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    • Sorry your having such bad luck. I'm also in a similar predicament, only with a different manufacturer (mitsubishi) so much so i changed my own transmission!! still extremely unsatisfied   been looking at sparks and found your  thread. i live in milwaukee and seen you mention it. can i ask what dealer youve been dealing with?
    • GMs fix per TSB is to put dielectric grease on the connector which of course doesn't work . I asked the service advisor how that's supposed to fix it when the location of the connector isn't subject to any moisture ect  . They said they wondered the same thing but have to do what they are told , they actually laughed  .GM don't want the techs replacing the PNP switch so that's the part I will replace if it starts to happen again . Luckily it's rare to happen but it's unsettling when it does .
    • Wow..2 months! Did they fix or replace the CVT tranny? $500???..For warranty work?...You did the right thing..walk away and if you do get a bill..which I highly doubt..send it in to GM HQ..customer service with a polite letter..
    • In order to effect some action from GM, a tech needs to duplicate the issue and record it in a document. An independent mechanic can also do this at your cost and can also document it, however I don't think it would carry any weight with GM. So my advise is to have another dealer tech duplicate and document the issue. Unfortunately that is the only way to effect action. That is the industry standard and even in the aircraft industry where I spent time as a mechanical advisor and later pilot, if we came across a problem we could not duplicate, we would document the complaint/issue and simply take the aircraft out of service until we could duplicate. If never duplicated we would often replace all possible associated components and go thru a rigorous series of ground and air tests...So duplication is key to a fix.
    • You may very well be correct regarding your 4sp auto tranny. It's obvious your issue is electronic since the PRNDL indicator light is not a mechanical connection to the tranny and the tranny is sensor controlled to a degree, I'm thinking your tranny is fine but the electro control sensor/module is not. I have no idea how theses modules control the tranny but I have found that some of these electronic issues can sometimes be resolved by disconnecting the battery overnight to allow stored ram or temporary data to be erased and any capacitors to completely drain...that's the first thing I would try in absents of a GM tech who knows the issue and a fix.
    • I have to question whether the transmission is even at fault . My conventional  automatic spark has done the same thing as Stevens 3 different times as have a bunch of other owners of 2013 automatic  Sparks . Will rev freely in neutral and will barely move at all in drive  . The PRNDL indicator will also disappear at that time . In my case a restart corrects the issue until it happens again . Just like some people had engines replaced when the fault was really a defective PCV valve , I'm wondering if CVTs are being misdiagnosed when the fault is elsewhere .
    • Thanks for the explanation. Any advice on my next move? It's out of the bumper to bumper warranty now (~36,000 miles) but powertrain should still be doubly covered by Chevy and Hertz (where I bought it).    Options: 1) Take it to another mechanic to look at. Will probably cost me if they don't find anything but if they do it *should* be covered by Hertz.  2) Take it to a different dealer. 3) Bail out and trade it in for something else.  4) Wait until the transmission dies and hope it happens before the powertrain warranties expire.  5) ???   Really annoyed. This is my first car and I was pretty happy with it initially but it's spent 3 weeks at the dealer in the 4 months I've had it. 
    • Soon I'll hit the 50K mark . I had all the recalls done except for the door chime . My AC always worked fine so nothing was needed but a BCM update . For repairs I have had a pedal position sensor fail under warranty  and I replaced the leaking coolant tank myself for $29 . I have original brakes , rears like new and the fronts will probably go another 20K . I do oil changes at around the 50% mark . I have done the transmission fluid flush and cooling system at 30K . Of course air filter and cabin filter as well . I changed out  the battery recently as well  at the 3 year mark to be proactive  . I replaced the tires 20K miles ago even though they were perfectly  fine  with Nokian WRG3  all weather tires for winter capability . My Spark still looks and runs like brand new , it's been a good car .
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