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    • January 17 2013, I bought a Chevy Spark LS manual. I started having battery trouble October 2016. Was a little disappointed that the battery didn't even last 4 years. Auto Zone battery, they said was for my car, was too big to fit. went to dealer, bought exact same AC Delco battery the car came with for $145 + tax + $15 core. That's when I discovered the battery only has a 30 MONTH warranty. I was happy to realize I got almost 4 years out of a 2 1/2 year battery.  
    • Has anyone installed tweeters? If you have, do you have pictures of how you did it? I have replaced all four existing speakers, they were lacking needless to say. I'm thinking about installing tweeters, but need some ideas on where.
    • My 5,000 mile update...    It's getting cooler out, and some mornings, first gear will not engage, on the first try. I live on a small incline, maybe less than 10 degrees, and when its cold, or humid, or it's sat for 2 days, first gear will shudder and the engine will jump violently. It feels like the engine's going to come out of the compartment. If I let off, try to engage again, it may grab and take off. It will do this for 2 or 3 more shifts from stop until it warms up.   Once every couple weeks, the car will stall at a stop sign with the clutch depressed, and coincidentally, usually stopped on an incline.   A warm clutch will work OK, but it's definitely the worst gearbox I've ever driven. Sometimes, as I noticed earlier and I posted above, while in gear, If I depress the clutch rapidly, the car will buck and loose momentum, not coast as one may think it should do. Sometimes, reverse is hard to find. There's no rhyme or reason as to why these things happen. And the linkage is so darn loud.   I don't know if its hydraulics based, electronics based, or bad parts based. I'm not looking forward to taking this to a dealer and hearing  "its your fault/what do you expect/we can't reproduce it/not covered -wear part."   I haven't even had my first oil change yet.
      I've found a thread on another less active forum about this issue, but no one has posted if they ever got this resolved.   Edit: its been discussed here as well:
    • Its normal. Same issue that the 14 and 15's had. Considering its the same CVT its no wonder they are still having issues with it.
    • i trade my 2013 spark for a new 2016 spark the cvt trans i have in mine is crap. i have to shift it to low when i come to a stop sign 90% of the time it dont down shift.other than the trans issue its a much better car.chevy said the trans issue is normal . i dont think so
    • So I used the lemon law group partners on my car case for my 2015 spark and they screwed up so bad that Chevy denied my claim.  Straight up 10 repairs, 60 days in the shop and they said not enough repairs because of course the techs stated something was wrong but they can't fix it. The last few AC repairs the district manager told them not to fix it because AC isn't important. Lemon law group sent Chevy letters with this attorney name on them, and he didn't even work for them nor was licensed in my state to practice. So now I called GM to say it was discharged and I got told from GM that despite the techs stating and writing it on my repair invoice and putting a tac on my car, that I'm going to have to pay for a lawsuit in court even though I didn't get arbitration. GM denied my claim before it even got to arbitration. So now it looks like I'm stuck in this crap spark that doesn't run right, transmission doesn't shift most of the time I'm in 4-7 on it, the AC doesn't work so have to go in each week and refill and this nasty film and smell that radiates from it that made everyone in my car sick. 
    • I was thinking about getting a jet mas for proper readings but unsure if it'll work with the car. But overall no issues with it and noticeable gains. The blue cable is for my HID lights. 
    • What really surprises me is how well built the Spark seems to be . No squeaks or rattles , it just seems like it's still brand new . I just bought a new Buick Encore , which is small and that's about as big as I will go . I decided against another Spark only cause of dealer distance. I kept my 13  Spark though. I always wanted the Encore since it first came out  so I  fiqure now  is a good time to buy an AWD before winter hits .
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