road at 130-150kph speed quite well, even with its stock 7 year old tyres. I want to keep this with me but planning to sell as Chevy is shutting its production by year end. Though service center will be there for next 10 yrs, but can't expect if a dealer will be more supportive (Chevy service centre are already infamous). Currently hold all light improvement plan n tyre change for this.
  22. Similar thing I had in mind, as in India same law is there, the windows must must have 70% transparency. When I bought my Beat, 1st thing I did get the film removed, which previous owner have applied. Idea, just to avoid cop's unusual interference, as I no one can show them what % it is. I am currently having magnetic screen. Similar to this on eBay except now these comes with a zip so you nees not to open door to pay toll. Actually I am not using on driver side. But found these are not sufficient to control heat. I am living in area where 45°c is peak in summer.
  23. More than 2,500 General Motors team members are putting on their gloves, work boots and safety glasses and returning to Detroit’s Cody Rouge community July 24-28 for the company’s annual week-long volunteer event. View the full article
  24. Actually, that a good point about using the ornament, I often have trouble seeing the front when parking...OK are redeemed.
  25. I would not worry about it those things are very small and light.
  26. Hello, just joined this forum because I just bought a 2013 Chevrolet spark, and I noticed something's which I think I might get help here, I am a DIY person and I'm very enthusiastic to know things. When my spark is on the move and you match the brakes the steering shakes, what can be the problem? Also, my rear wiper isn't working nor spraying washer fluid ? Please HELP !!!!!
  27. Turn off the recirculation and the air will flow from outside, but if the outside air is too humid it will fog your windows.
  28. Hi, brand new owner of a 2015 Chevy Spark LS 5 speed. Purchased in early March or this year with about 6K miles and I have put about 3K on it since. I like the car. I have been averaging about 40 miles per gallon, right on the dot, with about a 80/20 highway to city blend.... Just a couple minor issues. Number 1) Is there any way to control the airflow so I get the outside air to constantly go through the car?? Every car that I have had in my 25 years of driving would allow me to adjust the venting/heating and air flow so that when I was traveling in the car, I could utilize the outside air to flow into the car. The faster the car would go, the more air that would flow thru the car. I don't seem to have that option with the Spark. I have used every combination possible and still, no direct airflow thru the vehicle. As a result, I get a constant fog on the front windshield. Not only is it annoying, it is a little unsafe because I have to constantly use a rag to get it off. I turn on the fans of heating/air system, and this helps a little, but nothing like just using the outside air to do this. Am I missing something?? Number 2) I have two outside parking places in my condo complex. They are safe, however somewhat near the trash area. After the first couple of weeks of owning the car, I just popped the hood to take a look at the engine. I noticed what appeared to be some yellow insulation (very tiny amount, maybe a tablespoon amount ) that appeared to be chewed by a mouse or something similar, with some of the fragments still sitting on top of the engine. Upon closer inspection, it seemed to come from the soundproofing right above the manifold. I googled this, and saw a lot of info about how some of the engine parts, particularly hoses, that have been switched from oil based components to soy based. Soy apparently is like dessert to mice. I rubbed the "chewed" area with a little bit of motor oil, and since then, have not seen any insulation or other evidence that the rodents have caused. Thanks in advance for any guidance or assistance.
  29. Seatbelt repair
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