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  2. I just purchased my 2014. I have a scan Guage II on it. Usually don't 65 it will crop up to 210F them about down to 188/194F and then crop back up again. So the weeks chronic thermostat is not variable. It's either open or closed. I'm new to these electronic thermostats but they seem to work. Ive always felt with the real old school stuff.
  3. That is a very smart decision. Let them mess up someone else's car first.
  4. That is a great deal, I paid more for a used 2014 LT in 2015
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  6. The lady from my local dealer was just calling people one by one down a list. They said they have the parts in stock and can make the appointment a day out. I know I will have to get this recall done so I will wait a few weeks and let the Techs get some under their belt before mine.
  7. I'm new here....have a 2016 Chevy Spark on lease. I love the's great to be able to charge at home and not have to go to the gas station. Here in Ca. lot's of charging stations so for longer trips pretty easy to charge up and the DC fast charge makes it a breeze. Last night the dash panel went out. I may have made a mistake by turning the car on before unplugging the charge handle. Does anyone have any experience in what to do. The dealer can't see me for another 2 weeks. Steve
  8. That is a great deal!!! I'm in the market for one and the first quote I got was like 13k for a 2017 Spark LS auto. They made it sound like its an awesome deal because its black Friday pricing.
  9. Mine took a day to finish and the upper part of the dash was replaced. I know because my plastic had a deep scratch and when I got it back it was gone. No rattles at all since getting it back. But it was a whole day affair to replace and took a while to get an appointment because the parts were not available. Apparently they used the first parts received to repair the issue with the cars still in stock. The best part is my dash is now new.
  10. Adjust them lower if it is aimed too high. Those are made to be mounted higher as a motorcycle headlamp and not fog lamp so they may be low enough to not bother oncoming traffic.
  11. Hi Adam, Finally I got the things in line. Got GM parts and installed those till relay. Good part, no requirement of BCM modification. Just after installing relay and fuse system recognises fog ON. Ordered Hella 60mm halogen projector fog lamp low beam but received high beam. Little confused if to keep them or ask for replacement. My doubt, if I install high beam fog lamp, will they blind oncoming traffic, though these are mounted low?
  12. It is not gonna fix itself. So you need to take to a good mechanic to find the problem.
  13. I had a Chevy Malibu that had way more than that ripped out to find a water leak... after it was put back together it didn't rattle not squeak. Just don't rush them, drop it off get your rental and let them call you back when they are done.
  14. Have your mechanic check to see if you have gunk in your tank. If only takes a tiny bit to upset a fuel pump. Not sure if there is a fuel filter on these cars but you can check that to. If the engine is starving for fuel is going to sputter and stall. I don't know much about these. I didn't even m know they existed till I test drive I one about three weeks ago. Owned it as of the first of November.
  15. Refer to the picture I posted.
  16. Last week
  17. I had the same concerns about them ripping the dash apart, so I called my insurance agent to find out details. The neck force on the recall is for anyone under 5'4", unbelted or child. At least here in Massachusetts if I were to have not gotten the airbag recall done and gotten into an accident with my fiancé in the passenger seat and it did cause harm since she is only 5'2", insurance would not be obligated to pay in any way, even if I were not at fault, since it's failure to comply (insert a ton of legalese here).
  18. well if they screw it up then they have to fix it. Don't you have to get the recalls done? for insurance? I called before i seen this thread, they don't have the parts, and they said that they would call me when they got them in. At least i get a loner car for the day.
  19. I got the notice also. No kiddies here so no worries. If I ever decide to sell it I will get the airbag fixed for the next owner and they can deal with any electrical gremlins and squeaks and rattles that follow the invasive surgery. I agree with the quality feel of this car's interior compared to other economy cars. I don't want the dash torn up and put back together haphazardly.
  20. I just received a call from my local dealer telling me to bring my car in ASAP for the repair. To tell you the truth, I don't want to bring my car in. First, what kind of idiot lets their child ride in the front seat without a seat belt? Second, I have seen pics how much of the dash they have to remove to get to the air bag module. I can only imagine how many squeaks and rattles my car will have after this recall. I only paid $9,300 for my Spark and it's been more solid sounding then cars I have own that were 3X as much.
  21. Hi, mine is 2010 manual. I too have a small problem. Sometimes it is difficult to engage into 1st or reverse. So service guy suggested if it make problem for 1st, try to engage into reverse and then back to 1st. Same for reverse. However its good for standstill. Hope this may work for you. Upto my understanding there should not be problem due to running or turned off engine, since the gear shift is by wire, not hydraulic.
  22. are you going to put something to replace it? looks pretty empty...
  23. 7500 MILES!!!!! I had my first oil change at 1200 miles and I felt nervous about THAT because I remember when 500 miles used to be the standard. Oil still looked clean on the dipstick but for peace of mind I couldn't wait to get the factory fill out of there. The Chevy garage changed it for free so I didn't get to examine it but in the past I have seen many a pan of break-in oil shimmer and swirl in the sunlight from the slurry of fine metal particles suspended in the oil. Not something I want circulating and polishing my engine parts for 7500 miles and causing premature wear.
  24. Hello. I have a 2011 Chvrolet spark manual transmission. I am unable to change In to gear. Oddly it's fine when the engine is not running. As soon as you start the engine it's as if something is blocking the gear change. Won't go into first. It does however engage reverse. Oil is good. Does it have separate transmission fluid reservoir? Could this be syncromesh?
  25. I let my gas level go down to almost at the "almost empty" pump shaped light and made some quick turns and long slow turns. Sputtered a bit and almost stalled at the longer sharp turns only...Short sharp turns were uneventful ..guess the pump/lines still had some gas in it during the short turn period...
  26. It is not illegal to paint the headlight housing. It is illegal to have blue/red strobes. Take headlight out, bake in the oven, split housing from lens without burning yourself, clean, prep, paint, re-assemble headlight. I read somewhere that the 12-15 spark headlights were impossible to split, I don't know about the 16 and newer.
  27. Okay, let me explain what I am saying without the link then, if you are so suspisious to the site that doesn't even sell anything after all... Here are the pic of what I like and what I want to do, with the arrows drawn in paint. And the questions I've got are above... hope someone will help here
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