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  2. "It's normal operation", get told that everytime. :\
  3. hello hello glad to be here, I own a 2016 spark
  4. i use a thin guitar pick to remove the grilles
  5. i listen to Stern so that was a surprise that its part of the app for the free trial since its not available when you get the free months on a new car
  6. yeah my thoughts exactly. even if i dont need to replace the discs, just having them for when i do
  7. I agree with that. Mine is problem free so far so I don't complain. Forums are usually flooded with people looking for help to solve a problem without spending money.
  8. That's sad that new new gen rubber mats are no good. My 2014 mats are very well made, thick and heavy.
  9. You need to measure and make sure there is enough left for you to run another set of pads on it. Plus, new rotors on this car are so cheap (less than $30 on rockauto) that I would just put new ones in, saves time taking the old ones to get cut.
  10. I don't see anything special on Sirius, I didn't even activate my free trial when I got the car.
  11. The dealership will be the most expensive place to get it done, a locksmith will be a lot cheaper, just shop around as prices vary a lot from one place to the other.
  12. He he someone can try this, those who want convertible look keeping structure intact.
  13. Ya, seems us older guys are better at financial management and squeezing out a deal whenever we can, always been that way and it's paid off in retirement ... I'm fairly sure that by now they have figured out and remedied Jatco-7 CVT issues that plagued the earlier versions of both hardware and control software. Nice work on the GM card redemption..I'm older but still like to do some DIY on my boat..not so much the car..get oil changes done the garage I use, both Spark and Rover, but still like to work on my older boat with an easy to work on engine, generator and fittings..but that's pretty well it..
  14. Although I think this is the best location and application for sound proofing..a nice clean job as well, I'm pretty sure Confucius was not only not around before photography was invented, but he was not familiar with the English language let alone that there was an England, in fact...well, you get my drift...Anyways.. a picture is darn swell when describing anything tech..specially on the site! I've seen a page worth of issue or mod descriptions that could have been better understood with just one line and a pix...
  15. mine is close to 60,000 and its been a fun car and has saved me alot at the gas pump. im just not about to change out the brakes (possibly discs) and get it aligned. other than that, as long as its been taken care of the way it should. the car shouldn't have any issues.
  16. I have a brand new set of wind deflectors for a 2016-2017 Chevy Spark. The 3rd and 4th pictures are of another set installed on my 2016 LS. I'm asking for 40 firm, plus shipping unless you're local (Olympia, WA) or nearby where we can meet in person. You can either comment on here or email me directly, These are held on by double sided 3M tape, not in-channel.
  17. they wouldnt give me a challenger or camaro lol Wanted to build my credit since i had none. Also getting tired of my gas guzzling 1989 Camaro RS and 1971 dodge challenger. wanted to save some gas =)
  18. this can really work with any car that has either bluetooth or an Aux. use your gmail account to sign up for a free month of SiruisXM app... enjoy all the programming for a month FREE no credit card needed. following month use another gmail or create another gmail. did this for a month didn't really use it lol
  19. next question going to tackle the brakes next weekend. this being the first time i switch then out should i switch out the discs ? 2013 with close to 59,000 the last year its seen a fair amount of trips to vegas and mexico.
  20. i bit the bullet on got the extended warranty when i got the car... was a cheaper option than waiting after 3 years
  21. ive changed brakes before but this being such a unique little car i was wondering if i should switch out the discs too ? or is it too early ? 2013 about 59,000 miles it'll also need an alignment
  22. Note that spark is a mass produced car, so normal to expect 2 to 3% of cars will experience some problems. If want a problem free car, buy a $300,000+ car such as rolls Royce. Also note that people who have no serious problems will not bother to post on these forums. So you meet all the people here who are angry that their car is crap. As for the cvt, if it's predecessor (geared automatic) is so Reliable then why is Armco flourishing? They make a good living repairing geared automatics! The cvt uses special oil and should be changed as recommended.
  23. You have power door locks? My new LS 2017 is all manual door locks but the driver's door opens automatically when transmission is shifted to park! I have 240 miles on it now and car computer says my mpg is 33 (mostly city driving, and 50 miles highway. ) it is zippy and fun to drive and easy to park with the rear view camera, standard.
  24. Hmmm, I'll definitely have to try getting a new key cut & programmed. My battery looks good-no corrosion or loose connections. Would I have to go to the Chevy Dealership to get this done or can I have a locksmith do it? How much do you think Chevy would charge? Thank you for your help I really appreciate it!
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  26. Though its quite late, I can suggest that take + directly to light and from each door jamb switch tap -ve. This way only door related light will be on instead of all. I am planning for this with small LED piece strip. I got this idea as the LED strips my car guy installedin boot is on when any door is open, connection is from Dome light.
  27. does chevy have any fixs for the cvt trans. mine does not go into low gear at stop. it's almost like its in second gear when pulling away from complete stop. shifts very eratic.has done this since new.very annoying somtimes it even slips when shifting.
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