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    • I would be worried about denting the roof and scratching it. Rhino rack makes a rack that fits. I had a focus before my spark I used only foam block and straps in the car. Scratched up the roof and had to pop a dent a few times but I didn’t care about that car as it was on its. Last leg. There’s also inflatable roof rack that might help but I still think the roof is to soft for that. rhino racks about 400 which is a lot but worth it IMO 
    • I am using the standard gas from gas stations which says 10% ethanol mix. My 16 month old 2017 Spark LS with CVT is running very quiet, and while idling, it is hard to hear the engine.  
    • We will see how it goes. I'm not concerned about the compression, I will be running high octane. I may have to run lower psi but one step at a time. If 94 octane (e30) is not enough to resist knock at the higher compression, I will run e85. At that point, I  will have to do more fiddling as you mentioned.   My car has been running great on e30 now so the additional octane should help the spark cope with the increase in compression.    So far most of the parts I need seem to be adaptable from the cruz and potentially sonic. It's also a wide range of years 2011 to 2016 so I'm hoping there will be more used parts. I'm 120$ into my pockets thus far.
    • Thanksfor the info!I had never heard this before. I will keep this in mind.
    • On my 17 spark I did the first oil change myself with 1000 miles on the engine back in February. I now currently have almost 3200 miles. When I changed it I noticed the oil filter that was on the engine at the time was PF64. But the owners manual calls for UPF64R. I put a new UPF64R filter on as part of the change. What is the difference between the two. Should I use the UPF64R or can I use the PF64 since it was on from the factory and is cheaper at Walmart? Also, could I use 0w20 oil since that is what is used from the factory on the 2018 spark? Is there much of a difference between 0w 20 and 5w20? Thanks. I have only changed the oil once on this car so far. 
    • If you want to build it from wood, take a look at this:
    • Spark have turbo here but with Diesel engine, not for gas. I am not sure if that can help you some way. Just to add, GM have shut their shop for domestic sell so getting direct from GM may be difficult.   P.S. Spark was sold as Chevrolet Beat in India.
    • Great work Aviran. I don't know why they made 4x6 grill, possibly this is most difficult to get same, atleast here in India. I can see Kicker and good brand 4x6 now available on Amazon but very costly due to high import duty.   I too got stuck with this 4x6 speaker grill. 1st owner put 6inch speaker and electrician did horrible job. The rubber ring is pushing against frame and apparently both speaker are gone now. I tried with some paper stencil but not getting proper results. Do you have its 3D design image, if you can share? I don't have 3D printer, so will get it done on wood.
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